OMF V9C78 Not a Tyrant

“Well.” Qiu Ling gave the two of them a smile and then motioned back to the door. “I should go and tell Jing Yi. You don’t have to tell me that the idea was stupid. I know that myself. But I genuinely didn’t know what else to do and I feel that this will help me. Anyway, I’ll go and tell him about which the latest developments and see how things go. Then, we can go from there. Just take everything step-by-step.”

For a moment, Jinde wanted to argue. This matter, they couldn’t just ignore it, could they? But then, he finally just sighed and nodded. “Very well, you go then. Jin Yu and I will stay here and continue to look through some of the scrolls and books, see if we stumble upon something.”

“Do that. Just … don’t hole up in here all the time. You are supposed to go and meet new people, settle down here. You won’t be able to do that if you stay in the library all day.”

Jinde nodded, then wanted to turn back to the table when he remembered that there had been an issue of his own that he had wanted to talk about. He reached out, and once again grabbed Qiu Ling’s sleeve, pulling him back. “Well, since we’re at me and Jin Yu being selfish, let’s have a chat about our living situation, shall we?”

Qiu Ling turned back, interested in hearing about that matter. As far as he could remember, Jinde had never asked him for anything. But in a family — at least in the kind of family that he imagined having — you could ask for something that you wanted without worry. So actually getting the opportunity to maybe do something for him sounded quite nice. “What’s the matter with your situation? You didn’t like the room you got yesterday?”

Jinde gave a hum. “Well, the first one was completely unacceptable. Then, we finagled one out of your advisers which is a lot better. If we just look at the room, that is. It has a shared courtyard though. And there’s no way I’m going to share our courtyard with another couple. Obvious reasons aside, but if we want to have a child, I don’t want one of them using it to practice his sword arts there. I wouldn’t even let Jin Yu do that as long as the child is around.”

Qiu Ling raised his brows but he could somewhat understand Jinde’s worry. Even though, in the dragon race, even a child was tough, you could never know. And this was the child that Jinde had waited for, for the longest time. Of course, he would be careful. “Well, what kind of room do you want?”

“One that is close to our family and will be only our own. And if I have to share with somebody, I’ll only share with you.”

Qiu Ling raised his brows but then nodded. “Well, I’m not really attached to the room I am currently in so I guess we could just swap things around a bit.”

Jinde raised his brows and then motioned over to the door. “I’ll leave that in your capable hands. We are going to get back to work then. Since you’ll be idle after talking to your lover, you can just go and figure things out for us.”

Qiu Ling smiled but still nodded. “Sure thing. Don’t worry about it.” With that, he finally turned around and actually managed to get out of the library this time. He didn’t have to think twice about his next move.

Yes, he should absolutely go and talk with Jing Yi but, before that, he’d rather do something that was a little easier. And, well, swapping rooms sounded like the kind of thing that would be easy if approached well. As for how to arrange everything, he already had an idea.

Thus, Qiu Ling marched up directly to the door of the room that Fu Min and Fu Heng were currently using and politely knocked on the door.

If it had been in the past, he definitely wouldn’t have done that and just barged in, no matter what these two might be up to. Well, maybe when it came to them, he would have been more cautious, considering that he definitely didn’t want to see them do something private but, in general, that would have been his mode of action.

Now though, he didn’t want to act anymore, not even when it came to these little things. Fu Min and Fu Heng might not know about everything yet, but he couldn’t allow himself to revert back to his old ways in front of some people. If he did that, then he would never be able to shake that behavior completely. And he didn’t want to go back. No, especially after everything that had happened he had to say that it was much more comfortable to be himself. So really, this was just a matter of course.

Fu Min and Fu Heng hadn’t really expected anyone but with everything that was going on, they didn’t dare to ignore a knock on their door. Who knew if that wasn’t yet again news that a disaster had happened?

Fu Min rushed to the door, opening it swiftly, and then froze when he saw his king in front of him.

Qiu Ling pushed past him, very much like Fu Min had done with Leng Jin Yu last night. In case he had to mention something that shouldn’t be known by others, he didn’t want to stand outside the door, after all. He walked to the middle of the room and glanced around.

His own suite of the rooms was one that he hadn’t really used often, and he indeed did not have any kind of attachment to it. Thus, he wouldn’t mind moving out at all. Comparing the two of them, his might be slightly larger but that was something he could easily get used to and he was sure that whether it was Jing Yi or Jing He, they also wouldn’t have a problem with it.

Well, Jing He might have the feeling that he needed to pretend in front of the people next door but when it came to Jinde and Leng Jin Yu, he was pretty sure that that wouldn’t happen. Leng Jin Yu might be a bit of a problem since he seemed rather serious at first glance, but Jinde had that kind of disarming personality that would probably even make Jing He lower his guard. At the very least, that was how he imagined things. And, well, even though there might be some wishful thinking involved, he was at least willing to give it a try.

Now, the question remained if the people who were currently using this room would actually let that happen. After all, compared to him, they had actually made some memories in this room. So, suddenly having to move out might not be something that they would like to do and while this was clearly the easiest way to go about things, he wasn’t about to force them. He was the king, not a tyrant.

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