OMF V9C26 A World of Two Lovers

As for Fei Bai Mu’s two disciples, they went where they were usually able to find their little junior these days: wherever Xiao Li was.

Figuring out where a regular disciple of the sect was wasn’t that difficult. Currently, Xiao Li wasn’t on duty anywhere and instead had some free time. As an exemplary disciple, he would naturally use that time to better himself. Thus, usually, he would be in the reading pavilion.

When the two of them reached the place, they could already see Xiao Li and Hua Lin Yu from the other side of the lake. They exchanged a glance and She Fen couldn’t help but sigh. “You know, I’m not even sure of how I hope this will turn out. Xiao Yu seems happy with him.”

“He also seemed happy with Xin Lan before.” His senior martial sister faintly furrowed her brows. “I don’t know, I’m not that much in favor of that Xiao Li, to be honest.”

“Prejudiced much? Just because he’s a half-demon, he isn’t a bad guy.”

She shook her head, not quite sure what to say to that. Maybe she was prejudiced. The question was whether that was just because he was a half-demon or not. “He was also part of the demonic sects. Now, okay, maybe that was also because he didn’t have another choice seeing as the demon-hunting sects were after his kind and you weren’t really safe in the righteous sects. But still, something about him is off-putting. And Xiao Yu falling in love with him head over heels after seeing him just once seems … it just seems odd.”

She Fen pursed his lips, not quite sure what to say about that. It was true that things had gone really fast between these two. And to be honest, while he didn’t have the slightest doubt that Xin Lan was incredibly in love with his little junior, he wasn’t so sure about that Xiao Li guy.

He couldn’t help but wonder if maybe part of this was also because Xiao Yu was the youngest disciple of the Sect Master. Their junior definitely wouldn’t be the first to mistake somebody’s ambition for genuine feelings.

Even at a place like the Jian Yi Sect, people would still look at the status before the person sometimes. If they had the chance to get something out of you, they would. That was something even the rules of the sect couldn’t prevent. When it happened, it usually meant heartbreak for the person taken advantage of and becoming more careful with each encounter.

If She Fen could, he wanted to spare Xiao Yu from that but it wasn’t like he could look into the future to figure out if Xiao Li was after him for his status and would break his heart in the future or not.

So right now, they could at most caution him to be a little careful. Although maybe it was already too late for that considering that he was currently hanging out with Xiao Li, looking very much like a youngster in love while his fiance was waiting at their Master’s palace.

She Fen sighed again when he thought of that and then motioned over. “Well, after you, senior martial sister.”

She shook her head at him but then still went ahead, giving Hua Lin Yu a smile when they arrived on the other side. “Little junior, seems like you’re enjoying yourself.”

Hua Lin Yu looked up and his smile immediately collapsed, turning into a pout. “Why does it seem as if the good time is already over now that you’re here?”

She Fen sat down at his side, narrowing his eyes in a smile. “Why does it seem as if we are intruding into the world of two lovers?”

Xiao Yu didn’t answer but the way he looked made clear that, in fact, this was indeed the case.

His senior martial sister couldn’t help but feel a headache incoming. “In any case, it’s not because we want to make trouble for you but Master wants to see you. You’d better go over immediately or you’ll get in trouble.”

Hua Lin Yu pouted even more at that. “Isn’t Master just going to nag at me again?”

She Fen sighed and reached over, patting his shoulder. “Some sacrifices need to be made. In any case, if you go over immediately, you’ll be back all the sooner.”

At that, Xiao Li looked up, feeling the need to pretend to be a good person. “Xiao Yu, it is probably important if your Master sent over two of your seniors. Maybe you should really go and see what is going on? In any case, I’ll still be here when you return. Just take your time.”

Xiao Yu turned to look at him, his eyes immediately glittering when he looked at him. “You’re too nice, Xiao Li. Really, I promised that I’d accompany you. I’m sure Master wouldn’t mind waiting.”

At that, She Fen got up and pulled at his junior’s shoulder, dragging him off the chair. “Master would very much mind waiting. So let’s go over immediately. Junior martial brother Xiao already said that he didn’t mind. So there’s no reason to stay here for the moment. You can still come back if you want you later.”

Hua Lin Yu furrowed his brows, really not happy about this. Still, it seemed that he wouldn’t manage to get out of this. “Fine! Then I’ll go. No need to drag me like this.”

She Fen smiled wryly but didn’t let go. He was pretty sure that as soon as Hua Lin Yu went over there and saw Xin Lan, he would probably try to turn around and run away. At that time, it was best to already have a grip on him so he wouldn’t have to run around as much to try and catch him.

Their senior martial sister watched the whole matter with some worry. She also glanced at Xiao Li who was smiling faintly as if this whole matter wasn’t a problem to him. She still felt like something was off about him but just like She Fen had said, she might just be prejudiced. In any case, it was about time that Xiao Yu made a decision. Things couldn’t go on like this any longer.

Thinking of that, she nodded at Xiao Li and then motioned for her two junior martial brothers to follow.

Hua Lin Yu was still grumbling while he followed the two of them, not paying too much attention to their surroundings. As such, he didn’t realize just what was going on until he heard a very familiar voice calling out to him.

“Xiao Yu.”

In that one name, all of the emotions of the previous weeks were contained, making him freeze where he was.

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