OMF V9C41 You’re Not Welcome

Ye Yang looked up, immediately closing the book when he saw An Bai and giving him a bright smile. “Scholar An Bai, you’re finally —” He stopped himself when he saw that there was another person right behind An Bai and couldn’t help but raise his brows. “I hope my visit didn’t come at an inopportune time.”

Xiang Yong narrowed his eyes at him. “I’m afraid it came at a very inopportune time. But then again, anytime you come over is an inopportune one just based on the fact it is you who is coming over. So, why don’t you leave?”

Ye Yang clicked his tongue, ignoring him and turning to An Bai instead. “I have something for you.” He waved the book, hoping that An Bai would actually bite. So far, this dragon had indeed kept the books he brought him, even though he wasn’t sure if he actually perused them. If he did, that would’ve been a big step forward but he couldn’t be too sure. It was hard to say with An Bai.

An Bai’s gaze actually slipped to the volume and he couldn’t help but note that this was one out of series of volumes that Ye Yang had brought him before. This one detailed some spiritual plants of the demon realm. At the moment, he already had one about the Nine Heavens in his possession that had been brought by Ye Yang as well. And if he remembered correctly, there was also one about the spirit beasts’ territory but he hadn’t gotten the chance to read it yet.

It seemed that Ye Yang had made it a habit to track down things that went in the same direction. Well, that was certainly easier than getting those very rare volumes that were hard to come by. Even a demon as old as Ye Yang should have some trouble with that.

“Well, books are always appreciated. But as Xiang Yong said, this is indeed an inopportune time. If I might ask you to leave.” He stepped to the side and motioned at the door, not even looking at Ye Yang anymore.

Ye Yang gave a hum and put the book down on the table, getting up and walking over to An Bai. Looking at him, he couldn’t help but notice that he looked tired. “Did you work in the Tower of Wisdom the whole day? You should remember to take some breaks.”

Next to them, Xiang Yong furrowed his brows. He shouldn’t be surprised that this guy knew exactly where An Bai had been. It wasn’t something that he welcomed though. Even though they had decided that they would let him know where An Bai was so that he wouldn’t focus on the late dragon king, that didn’t mean that he really wanted him to be close to An Bai. If An Bai actually fell in love … that wouldn’t be a good thing.

“Since you are able to see that Scholar An Bai is tired, why don’t you hurry up on your way out?”

Ye Yang turned to him and actually felt a pang of jealousy. He wasn’t sure about the relationship between An Bai and Xiang Yong but he had seen them together more than once. If An Bai was in love with him … he should’ve noticed already, right? He wasn’t sure but he thought so. So most likely, there wasn’t anything between them.

Still, he detested the thought that there was somebody who could just follow him wherever he went. Somebody who could go to his room like this while he would be thrown out without a second thought. Well, that was the price of being a demon. He could only hope that An Bai would soften his stance toward him with time.

“Don’t worry, I’m already on my way out.” Even though he said so, Ye Yang still turned back to An Bai. “I haven’t heard from you about any of the books I brought so I am still not sure if this will suit your tastes.

“You’ll see that it’s part of a series I’ve gotten you two other volumes of. If this isn’t the kind of topic you are interested in, you can let me know. I’ll look for something else instead. Actually, if there’s something specific that you want, you could also tell me. I’ll try to hunt it down for you.”

“I don’t believe books need to be hunted like some kind of beast. Now, please excuse me. I would like to go to rest.”

“Oh? Then should I take this person along when I go?” He motioned at Xiang Yong, his gaze burning a little hotter. He knew that An Bai was just saying this to get rid of him but that didn’t mean that he wanted Xiang Yong to stay around.

“We still have something to discuss. So I’m afraid you will have to leave alone. I’m sure you will find a way out of the palace.” Xiang Yong smiled and motioned at the door but then couldn’t help but frown. “You know, on second thought, An Bai and I can still have that conversation later on. I’ll accompany you to the door to make sure that you really find it.” He stepped out of the room and motioned for Ye Yang to follow, clearly not intending to let him out of his eyes. You never knew with demons, after all.

Ye Yang took another long look at An Bai and finally sighed. “Well, I’ll come by again another day then. Maybe you would prefer to see me in the mornings? Then, you might not be as tired.”

“I’m still waiting.”

Ye Yang shot Xiang Yong an angry look but still nodded in the end. “Well, maybe we can talk another day. Good night then. We’ll see each other again soon.” With that, he turned away and left the room, watching as Xiang Yong closed the door behind them and then followed him over to the main entrance.

“You know, you could have let me talk with him for just a few minutes.”

“An Bai doesn’t even want to talk to you so I don’t see a reason to do so. Now, we’ve reached the door so please step outside. You’re not welcome here.”

Ye Yang sighed again but did indeed step outside, listening for the door to close behind him. Well, that hadn’t gone quite as well as he had hoped. But anyway, it could’ve gone worse as well. For now, he’d at least treat it as a positive that he had managed to leave yet another gift with An Bai. That might not be much but it would at least remind the little dragon of him every now and then.

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