RMN C330 He Couldn’t Understand

Elder Baili could see that his third disciple wasn’t all that happy but it really wasn’t a wonder. Looking at Shen Lei, he could imagine that Luo Lin was still worried about him. “Even though he was healed, his body still went through a lot of trauma. Just give it some time. I’m sure that he’ll wake up in a few hours.”

Luo Lin nodded again but still silently watched his lover’s face, not reacting in any other way.

Baili Chao also didn’t know what else to say so he patted his shoulder and then left the two of them alone. In any case, there was nothing he could do right now. They could only hope that Shen Lei would wake up soon enough so that Luo Lin wouldn’t have to worry any longer.

Well, Luo Lin surely wasn’t the only one who was worried right now. When it came to him, then he would also be happy when Shen Lei finally woke up again. Not even mentioning the fact that he was a disciple of their sect, he had always liked this youth. Clearly, he treated Luo Lin very well. And he was sure that if Shen Lei really had died, Luo Lin would’ve taken that quite badly.

The Elder left to go back to his study, wanting to first take a look at that contraption his second disciple had made to figure out where Yang Wu Huang was.

Meanwhile, back in the room, Luo Lin continued to stare at Shen Lei, waiting for him to wake up. He didn’t know if his Master was right and it would just take a few more hours. Right now, it didn’t seem that way but maybe this was also because he had been anxious for so long.

Since the moment that Ao Jing knocked on his door and told him that something had happened, he had been worried. And it surely hadn’t gotten any better when he found Shen Lei. Thinking that he was dead had been bad enough. Knowing that he wasn’t yet but that he might be soon had been even worse.

He didn’t want to have to grieve him but the thought that there could be a future where maybe he would’ve had the chance to save him but hadn’t made it that really would’ve broken his heart. Now though, he didn’t need to worry about that anymore.

He reached up and brushed back Shen Lei’s hair, frowning a little when he realized that there was still some dried blood in there. He had been able to wipe his body down but he didn’t want to move him too much. Washing his hair was definitely out of the question. That still had to wait a bit.

He gently continued to stroke the side of his head, wondering if Shen Lei was able to feel anything despite the state he was currently in.

“I worried about you. It would be nice if you were to wake up soon. Then at least, you could tell me from your own lips that you’re alright. You know, I won’t believe it before then.” He leaned down and gently kissed him, before he pulled back and carefully took his hand, not wanting to cause any injuries.

His broken arm was the one on the other side but he just couldn’t help but feel that Shen Lei was really fragile right now. It was probably idiotic to think like this but he couldn’t help himself. After seeing him like that, after observing how every little movement would make even more blood pour out, this was something that he couldn’t keep himself from doing.

Time slowly passed by and it turned evening outside. Luo Lin couldn’t help but feel tired. He really would’ve liked to lie down and sleep but right now, he didn’t dare to. He didn’t want Shen Lei to be without help in case something happened. And he wanted somebody to be there when he woke up so that they could explain to him what had happened. Because surely, he would want to know.

Finally, when the last light receded outside, Shen Lei’s eyelids fluttered. He was half-awake but his body felt heavy as if still feeling the impact of what had happened. He faintly registered a soft touch on his hand and couldn’t help but think of Luo Lin again. He forced himself to open his eyes completely, wanting to make sure of his condition and whether there was any chance to make it back to the sect.

Seeing the person that was sitting next to him, his head lowered while he held his hand, the black hair falling over his shoulders, Shen Lei smiled. “Looks like I’m alive.”

Luo Lin looked up, his eyes widening before he got up and leaned closer, cupping Shen Lei’s cheeks. “Ah Lei, how are you feeling?”

Shen Lei’s gaze darted around and he tried to listen for his own body’s response, pretty sure that he should be on the brink of death. In any case, that was how it had felt when Qu Yujin’s last attack hit him.

To his surprise, he actually didn’t feel that bad now that he had opened his eyes. “My arm and my leg hurt?” It sounded like a question and maybe it was. He didn’t understand. Not at all.

He lifted his head, expecting himself to be completely bandaged up but found that he was actually wearing the official sect robes that were in a pristine state as if there hadn’t been a fight at all. He could barely make out a splint beneath the clothes on his left leg and right arm. Apparently, he had been injured, just not as bad as expected. Not by far.

Shen Lei let his head fall back onto the pillow, staring up at the ceiling, not sure what this was supposed to mean. Clearly … he had clearly been injured grievously. He still remembered that moment, remembered how his bones had shattered and he had desperately tried to use the last bit of energy he had left to protect his heart while knowing full well that it likely wouldn’t make a difference.

Even if he was still alive, his body should have been … well, not like this. Actually, losing a limb wouldn’t have been too strange, his whole body being a wrack would have been more like it. But he actually still had every part of his body, down to every single digit of his fingers and he couldn’t perceive any bigger injuries safe for his arm and leg.

How had all this happened? He just couldn’t wrap his head around it.

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