OMF V9C79 You Should Be Worried About Offending His Husband

Fu Min and Fu Heng exchanged a glance when their king didn’t immediately explain why he had come.

Fu Heng really didn’t feel up to asking any kind of question so he went and closed the door before going to stand to the side. Finding out what was going on … that was clearly a job for his husband.

Fu Min also figured that he would be better suited to do so but he didn’t know how to go about this either. Anyway, he had no idea which direction this would go in. In the end, he decided to just keep his question vague. “Your Majesty, what might be the matter?”

Qiu Ling turned to him, his brows furrowing slightly. He had figured that this would be easier than talking with Jing Yi but he didn’t know how to begin either. Most likely, he should just start with a general question? “How … attached are you to this place?”

Fu Min’s brows shot up and he gave his husband another look, this time feeling a bit more weirded out. “This place as in …”

“Oh, this room. Just this room. I mean, if I were to ask you, would you be willing to switch to another one?”

Fu Min was taken aback and turned to look at his husband once more but Fu Heng was just looking blankly as if he had no opinion on this at all. Seeing as he wasn’t of any help, Fu Min ignored him and turned back to his king. “Well, this has been my room for pretty much as long as I was an adviser but I guess if it was necessary, I would also go somewhere else.”

He couldn’t help but wonder why this was suddenly coming up. Then, he remembered what had happened last night. “Is this because of the couple next door? Just because we went over to knock last night? But it was an emergency!” Anyway, the king should know that, shouldn’t he? Or could it be that they hadn’t told him the whole story and made it sound like he came over and started banging on the door like he was nuts? But his king should know him well enough to know that he wouldn’t do that, right?

Qiu Ling felt himself to be in a bit of a conundrum here. He just wasn’t sure how much to tell them. He kept quiet for a moment and then sighed, finally just nodding. “This is about that couple next door but it’s not about last night. It’s more of a general matter.”

Fu Min pursed his lips, not quite sure what was up with these two. “Well, if they insist on having everything to themselves, then I guess we’ll have to leave. I have to say I’m surprised though. Isn’t he just An Bai’s backup? How come he has so many demands?” Even as their king’s actual adviser, he himself would never behave like this. It really made him wonder what was up with that reserve scholar.

Qiu Ling could see that Fu Min had some opinion on that and sighed once again. Clearly, he wouldn’t get around this without telling these two at least some part of the truth. Otherwise, while they might say yes because he was the one asking, it would breed resentment and that was really the last thing he currently needed.

“Officially, that is his role, yes. The matter is a bit more complicated though. That Leng Jin Yu …” His gaze drifted around and he really wasn’t sure how to say it for a moment. This wasn’t that easily explained, was it? On second thought, it was actually quite straightforward and since these two were his advisers as well, he should get straight out with it. “He is my father’s reincarnation.

“My father died with his soul still bound to his partner’s so he was unable to reincarnate as one of our race and instead ended up a human who then cultivated and ascended as a deity, somehow getting involved in Jing He’s trial. That is how we met again. You can imagine that things are a bit … well, I have some feelings on the matter.”

Qiu Ling didn’t know what to say to this. Actually, the situation was still strange to him as well even though he had known for quite some time by now. And telling this to somebody that he should have a close relationship but was still lying to about so many things in his life … it didn’t help.

Clearly, Qiu Ling had done a good enough job of explaining. Whether it was Fu Min or Fu Heng, both were frozen after that revelation.

Fu Min couldn’t help but wonder if he had mouthed off in front of that guy last night or when they met in the evening for the first time. He couldn’t remember that he had but … “I haven’t offended Your Majesty’s father, have I?” Because, come to think of it, if they didn’t want the room next to them and didn’t want to share a courtyard, there had to be some reason. Being His Majesty’s family explained why they had such an easy time making demands but that still didn’t explain why they didn’t want to be in proximity to him and his husband.

Qiu Ling actually smiled. “You shouldn’t be worried about offending him. You should be worried about offending his husband.”

Fu Min stiffened at that. “Well, did I offend his husband?”

“Not that I know of. But if you don’t mind, I’d still like to switch rooms with you. It would be nice to be closer to my family.” He glanced over to the door of the shared courtyard, feeling that he could actually imagine that kind of life very well.

Fu Min and Fu Heng exchanged a glance and immediately nodded at each other. This matter, it wasn’t even a question. The two of them still had their families but from what they knew, the same wasn’t true for their king. Now, even though the person in question wasn’t his actual father, it was still his reincarnation. That was better than nothing, right?

“Of course, Your Majesty! Just tell us where we should go.”

“Oh, you can just have my room on the other side. I don’t mind at all.”

Fu Min nodded and fell quiet but only for a moment. If he got this kind of major news, of course, he couldn’t just leave it at that. “So, if that man is your father’s reincarnation, then his husband …”

Qiu Ling raised his brows, hesitating for just a moment before he told himself to just go ahead with it. “Oh, he is my predecessor, not my other parent if you mean that. My mother … she was of the demon race.” Well, if he was at it, he might as well put everything out in the open.

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