OMF V9C42 Keep a Close Eye on Him

Meanwhile, Xiang Yong stopped on the other side of the door, waiting until he finally heard Ye Yang’s steps receding before he returned to An Bai’s room.

He knocked on the door, stepping in as soon as he heard a response, and closed the door with a sigh. Thankfully, that demon was gone now. He just hoped he’d stay away as well.

He went to sit down at the table opposite An Bai, shaking his head. “I know why we’re doing this but I don’t like that he knows where you are. It was much better when you were here and he couldn’t just wander in.”

An Bai just smiled though. “What are the guards for? They probably didn’t realize he was a demon and thought he was a dragon so they just let him in. We should give them a description of him tomorrow morning and then he will have trouble getting in again. Let’s make use of the fact that we are in the Nine Heavens.”

Xiang Yong’s brows shot up but he had to admit that An Bai was right. There was really no reason for them to worry needlessly about this. They could just have somebody else take care of Ye Yang. “Well, in that case, we really don’t need to worry. You aren’t … falling for him, are you?”

An Bai shook his head, then lowered the book he had been holding. It hadn’t been the one that Ye Yang had brought with him but the one he had taken from the Tower of Wisdom. An Bai’s gaze was thoughtful but he didn’t sound the least bit hesitant when he spoke up. “At first, when I was in the dungeon, I was afraid of that happening. And even later, when he suddenly turned up in the dragon realm, using the current strife in the demon realm as an excuse so as to not get thrown out, I felt that there might be a possibility.

“Now though? It has been so long and nothing has changed. Honestly, even though there probably is a small chance, I don’t think it is one that we need to take seriously. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe he isn’t my type or maybe there’s something else. In any case, I don’t feel anything and I don’t expect it to happen.”

Xiang Yong nodded, feeling relieved. If An Bai were to fall in love with a demon, that was a scenario he didn’t even want to imagine. Not just for what it might mean for the dragon realm and their work as Qiu Ling’s advisers, but even for An Bai himself. He wouldn’t be happy with one of them.

Demons didn’t love. They also weren’t faithful. And even though An Bai wasn’t looking for love and just wanted to pursue his academic interests, if he were to start a relationship someday in the future, then surely, it wouldn’t be with a person like that. No, he would want somebody who was different. Somebody who shared the values of the dragons. The values that An Bai himself held. And this Ye Yang? He definitely wasn’t such a person.

An Bai shook his head and smiled faintly. “You think too much. Anyway, he has left for now and he won’t be coming back that soon. Now, I believe that there was something that you wanted to tell me. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have come along. Did something happen with His Majesty?”

To say that he was worried about Qiu Ling right now was an understatement. After almost losing his lover, it was pretty much impossible that there wouldn’t be some kind of consequence. It just didn’t work that way. Even if he currently felt well, there could be problems cropping up at a later point.

Xiang Yong didn’t share his worries at the moment. Instead, he gave him a detailed version of what had happened in the palace. He almost seemed to be glowing when he spoke about it, making An Bai feel even more worried.

When Xiang Yong had ended, An Bai cleared his throat. “Xiang Yong, not to curb your fervor but it would be best if you returned tomorrow morning and kept a very close eye on him.”

Xiang Yong raised his brows. “Why though?”

“He almost lost his lover. Even though the soul is still there and wasn’t even in danger, he still associates the body of His Highness with that person. Even though the curse might not become active based on this, his own feelings will be difficult.

“I don’t think that he should go through this alone. And you knew that there aren’t many people he can trust enough to let them know about any of this. Right now, we are only two among a few. There isn’t even a handful. So we need to make sure that when something like this happens, we’re there for him to lean on.”

Xiang Yong who had just been in a good mood after recalling the speech that his king had given couldn’t help but sober up. Yes, they needed to be incredibly careful. It was something that he had almost forgotten because of how put together their king had seemed at that time. But most likely, he had seemed that way precisely because he was out of sorts.

He had fled into work. That was probably the reason why he had wanted to deal with things so urgently. Because while he had become much more serious about his job in the last few weeks, it also hadn’t been to this degree.

No, before this, he had done the tasks that were necessary to do, catching up on what needed to be done. But now, he had taken the initiative in something that could’ve waited longer. He should have seen the difference between that. Despite having worked so long for their king, it seemed that there was still a lot that he needed to learn.

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