OMF V9C53 Not This Person

Xin Lan stared at the two of them and, for the first time since this whole debacle had started, he felt genuine panic in his heart.

What was a fallen god? It was a trueborn god that had suffered such strong emotional turmoil that their soul shattered, unlocking their full potential but driving them mad at the same time.

With Xiang Yu, what had caused this effect had been a trial of love. Even now, Xin Lan didn’t know what exactly that trial had been. He didn’t know what that fallen god had experienced. He just knew that it had something to do with that husband of his and that in the process of it all, when the tipping point was reached, he had fallen and subsequently not only killed that man himself but much of his family as well.

Xin Lan didn’t know why or how all of that had come to be, he just knew that there was a connection between Xiang Yu and that man that could never be broken. And now, Xiang Yu’s reincarnation, Hua Lin Yu, had somehow managed to become acquainted with a person that was undoubtedly related to that man.

Come to think of it, suddenly, not just this situation made sense. Even why Hua Lin Yu had originally rejected him in the dragon realm wasn’t a question anymore. After all, hadn’t he originally been worried about what would happen if Xiao Yu met Bai Mu?

Well, here it was. Most likely, he had been right to worry back then. Most likely, what had happened was that when Hua Lin Yu met him, he had felt that connection as well. He had realized that there was something between them and in the absence of another explanation he had taken those feelings for love.

In fact, to a certain degree, this might not even be wrong. That husband of his, he must’ve loved him very deeply if that man was able to push him over the edge like that. And now, his reincarnation had once again fallen for him or at least somebody who looked like him.

Xin Lan clenched his hands, trying to push down the feelings in his chest and just focus on the matter at hand. Hua Lin Yu didn’t know about his previous life. He didn’t know what his husband had put him through even less than Xin Lan did.

He just knew that there was a person he felt drawn to and, most likely, he felt even more so toward Xiao Li than he had toward Bai Mu. Not necessarily because of actual closeness but because Bai Mu just wasn’t available. He already had somebody at his side which was probably why Hua Lin Yu hadn’t reacted the same way in the dragon realm and instead kept quiet about his inner struggle.

But this Xiao Li, he was unbound. There was nobody in his life and he was open to starting this relationship so, of course, Hua Lin Yu wanted to give it a try. He was willing to let go of his own engagement and be with this man he had just met because of the feelings that had carried over from his previous life.

Needless to say, Xin Lan wasn’t about to let that happen.

No, he would try to solve this situation immediately. And if that didn’t work, he might have to escalate this to other people. Anyway, this couldn’t be allowed to go on. Not if the person in question was a person related to that man.

He stepped closer, calling out to Hua Lin Yu.

The youth looked back, guilt flashing over his face. Just now, they had been talking in what was a rather amicable manner. But then, he had rushed away to Xiao Li as soon as he appeared. Of course, that had to sting. He probably should’ve held back but he just felt so relieved when he saw Xiao Li that he couldn’t help himself.

He looked away again, holding even more tightly onto Xiao Li. He had already explained it to Xin Lan. And even though he could understand if Xin Lan wasn’t able to understand why he was doing this, there wasn’t anything more to say. He loved this man, he wanted to be with him. And those feelings were stronger than the ones he had for Xin Lan. As sad as it was, as much as it hurt, this was the truth.

Xiao Li reached out to hug Hua Lin Yu, his gaze trained on the dragon in front. Xin Lan might not know who exactly Xiao Li recognized him. After all, this person was a big-name in the dragon realm and had also lived in the demon realm for quite some time. As somebody who had spied for the demon king before, Xiao Li had seen him a couple of times.

He had wondered just who this youth’s fiance was. To see that it was Xin Lan was actually a shock. In fact, he had some second thoughts about this. There were a lot of people that you could aggravate but Xin Lan wasn’t one of them. No, when it came to him, it was like poking a hornet’s nest. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to get away in time if the swarm attacked.

The two men stared at each other over Hua Lin Yu’s and it seemed as if Xiao Li was about to pull back and leave. The risk was too great. If there was one thing that he had learned in his life, then it was that sometimes, even if there were benefits in a situation, the risk was too great. Then, it was better to leave the situation altogether and start over in another place.

He had managed to do so when he went from the Hei Dian Sect to the Long kingdom’s capital city, and also when he started to travel around after that and finally came to the Jian Yi Sect. He had thought that this was a place where he could stay for a long time but now, there was once again a threat, one that was just as big as what he had been confronted with in the Long kingdom.

In the end though, he relaxed and embraced Hua Lin Yu more tightly. Anyway, he had been running around for long enough. And right now, half-bloods like him couldn’t just be killed upon sight anymore. Even more important, if this dragon actually cared about the youth in his arms, then he wouldn’t kill the man he loved in front of his eyes. Because if he did, he would lose him forever, and surely, Xin Lan was smart enough to understand that.

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