RMN C335 More Vital Than Expected

Mei Chao Bing nodded, feeling that he should’ve expected this of her. Xi Ju Hai wasn’t the kind of person who would put her personal feelings over the matters of the sect.

“I was just talking to senior martial brother Zhi. We told the Elders about what happened at the underground palace. Since we grabbed that Wu Yun Sect’s jade talisman, I had the idea that maybe we could send a spy over. Actually, the idea would be to send me. It seems that my Master might have some intentions with me although we’re not sure what that might be yet but it could prove useful.”

Both Kang Mu and Xi Ju Hai furrowed their brows at that. They didn’t need to be told what the implications of this were. Clearly, this was a dangerous mission at best but a suicide mission at worst. Even if the person did it willingly, it was better to first weigh all alternatives.

“That would be too dangerous.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded. “Senior martial brother Kang isn’t wrong. That is exactly what the Elders said as well. Right now, they don’t intend to let me go. But I believe that this might be the only chance we have to figure out what is going on.” He gave them a quick rundown of the arguments both sides had made and then got to the idea that Zhi Guan had given him. “If we are able to figure out how they are able to tell where we are and what we are doing, then maybe this wouldn’t be impossible. We could trick them and use that to beat them at their own game. If we don’t, they will just continue to play with us. I don’t think we can let that happen. Not after several deaths.”

Kang Mu rubbed his head, feeling that this question was too difficult to answer. If even the Elders hadn’t been able to tell anything, how could they as disciples do so? Even though he would love to help, he didn’t think that there was anything he could do.

Xi Ju Hai also stayed quiet at first. This matter, she had to say that she somewhat agreed with Mei Chao Bing. They had to go and take the initiative. Otherwise, they would be lost.

But at the same time, she also had to say that the Elders weren’t wrong. And if they really weren’t able to figure out what Zhi Guan had pointed out, then there would be no way to go about this that wouldn’t result in Mei Chao Bing being in extreme danger and maybe even dying. She didn’t want that either.

Xi Ju Hai narrowed her eyes, thinking deeply. “It won’t be easy to figure out in a short amount of time. But I think that we shouldn’t rush too much anyway. We have been here for a couple of weeks but look at it this way: If you are vital for your Master’s plan, then as long as you aren’t on his side, he won’t be able to proceed anyway. That means that we still have time to figure this out.”

Mei Chao Bing stared at her, a little surprised when she suddenly brought that point up. He had originally thought that the idea that he might be needed for his Master’s plan would sound ludicrous and that the Elders would barely believe him if he brought it up.

But now, that only the Elders, the older disciples were also accepting his words without question. And what Xi Ju Hai had just said indicated that she thought that his role in all of this might be even more vital than he had thought.

Xi Ju Hai noticed that he was looking at her transfixed and she couldn’t help but raise her brows. “What’s the matter?”

Mei Chao Bing didn’t know how to answer that. He stayed quiet for a moment and then shook his head. “It’s nothing. Just that … I’m surprised that senior martial sister Xi thinks I could be this poor important for my Master’s plan. I mean we don’t know anything yet. I would’ve expected some more … doubt.”

Xi Ju Hai didn’t answer immediately. She just looked at him for a moment and then glanced over to where Zhi Guan was still standing, not having moved a bit. She also glanced at Yun Bei Fen for a moment before she finally shook her head. “You know, how an Elder chooses their disciples is a strange matter sometimes.

“Look at Elder Baili: In all these years, he has only accepted four disciples. In the Teng Yong Sect, that is unprecedented. Now, look at them. They are … not quite like other disciples but they are talented in their own way.

“Senior martial brother Zhi is incredibly gifted with the sword and very determined to get better. His second junior martial brother is a very creative person, a very talented crafter. As for his third junior martial brother …” She wasn’t quite sure how to frame it for a moment, her gaze roaming about. “Well, he has his own talents. His youngest disciple … I’m not sure about him but I guess there will be something about him as well.

“In any case, from what I know Elder Baili bases these decisions on fate alone. He will only take a disciple if he feels that there is a connection between them. Other Elders usually pick who they think to be the most talented in what they themselves have learned so that they can make the most out of teaching them.

“Elder Feng though … From what I remember, there wasn’t something like that. He seldom personally took in disciples when the new recruits came to the sect grounds and instead brought them back from outside. They didn’t seem that outstanding but with time and harsh training, his direct disciples all turned out to be exceptional.

“I don’t think that that was a coincidence. No, maybe from the very beginning, he had some kind of plan involving all of you. So if you say that his plan might rely on you taking a place in it, I wouldn’t be too surprised.”

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