RSH Stratagem 28: Be Yourself! (2)

Qiu Ling had stayed quiet the whole time the God of Medicine diagnosed Jing He and then explained to Bai Fen. His gaze hadn’t left his beloved’s face for a single moment. He regretted not knowing anything about medicine or refinement. He had always shunned those things because it made him think of his past which was too painful to bear. But now … it really would have come in handy. If only he had taken the time to learn.

Qiu Ling finally sighed. There was nothing he could do to change things now. He could only try his best to help. Thinking of that, he turned to Bai Fen, for the first time taking his gaze away from Jing He’s face. “Tell me if there is anything I or the dragon race can do.”

Bai Fen looked up, a little surprised when she saw the grave expression on his face. She had seen him like this a few times already and she knew that he could become like this at the drop of a hat. Still, whenever it happened, she was still stunned for a moment. Then again, right now, it was probably to be expected.

Her gaze softened a little. “You really love him dearly, don’t you?”

Qiu Ling gave a humorless laugh. “It’s already been four years. If I didn’t, would I still be around?”

Bai Fen gave a hum and glanced at her son’s pale face. It was a pity he wasn’t conscious right now to hear these words. But still, now that she had mentioned it, she felt like inquiring further. It was good if she at least knew. She could relay his words to Jing He later on or maybe her questions would prompt him to share his thoughts more with Jing He later on. She couldn’t say for sure but she had her hopes. “Four years can be considered a long time, especially if you don’t get much of a reaction. Don’t fault him for that. Jing He isn’t … very outgoing.”

Qiu Ling nodded. “I know, he doesn’t share his thoughts easily.” He had gotten him to do so every now and then but that was also only in regard to topics that could be deemed safe because they shared the same circumstances and thoughts on the matter. As for Jing He’s feelings … he could only guess on them.

Bai Fen nodded as well and reached out to take Jing He’s hand. “He really doesn’t. In my eyes, he will still always be the most lovable child. But I’m his mother. Am I not expected to think like this? I can’t say that I am not surprised at Longjun’s perseverance. You were like this from the very beginning and still are. Why? Why Jing He of all people? Why insist if you don’t even know if your efforts will bear fruit? Do you really think it is worth it?”

Qiu Ling slightly furrowed his brows. “Is this really the time to talk about that?”

Bai Fen let go of Jing He’s hand and stood up, walking over until she stood in front of Qiu Ling. Her gaze was piercing as she looked into his face. “It is. My son isn’t doing well. It is still uncertain what exactly has caused this and when or if he will get better. So now more than ever, he needs a person at his side that will be with him unwaveringly. I can not let somebody stay with him halfheartedly. So yes, I want to make sure.”

Qiu Ling looked back at her, his expression still as serious. Faintly tilting his head and glancing at the youth lying in the bed behind her, determination ignited his heart. He knew she was right. Jing He wasn’t doing well. If he wanted to prove that he was worthy, now was the time. He had to do whatever was necessary to allow Jing He to become better soon. No matter the price.

He took a deep breath, finding back his calm that he had lost when he realized that something was wrong with Jing He. If his beloved needed somebody to hold onto, then he would be his mountain. If he needed somebody to talk, he would listen. Whatever he needed, he would be there. If he did, why wouldn’t they manage to pull through this together?

He retracted his gaze and turned to look at Bai Fen again. “You may say it was love at first sight but the dragons are dedicated and faithful. If we have found the person that is right for us, we never let go unless it is what they need us to do. I would rather give my own life than to see him suffer. So the Heavenly Empress need not worry. I am prepared to do whatever it takes. Just speak the word and it will be done.”

Bai Fen continued to look at him and finally gave a faint nod. She trusted him. There might have still been some doubt in the beginning but over these years, that had diminished and finally ceased to exist completely. Now, she was able to believe those words without hesitation.

She turned back to look at Jing He for a while before she sighed. “Right now, there is nothing that can be done. We’ll have to wait for him to wake up. After that … well, you’ve heard what the God of Medicine said.” She turned back to Qiu Ling, her expression exhausted. “I have one thing to ask of Longjun.”

“Just say it.”

“You probably won’t like this but I want you to wait outside. Jing He … I don’t think he would want you to see him like this.”

Qiu Ling faintly raised his brows. He wasn’t surprised that she thought Jing He wouldn’t want it. In fact, he himself was clear on that as well. But wasn’t it a little too late to worry about that? He was the one who had caught and carried him inside after all. And he had also stayed all this time. But no matter what he thought, he still nodded. “I’ll close the door then. I’m next door. If there is anything else you need me for, just call.”

Bai Fen nodded and watched him leave the bed-chamber, closing the doors with a last look at Jing He. She sighed and stood in place for a moment before she returned to the bed and sat down on the edge, once again peering into Jing He’s face. Ah, she just wished he would wake up soon. He wouldn’t be out of danger just then but at the very least, it would be a good sign and good signs were something she could need right now.

Bai Fen was in luck. Quite some time had already gone by and while he was exhausted and his heart in turmoil, Jing He was a trueborn god after all. Just a few more minutes passed by until he finally slowly opened his eyes, his gaze still somewhat dizzy. He looked at her, needing a moment before he could call out to her hoarsely.

Bai Fen looked at him with pity, her heart squeezing in pain. This child, could he have let it come this far? No, how had she as his mother let it come so far? She gulped faintly and then sighed, her chest feeling stuffy. “Child, just what are you doing? Worrying yourself sick until you collapse. Do you want me to worry myself sick too?”

“I’m sorry.” Jing He tried to sit up but he didn’t have the strength and collapsed again. Clearly, things were rather dire.

“Just continue lying down, ah.” Bai Fen sighed again and shook her head at him. She didn’t know if she should comfort him or scold him for being stupid. If this was really about the dragon king … wasn’t that too much? It wasn’t like there was no possibility. Why would he worry so much? If he liked him, why not just admit to it and be done with it? They might even be able to get married soon. Qiu Ling certainly wouldn’t disagree.

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