OMF V9C34 The Place Where He Resides

The guards both raised their brows when they saw him. If they didn’t use their magic, demons weren’t easily distinguishable from the dragons. Even more so when it came to a demon like Ye Yang who didn’t have any outward signs.

When Ye Yang noticed their gazes he figured that there had to be something going on with the dragons. Still, turning back was not an option anymore not that he had been seen. “I’m here to see Scholar An Bai of our race. I’m sorry, might I ask where I would find him?”

The two guards exchanged a look, even more surprised now. “If you are here for the scholar, why didn’t you come with the previous group?”

Ye Yang immediately gave a wry smile while his thoughts were already churning. It seemed that An Bai wasn’t alone currently. Going to see him now wouldn’t be the best idea. Still, since he had already come and brought up this excuse, he’d have to continue with it or he would be exposed, and getting back inside the next time might be more difficult. “I’m afraid I was held up. There was still a matter to take care of that unfortunately couldn’t be left waiting. How long has it been that they arrived? I hope I’m not making additional trouble here.”

Seeing that he reacted quite naturally, the guards didn’t seem to be as vigilant anymore. “Well, it’s probably been half an hour at least. So I guess you’d better hurry up. Right now, they should still be in the Tower of Wisdom. Do you know the way there?”

Ye Yang tilted his head and glanced through the gate, motioning in the eastern direction. “If I’m not wrong it should be over there. Anyway, I remember that it is a pretty distinct building so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find even if I were to lose my way while going there.”

The two nodded when he motioned over, and then stepped to the side. “Go on in then!”

“Oh, right, is somebody else coming?”

Ye Yang turned back to them, putting on a thoughtful expression. “Well, I wasn’t informed of anyone but if I was held up, the same might be true for others. So I can’t guarantee that. I guess it’s possible though. Things are … a bit hectic right now. Actually, most of the king’s advisers are out and about right now.”

“Well, it figures. In that case, we probably really shouldn’t keep you back here. Hurry up!”

Ye Yang nodded at them and then walked down the street, a faint smile on his lips. Really, his looks had some advantages. At the very least, they had when trying to get into what was actually enemy’s territory. He’d better not let them catch him though.

He walked further down the street, glancing around to get an idea of what to do. Finally, he spotted one of the heavenly officials. Thinking for a moment, he took out a couple of books from his spatial ring that he had gathered over the past weeks to give to An Bai later and then went over, inclining his head toward the woman. “Excuse me, I was tasked to bring these books over from the dragon realm. These are meant for Scholar An Bai.

“I heard that he is currently in the Tower of Wisdom but he is probably busy so I was thinking that it might be better to deliver them to his current quarters instead. Otherwise, I might disturb his studies. Might you know how to get to the palace? Or is there somebody else who could help me locate it? I’m afraid I haven’t been there yet.”

The woman glanced at the books in his hand and then up at his face. Seeing the colorful hair, she didn’t have any doubt about him being a dragon either and inclined her head. “I don’t know myself but I’m sure that somebody else at the Court of Justice will. Follow me then. I’ll bring you over.”

“Thank you very much.” Ye Yang inclined his head again and then silently followed her, holding onto the books. This was really going easier than he had expected.

Soon enough, they reached the Court of Justice and Ye Yang stopped in his tracks. “It might take a bit to ask around. How about I wait outside so I won’t get in anybody’s way?”

The woman was surprised but then again, she had heard that Scholar An Bai was rather conscientious. The people following him around were probably similar so they wouldn’t want to interfere with anything or make the gods think that they were getting too close to things that had nothing to do with them. Thus, this was also expected. “Very well then. I’ll hurry up.”

“Please take your time. I’m sure that Scholar An Bai will be busy for quite some more time today so it shouldn’t be a problem to wait a little longer. I don’t mind in any case.”

She nodded but still rushed inside, going to figure out where the palace was located that An Bai was currently residing in. Hearing that it was close by, she walked back out to Ye Yang and waved him along. “I found the one you’re looking for. Follow me then. I will bring you over.”

“Thank you.” He quietly followed her, not wanting to expose anything that might make her doubt him. After just a couple of minutes, they stood in front of another building that really wasn’t too far away.

Ye Yang raised his brows, figuring that there had to be something more to that. He still turned to her though, giving a faint smile. “Who would have thought that going to the Court of Justice would have been a shortcut? Thank you very much. I will bring these inside then.”

The woman nodded and then immediately turned to leave, getting back to her own task.

Ye Yang walked into the building unhindered, his gaze traveling around. This palace … it probably wasn’t used just by An Bai. After all, one person wouldn’t need this much space. If other dragons had arrived, then maybe there were currently working on a task. Whatever the reason, he should try and find An Bai’s private chambers first. It was best to wait there instead of in plain sight where anybody might run into him. After all, he didn’t necessarily want to be seen by anyone other than the dragon in question.

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