OMF V9C47 Very Interesting

While Qiu Ling and Jing Yi were going to sleep, Jinde and Leng Jin Yu finally ended their tour through the dragon king’s palace.

Arriving in front of the door to the rooms of Ai Hua and her family, Jinde raised his brows. “So, where would we find adviser Xiang Yong right now?”

Ai Hua and Lei Jiang exchanged a glance and then motioned over to a door. “Should we accompany you?”

Jinde shook his head though. “I don’t think that’ll be necessary. Anyway, Xiang Yong knows us. I just hope he’s already back.” He sighed when he said so and then wrapped his arms around his husband’s, looking up at him with a smile. “Let’s go and check!”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and followed him over, knocking on the door for Jinde.

Unfortunately, there was no response. Obviously, Xiang Yong was still in the Nine Heavens and hadn’t returned to the dragon realm yet. The two of them exchanged a glance and then turned back to where Ai Hua was still poking her head out of the door even though her husband had wanted to pull inside.

Jinde raised his brows at her and then motioned around. “So, assuming that Xiang Yong and An Bai are both still in the Nine Heavens, as will be your brother, who could we go and talk to?”

Ai Hua pointed at another door, her lips curling up in a smile when she was finally able to help again. “That would be the door to the rooms of adviser Fu Min and adviser Fu Heng. The two of them are married, you know? Anyway, they are usually not ones for those organizational matters but they should still be able to help you, seeing as they at least have a high enough position to get you any room you want.”

“I see. Then we will take care of that.” Jinde pulled at his husband’s arm again and went over, letting Leng Jin Yu knock again.

For a moment, nothing happened behind that door either. It was almost as if bad luck was following them around, making it impossible for them to actually get a room.

Just when Jinde was wondering if he should suggest going back to the one they had originally been given and deal with it for a night, the door was opened after all, revealing the hulking figure of a redheaded man.

Jinde raised his brows and gave a hum, feeling reminded of his youth. He remembered this kind of dragon warrior. Looking fierce, being even fiercer when fighting, there had been quite a few like this back then.

Fu Heng stared at the two of them, his vermilion brows drawing together. “What do you want?”

Jinde smiled even more brightly, then motioned down the corridor. “That adviser Xiang Yong of yours currently isn’t here so I’m afraid we’ll require your assistance or that of your husband. We need room. Somewhere close by, preferably. I’m supposed to take over your adviser An Bai’s task for the time being since he will be quite busy in the Nine Heavens for the foreseeable future.”

At that, a head with blond hair poked out behind Fu Heng, and a pair of really curious eyes turned to Jinde only to widen even more when he saw the person who had been talking. It was astounding enough to have somebody take over An Bai’s tasks but it was even more astounding to see that the person in question was a really stunning beauty. “Does being a scholar come with some kind of unwritten rule about their looks that I’ve missed?”

Jinde raised a hand to his lips and chuckled, feeling that this was probably a compliment. He had seen An Bai as well so he knew that he was a cute dragon youth. That white hair and the blue eyes definitely were very nice to look at even though that combination wasn’t necessarily at the top of the dragons’ preferred ones. Still, it was a very good look, and being compared to that wasn’t bad. Not to mention that he had always been confident in his own looks. “If that was the case, I didn’t know about it. Anyway, can the two of you help us?”

Fu Min nodded eagerly, hoping that it would take a while so he could get the whole story out of the two of them. “Sure! Let’s go then.” He tugged at his husband’s arm and stepped out of the room, Fu Heng following behind.

Fu Heng was quite happy with his visitors being knowledgeable enough to see at a glance that the two of them were a married couple but still, he had never seen Jinde so he felt like they shouldn’t just take his words for granted. “I didn’t hear that somebody was supposed to take over An Bai’s tasks. Maybe we should verify that with him or His Majesty first.”

Jinde raised his golden brows at him and gave a hum. “Now, you could do that. But I honestly wouldn’t recommend it. An Bai is still busy and your king just came back from the Nine Heavens. Things over there aren’t looking good. Also, his lover is currently with him and there are some things they have to talk about so I really wouldn’t recommend disturbing them if you don’t want to get in trouble.”

Fu Min was all ears when he heard that. “So? What happened in the Nine Heavens?”

“How about you get us a room first and then I’ll tell you? Anyway, it’s been a long day for us as well and I could use some sleep.”

Leng Jin Yu glanced at his husband, feeling that Jinde would probably wait until they had the room, then step inside and close the door in front of Fu Min’s nose which might make more trouble in the future.

He cleared his throat and then turned to Fu Min. “To be honest, I don’t think we are at liberty to say much about this. If you really need to know in detail, please contact Yi Zan or Qiang Wei or wait until Xiang Yong returns. But I think it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there was a major fall-out with the Heavenly couple. So you can imagine that Qiu Ling wouldn’t be too happy.”

Fu Min turned to him, absorbing all of the information contained in those few sentences. Actually, the major fall-out with the Heavenly couple contrary to just the Heavenly Emperor was something that would usually catch his attention quite fast. But what was even more interesting was the fact that this guy had just referred to their king by his name instead of his title. And somehow, he felt that that was even more interesting.

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