OMF V9C43 The Proper Type

The king in question didn’t feel much of those consequences just yet. Apart from the fear he felt at first and then not knowing how to deal with Jing Yi, he actually felt normal. Or, whatever normal was in the current circumstances. In any case, he was trying not to dwell on the bad parts and instead look forward.

After having that talk with Jing Yi and coming up with a plan for the future to ensure that they would be able to make it until the end together he grabbed Jing Yi’s hand. He slowly led him back to the room where he had originally left him alone. “It’s late today so let’s not run around anymore and just go to sleep. Everything else can wait until tomorrow morning.

“Anyway, Xiang Yong should still be in the Nine Heavens. And even if he is back, he would have to deal with the matter of Jin…” He frowned and then shook his head. “Leng Jin Yu and his husband.” He wasn’t actually sure how Jinde was currently calling himself so it was better not to mention any name out loud in case somebody might hear.

“Xiang Yong is probably the one who should take care of the wedding. He is very well suited to this kind of organizational task and probably knows more about the current state of the dragon realm than I. That might come in handy. An Bai would know more about the mortal customs but I’m sure that we will manage even without him.”

Jing Yi nodded, trying to ignore the fact that An Bai was currently in the Nine Heavens busy with Jing He’s matter. That really was something that he needed to ignore.

In any case, if Xiang Yong came back shortly, then it wasn’t like he would have to wait for long. Not to mention that preparing a wedding would take a while anyway. So what was one day? “Well, I just arrived here. I haven’t even seen the palace yet so it’s not like I expect to marry you tomorrow.”

Qiu Ling smiled at that. Right now, things still felt a bit tense between them so Jing Yi making a joke was something that was very much appreciated. He still needed some time though so he couldn’t answer in the same easy manner. “Well, I am sorry about that. I should have shown you around. So, how about doing that tomorrow?”

“Will we have time for that? I mean we are back at your realm. You’ll probably have a lot to do again.” He still remembered how — when they were in the Nine Heavens — Qiu Ling had worked quite a lot at the palace. Those had all been things that were being brought over from the dragon realm so he had a rough idea that being the dragon king wasn’t just all fun and games.

He had probably only been able to ignore that in the mortal realm because the time was running different. So for the time he grew up, Qiu Ling probably hadn’t needed to do anything since a few days could be pushed away.

Although, he still wasn’t quite sure about the time that they had spent in that dimension at the Yun Zou Sect. Clearly, it had been quite a lot of time. How had matters gotten done in the dragon realm at that time? It was a question he would’ve liked to ask but he also didn’t feel comfortable doing so right now.

Qiu Ling shook his head at the question that he had asked, not worried about that. “Right now, things are a bit busier because An Bai isn’t available and Xiang Yong also has other tasks to take care of. But in general, I have help to do these things. So it’s not that much.

“Also, right now, …” He took another short break, reminding himself that Jinde’s name really wasn’t appropriate to say. “Leng Jin Yu’s husband can also lend me a hand if he wants to. Although I guess he might not want to do so.

“Since they want a child, it’s probably not in his best interest to work too much on other things. Just getting familiar with everything here and settling in will have them quite busy. Although he did ask for a task but I guess that was more of a question of wanting to have some kind of identity here at court, and not so much about actually wanting to do any work.” He shook his head at that, only now being able to actually think about what Jinde had said at that time.

Yes, while he could imagine that Leng Jin Yu would want a task because, in this life, he was the kind of proper type and felt he should make himself useful, Jinde definitely wasn’t. He was probably happy to be back at the palace and not having to do something so if he actually went to him with some documents and asked him to deal with them, he would probably throw them at his feet and tell him to do those things alone like a proper king.

“A child …” Jing Yi hadn’t heard too much about the plans that Jinde and Leng Jin Yu had and couldn’t help but dwell on the idea that these two would soon have a child together.

Qiu Ling suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned to look at him. “You … You wouldn’t want one too, would you?” He furrowed his brows when he thought of that, actually feeling anxious.

He had already promised that he would marry him and that was something that he was willing to do. When it came to having a child though … that was something that he was not ready to do with Jing Yi. And he honestly didn’t even want to have any negotiations about that because those could only end in more trouble.

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