OMF V9C49 He Wouldn’t Share

Fu Min stared at his transmission stone, completely befuddled. That … had been odd. Really odd. He had no idea when he had last seen Xiang Yong like this. Anyway, even though it was really strange, at least he knew now that he didn’t need to worry about these two.

He put away his transmission stone and then looked up with a bright smile, closing the door to their own room. “Well, come on over then.” He walked to the room next door and opened the door for them, motioning inside. “It’s here already.”

In the corridor, he, Fu Heng, Qiang Wei, and Yi Zan had all had rooms on this side of the corridor. On the other side, there were Xiang Yong, An Bai, and Qiu Ling’s rooms. The dragon king’s quarters were the biggest so the three rooms on that side and the four on this needed roughly the same amount of space.

Fu Heng’s room also happened to be the furthest outside so he wasn’t too worried. Even if something happened despite Xiang Yong knowing these guys, he and his husband were in the room right next to them. In that case, he could shoo Fu Heng to go and take a look whenever they heard something suspicious outside.

Jinde’s eyes lit up when he saw that the room was this close and he immediately pulled at his husband, walking into the room. Looking around, his expression turned even better. “Now, this is the kind of room I was imagining.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. With his memories of the last life at his disposal, he knew that this could compare pretty well to the rooms they had grown up in. Of course, Jinde would be happy. To him, who hadn’t had another life in between right now and their youth, these things were important. Yes, having this kind of room actually meant something to him.

He rubbed Jinde’s back and then leaned closer to kiss his temple, happy to see him like this. It seemed that they could really start planning their family here. Not to mention that they were really close to Qiu Ling. It was exactly how he had imagined things.

Fu Min had stepped into the room behind them and couldn’t help but watch them closely. “So, now that you have the room, what about that matter in the Nine Heavens?”

Leng Jin Yu turned to look at him and raised his brows. “Didn’t I say that we weren’t quite at liberty talking about that? I’m afraid nothing has changed about that.”

“But you heard that Xiang Yong wouldn’t have minded telling me! He just didn’t have the time.”

Leng Jin Yu wasn’t sure if he should even have that discussion and turned to look at his husband. Unfortunately, Jinde didn’t seem to care.

He pulled out of Leng Jin Yu’s embrace and then walked through the room, finally going over to the door that was leading out into the courtyard. Stepping out there, he looked around only to spot another door in the distance and raised his brows.

Turning back, he gave Fu Min and Fu Heng a look. “That room over there, am I right to assume that that is yours? Are we sharing a courtyard?”

Fu Min blinked his eyes and then nodded. “Yes, we do. As do Yi Zan and Qiang Wei over there.”

Jinde pursed his lips, not too happy with this. Not to mention that he had thought of getting himself an actual garden where he could grow herbs again, this courtyard was the place where they would be growing their child. How could it be shared with anyone?

He turned back to the front, thinking to himself that he had to have a word with Qiu Ling. His sibling couldn’t be raised in such circumstances. No, either this courtyard was separated into two, or he’d have to restrict access on the other side. He knew that as the new person, he probably shouldn’t do this, but as the previous dragon king, he kind of felt that he at least deserved his own courtyard. Or maybe they should change rooms with somebody after all.

Come to think of it, he still wondered how An Bai’s room was looking. Presumably, having the room next to the king, he would have his own courtyard. Because surely, nobody was expecting the dragon king to share his with anyone.

Leng Jin Yu could see that his husband was already planning something and faintly shook his head. He turned back to Fu Min and Fu Heng and inclined his head. “Thank you very much for your help. Anyway, I do know that you are curious about what happened but I really don’t think we should be the ones to tell you.

“Qiu Ling will probably do so tomorrow when he has some time. Please just wait until then. For now though, I’m afraid it has really been a long day and as you can see, my husband is going to explore a little. So, if you wouldn’t mind, please excuse us.”

Fu Min nodded but didn’t immediately leave. Anyway, this was a good opportunity and he didn’t want to waste it. Even if this guy indicated that he wanted them to leave, it wasn’t like he had asked them directly, had he?

Thinking of that, he went over to where the beauty had gone and joined him in the courtyard. “It’s great, isn’t it? My husband usually trains here.”

Jinde turned to look at him and started to have even more doubts about this courtyard. The place where his child was growing up was not a place where somebody would be having any kind of training. But on the other hand, his own husband had wanted a sparring partner so until the child was there, maybe this wouldn’t be the worst idea.

He glanced at Leng Jin Yu, feeling that he should take his feelings into consideration in that regard. Well, they first needed to have a discussion about that. Thus, he decided to just leave matters be for the time being. Also, they might want to have a talk with Qiu Ling about that as well.

Anyway, after having a talk with Jing Yi before, he might already be feeling better by tomorrow. By then, they could all sit down together and have a talk about how things would be in the future. Because surely, Qiu Ling would want to be involved in this as much as possible.

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