OMF V9C33 A Demon’s Obsession

Speaking of demons, Ye Yang was currently standing not too far away from the Nine Heavens’ capital city, staring at the two guards next to the gate. A few days ago, he had managed to weasel the information that An Bai was in the Nine Heavens out of Fu Min. He hadn’t managed to get any more details, just that it was some kind of mission and that it had to be done in the capital city. Thus, he had come here and not for the first time.

To be honest, Ye Yang wasn’t even sure why he was doing this. Yes, this was something that Jin Ling had told him to do. It was important to his king and he had promised to him that he would fulfill his wish. He was a man of his words so he did intend to uphold his end of the bargain. It still wasn’t a smart decision though.

The war in the demon realm was imminent. But to be honest, he wasn’t sure anymore if Jin Ling would be able to make it. Some parts of the realm had been unhappy for a long time and that wouldn’t just go away. Even if he made premises now, why would they believe him?

In any case, demons were treacherous. Everyone knew this. Other demons even more so than the people of other races. The promise a demon gave was usually worth nothing. Even if you set up a contract, there was a good chance that they would just renege on it later on. There were few men that actually valued their words. It was one of the reasons why he did even more so.

In any case, Jin Ling’s chances of winning were slimming down. He had some people on his side but he himself seemed so unfocused that there were definitely some loyalties being swayed. And while that wife of his, Yin Lin Lin, had managed to wriggle some information out of Yong Hai, that wasn’t enough to win a war.

And yes, this would turn into one. He just wasn’t sure if Jin Ling was still intent on winning it. His patience wore thinner every single day. And his focus was definitely not on the war. No, it was somewhere else.

Ye Yang sighed to himself and then raked a hand through his hair, once again wondering why he was here. He knew that if he managed to get the information from him just how to get into that dimension in the Yun Zou Sect, it might help the matter at hand. But at the same time, he didn’t think that this was as easy as he had expected it to be.

His original plan had been to make An Bai fall in love with him and then use that to his advantage to get the information he wanted. Unfortunately, this dragon was a tough nut to crack. Even though he had seemed worried at first, they hadn’t seen each other for a while, and even when they did, An Bai had been rather standoffish. Most likely, there wasn’t a chance to move him. Come to think of it, maybe he just wasn’t into men.

Ye Yang sighed again and wondered whether he should just turn around and leave. But if he didn’t manage to get the information, then what would happen to Jin Ling? He needed answers. If he got those, maybe whatever obsession he had could be dealt with. Maybe he would actually focus on winning over Yong Hai again.

Even if he didn’t, maybe he would leave before anything could happen to him, starting a quiet life somewhere else. Ye Yang definitely would have accompanied him for something like that. In fact, being king or being associated with one was pretty tiresome so he was quite in favor of that.

Not that he should hold much hope that he would be living at Jin Ling’s side even if he ever decided to do this. He probably had better chances to seduce that pretty blue-eyed dragon than to ever have something lasting with Jin Ling that amounted to more than a night here and there.

Ye Yang sighed again when he thought of that and then made his way over to the gate after all.

Even though it probably didn’t make sense, he still wanted to fulfill his promise. And, to be honest, he would also like to see An Bai again. Naturally, this between them wasn’t love but he had to say that he had a strange curiosity towards this dragon. He just kind of wanted to see how long he would really stay indifferent and what kind of things he would be able to discover if he continued courting him.

To be honest, always coming up with some kind of pretense as to why he was here this time was fun. He really enjoyed it. And even though An Bai didn’t really encourage his visits or even seemed to like them, he didn’t believe that he would always stay indifferent toward him.

No, there would be a day in the future when An Bai would start to soften. Ye Yang didn’t believe that there was any person in the world who could stay completely unmoved if somebody was this persistent in pursuing them.

Even if he wouldn’t fall in love because he just couldn’t see him in that way, there might still be something else that he could achieve. It was just a question of time. And even if it didn’t help with achieving the goal that Jin Ling wanted him to work toward, it would give him some personal satisfaction to reach as well.

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