SML V4C26 She Finally Got Her Way

It seemed that at least for the time being, Li Ming had managed to get through to Yao Ai. Before the course started, she didn’t bring setting anybody up, relationships, or exes up even once. Instead, she switched topics, talking about her expectations for the last two days. Then, they got busy with the penultimate day of their course. Time seemed to fly while learning and, finally, it was time to go home.

Once they had walked out of the building, Yao Ai looked like she wanted to speak up but Duan Zhi Hao gave her a strict look.

She pursed her lips but then gave up. Yes, maybe she had wanted to give it a try after all. But if Duan Zhi Hao didn’t want to help her, then it seemed better to do this another day. Anyway, there would be opportunities in the future. She didn’t think that she wouldn’t get to see the two of them again just because the course had ended after all.

Speaking of which though … Yao Ai turned to look at the two of them, her gaze switching from one to the other. “So, what are you going to do after tomorrow?”

Li Ming and Duan Zhi Hao exchanged a glance, not needing to think twice about what she meant.

Duan Zhi Hao shrugged his shoulders. “Well, nothing special. For me, it’ll just be going back to work. Usually, I only take these courses every now and then to stay on top of my game, you know?”

Yao Ai didn’t look as if she understood but Li Ming did.

“If you work in the same career for a long time you have to make sure that you pick up new skills. Otherwise, there’s no way to go forward, is there? I think it was the same for me. I just didn’t really mind much at first because I was happy where I was. I liked my colleagues and my boss was also nice so I figure I might as well continue doing that job. We’re all still young though. I guess we should set our sights a little higher.”

Duan Zhi Hao patted his shoulder, feeling that Li Ming really got him. At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for him. “Must be really rough being you right now.”

Li Ming smiled wryly, wondering whether that was the type of thing you should actually say to a person. “It’s not necessarily rough. It’s just … well, every end is a new beginning.”

“Sounds corny.”

Li Ming glanced at Yao Ai and raised his brows. “Oh? You don’t think so?”

Yao Ai shook her head. “That’s not what I mean. You know, that’s the kind of statement they’d print on a calendar or maybe on motivational postcards.”

This time, it was on Duan Zhi Hao to raise his brows. “I didn’t think you were old enough to actually still know what a postcard is. Anyway, where are we going today? There is still one more day but sister Yao is going to have her talk with teacher Linghu tomorrow after the course ends so I guess we can’t go and celebrate at that time. Want to go to a bar today?”

“Yes!” Yao Ai immediately grabbed onto Duan Zhi Hao’s arm and tried to pull him down the road. “Let’s go immediately!”

Duan Zhi Hao didn’t move though and instead turned to Li Ming. “What about you, Brother Li?”

Li Ming glanced at Yao Ai, still wondering if it was a good idea to take her to a bar. Then again, despite how she looked, she was apparently old enough to drink so why not? Anyway, it wasn’t like somebody would check. He probably shouldn’t make a fuss.

When Li Ming shrugged his shoulders, Yao Ai cheered. “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” She tugged at Duan Zhi Hao’s arm which made him grumble in response.

He pulled his arm back but still followed along. He couldn’t help but turn to Li Ming after a moment though. “Considering what happened yesterday … is there any place you absolutely don’t want to go?”

Li Ming smiled wryly once more when this was brought up. It wasn’t like Duan Zhi Hao was asking about his relationship again and this was actually quite the considerate question after what had happened before but he was a bit afraid that Yao Ai might jump at the opportunity. Still, it was better to bring this up now.

“Well, there’s indeed one place I’d rather not go to. Do you remember that guy from yesterday? Si Tao? He owns some businesses from what I know and one of them is a restaurant with a bar. Well, we’ve gone there several times. So I guess there would be a chance to run into Mo Fang.”

Although, come to think of it, Si Tao hadn’t sounded like he had really spoken to Mo Fang recently. Otherwise, he surely would have known more about their breakup. So had Mo Fang not gone there? That was a bit odd. He would’ve thought that running to Si Tao might be one of the first things he would do.

But maybe he was also wrong there. Anyway, while the two of them had seemed close, it also wasn’t like Mo Fang had only a limited number of friends. He hadn’t managed to meet many of them yet but after meeting Si Tao and Bian Huan, he was sure that there was a row of them out there. Anyway, Mo Fang was somebody who easily made new acquaintances.

Duan Zhi Hao clicked his tongue and then put an arm around Li Ming’s shoulders, shaking his head. “I shouldn’t have asked. Don’t think about it. Anyway, that is one place we won’t go then. We won’t even get close to it. Let’s go somewhere else. Is there a bar that you’ve always wanted to go to?”

Li Ming shook his head at that. “No, honestly, you can choose. Actually, sister Yao, do you have a preference? You’ve been badgering us to go to a bar all these days. I guess you might have your sights set on something.”

“Sure! Actually, I have a whole list of places. Let’s go to the first one!” With that, she already turned around and rushed ahead, clearly eager to finally get her way.

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