OMF V9C32 I Want You to Be Happy

Meanwhile, back in the mortal realm, Hua Lin Yu had gone back to the reading pavilion and sat down next to Xiao Li in a bad mood.

The half-demon glanced at him, already guessing that something had to be up. He hesitated for a moment before he finally spoke up. “Was your Master angry because of something? You look a little down.”

Hua Lin Yu furrowed his brows, still agitated inside. “They ambushed me!” He couldn’t believe that his senior martial brother and his senior martial sister would actually do this to him. He would expect it when it came to their Master but not the two of them.

They had always taken good care of him in all these years. If somebody had ever tried to bully him, they had made sure to teach that person a lesson. But now, they actually dared to call him over, telling him that their Master wanted to see him, but failed to mention that his big brother and Xin Lan were also there! This … this was so mean!

Xiao Li raised his brows, not quite sure what to make of that. “I guess it will be about your fiance?” This wasn’t difficult to guess. It was the only thing he ever saw him get angry about. Otherwise, this youth was always sunshine and rainbows, almost beaming at him as soon as he appeared.

As for that fiance, he still hadn’t managed to get the whole story about him out of Hua Lin Yu. He had at least gathered this much though: There was another man and somehow, these two were not quite together but also not quite broken up. Apparently, emotions had been running high and Hua Lin Yu had apparently decided that he didn’t want to be together anymore but also didn’t have the guts to tell him.

Xiao Li still didn’t know who the man was other than the fact that he likely wasn’t of the Jian Yi Sect himself. Otherwise, he would’ve turned up by now. But as for anything else, he could only guess. And he didn’t have any good guesses.

Hua Lin Yu turned to him and then reached out, grabbing his hand. “Xiao Li, you don’t mind that I was engaged, right?”

Xiao Li looked at him and his lips curled up in a faint smile. “Was? I thought you still are engaged.”

Hua Lin Yu shifted on the spot and then shook his head. “No … No, not really.”

“Well, I don’t mind anything that was in your past. In any case, it is just that: a matter of the past. If you don’t love him anymore and are broken up, then that would naturally make me happy. But if you do love him, then I would sincerely wish you the best. You know, I just want you to be happy.”

Hua Lin Yu looked at him, his gaze joyful at those words. “Don’t worry. I don’t.” Well, he did like Xin Lan but not like this. Not like he liked Xiao Li. “You know, I think sometimes, you meet people and you think that they are right for you but then it turns out that you were just blinded because you were too young maybe.”

Xiao Li gazed at him, inwardly thinking that he was too young to say something like that but he kept quiet and just listened on.

“And then one day, you realize that there is somebody else that’s indeed meant for you. At that time, should you really give up what you could have for something that you foolishly accepted in the past?”

Xiao Li gave a hum and lowered his head, his birth furrowing together. “The kind of situation is naturally difficult to traverse. At the end of the day, there will be somebody left heartbroken.

“If you stayed with the person you originally promised yourself to in such a situation, then you would be devastated and so would the person you were actually meant for. On the other hand, if you break up with them and get together with that other person, then of course, your previous partner will be sad as well.

“I can’t tell you what’s right. I can only say that if it was me, I would always wish the person I love to be happy. If you were to meet somebody else, even if it was to break my heart, I would naturally accept it because it would be the right thing for you and I do want things to be right for you. I want you to only have the best in life.” He reached out and cupped his cheek, gently brushing over Hua Lin Yu’s cheek.

Hua Lin Yu smiled and then leaned closer, wrapping his arms around him. These past few weeks, he had been so happy. He had finally figured out what was wrong with him.

He had brushed past fate one day and that had left a deep impact on him. So much so that when he saw somebody who looked similar to that person, he thought he had fallen in love with them. But in the end, there had been no way to be with that person since they weren’t his actual fate so he had been heartbroken and wanted to force himself to be with somebody else.

Now though, he realized that he had gotten another opportunity. He had found the person he had originally been meant for. That was a gift, one that was incredibly rare and that he couldn’t forgo.

If Xin Lan could understand this and realized that he was much happier with Xiao Li than he could ever be with him, that would be great. But he also knew that yes, it would likely hurt Xin Lan. And even though he didn’t love him as much as he loved Xiao Li, he was still an important part of his life. He didn’t want him to be sad.

“It would be great if he could meet somebody to love as well.”

Xiao Li nodded while inwardly, he couldn’t help but think that this youth was thick. Clearly, that fiance of his loved him. He had already met that kind of person. It was a pity that the one in question was such an idiot.

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