OMF V9C77 A Secret Side Mission

The person the two of them wanted to go and see was currently still sitting at the table in the library of the dragon king’s palace, looking at Qiu Ling and Jinde hugging things out.

Seeing them like this, there was a feeling of peace deep inside him. Being a family … This was what they could’ve had long ago if he had made different decisions. But even though he had clearly not made the right ones back then, by now, they had still arrived where they should be.

That was probably fate. Yes, this was something that was meant to be. With him and Jinde being together and also the relationship that Qiu Ling and Jinde had. And when he and his husband finally had a child, Qiu Ling would probably take it quite well too. Yes, the worries they had had about that had been stupid. Clearly, while there might be some apprehension, Qiu Ling seemed to be looking forward to this.

And why shouldn’t he? Anyway, they were his family. And he should know that no matter what, they would always be there for him. So even if there was a sibling around, that wouldn’t change a thing.

After a moment, Jinde pulled back and then reached up, cupping Qiu Ling’s cheeks. “Child, you know that we’ll always be there for you, right?”

Qiu Ling gave a hum at that. Yes, he knew. There had been some times when he had doubted that and thought he would be pushed aside for the child that they had actually wanted while he as the accident wouldn’t be as important anymore. But clearly, he never even should have thought about that. No, he didn’t need to be afraid. This wasn’t his family pulling away from him but all of them gaining a new family member.

Thinking of it this way, he couldn’t help but smile. “You know, when Jing He wakes up again, he’ll be shocked to find out that I suddenly have a sibling.”

Jinde let go of him and chuckled, returning to his husband to give him a hug as well, but he still looked at Qiu Ling. “That fiance of yours will be shocked enough to find out that there is a pair of parents running around now. You have to introduce us as soon as you get the time.”

Qiu Ling nodded, feeling that this was given. Although … He sighed and then went to sit down at the table, brushing over the cover of the book that Jinde had thrown to the side. “I’d love to do that. But I guess we’ll have to see how things work out.”

Jinde and Leng Jin Yu exchanged a glance, not quite sure what to say.

Before they could come up with anything, Qiu Ling waved a hand. “It’s alright. Don’t … don’t bother about it. Anyway, it’s a difficult situation but there is probably a way to deal with things. For now, An Bai and I have decided that we’ll just deal with the symptoms first and then see about a general solution later on. Anyway, there isn’t much else we can do for the time being, is there?”

Jinde also took a seat again, pulling the pile of books he hadn’t read yet over to himself. “We will do everything we can to help.”

Qiu Ling nodded but reached out to the books and took them away again. “You can do me the favor of focusing on yourself. I know you first wanted to settle in but you’re not going to do that by doing some secret side mission.

“You should get to know some people, move into whatever room you would like, and then prepare for having that child. I was serious when I said that you should go ahead with that. No need to wait for me. Really, with things being as uncertain as they are right now, I think it would be good if you didn’t wait too long. Just in case, you know?”

Jinde nodded but he didn’t intend to actually hold back. Yes, they would have that child. But that wasn’t a question of today or tomorrow. Even just settling into the dragon king’s palace and getting to know everyone and getting rid of the rumors surrounding him would already take a lot of time. A few weeks at the very least. In the meantime, why shouldn’t he go on a secret side mission? If the result of that was saving his older son, then of course, that was what he should do.

He didn’t want to aggravate Qiu Ling further though so he kept things quiet, not bothering to bring this up for the time being. “Well, enough about the two of us. What about you and your fiance’s reincarnation? Did you make up yesterday?”

Qiu Ling raised his brows, feeling as if that had been in another life even though it had just been one day ago. “Well, I guess you could say so. Things are still a bit … volatile. We are trying our best though. But I still haven’t seen him after tonight so I guess that is another disaster waiting to happen. I’ll have to give it my best shot. Anyway, we’re going to get married soon.” He got up, not wanting to explain that but, of course, before he could take a single step, Jinde had already grabbed onto his sleeve and pulled back then.

“I’d like an explanation for that.”

Qiu Ling smiled wryly but he also knew that he wouldn’t get around this matter. Thus, he could only launch into his grand tale of assassination attempts and blackmail. Because really, that was pretty much what things boiled down to right now, wasn’t it?

Even though he didn’t like to admit it, he knew that it was true. Even more so when he saw Jinde’s expression that looked unhappier with the minute. Clearly, he wasn’t happy with that at all. And he probably thought that it was a really stupid idea. But then, he knew that himself.

Anyway, had made that promise with Jing Yi knowing full well that while this might save their relationship, it might also just be the final nail in the coffin of them not being able to work things out. But that was something that he currently couldn’t even take into consideration anymore. No, this situation … it had gotten much too complicated for that.

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