OMF V9C22 He Went for the Most Vicious Way

Jing Yi couldn’t help but feel nervous when he saw Jinde’s gaze. Something told him that he definitely wouldn’t like what would happen next. Unfortunately for him, Ai Hua was overjoyed when everyone was waved into the room. She immediately dragged him and her son inside, motioning for her husband to close the door.

Lei Jiang sighed, did as she had told him, and then followed along, feeling a bit uncomfortable when he realized that with the four of them in the room as well, it seemed even smaller than it had originally. This really wasn’t the kind of room he wanted to see the previous king in. He could only hope that their current king would soon find time to deal with this. Because this really wasn’t something that he could watch going on for much longer.

Jinde waved his husband over, making him sit down at the table before he took a seat on his lap as if it was the most normal thing to do.

Jing Yi looked at the two of them and couldn’t help but wonder if he and Qiu Ling would ever have that kind of relationship where they could do something like this and even without needing a single word. Right now, it sure didn’t seem like it.

Jinde motioned to the other spots and Ai Hua hurriedly dragged her husband over, mimicking Jinde’s behavior, quite happy that she had found somebody who was so much in tune with her.

Jing Yi glanced at Xiao Dong who just crossed his arms and stood at the back, pretending that he wasn’t even there. Only then did Jing Yi sigh faintly and sat down as well, looking at Jinde.

“So, are you going to tell me of your own volition what happened after we left? Because something tells me that there is a story to this that I don’t want to hear from anyone else.”

Jing Yi froze when Jinde got right to the heart of the matter and his gaze drifted around the room, unsure how to answer that. He really didn’t want to confess it. What would they think about him if he did?

Jinde raised his brows, realizing that this was probably even worse than he had expected. It had been odd not to see Qiu Ling with him if the two of them had left together but now, he was sure that there was something grave going on. “Is it so bad that you can’t even talk about it?”

Jing Yi furrowed his brows and finally at least nodded. “I’m not proud of what I did.”

“Why did you do it in the first place then, child? If you did something, then what’s the use in regretting it now? Better speak up now so we can see if there’s something we can help you with.”

Jing Yi glanced up, feeling that Jinde was right. He had tried to kill the Son of Heaven. It hadn’t worked out but if it had, had he really thought that it would never come out? That the Heavenly Emperor and the Heavenly Empress and all the other people on Jing He’s side would really keep quiet about that?

He didn’t think so. No, in that case, everyone would have known. Now, it was actually on him to tell people. This made it more difficult for him but he kind of deserved that, didn’t he?

He gulped and finally realized that he probably had to this coming. “I thought that they would never let me go when they had me go back so I figured I should take matters into my own hand. And the only way I knew they would leave me alone was if Jing He was dead.”

Jinde’s gaze flickered for a moment, but even he needed a moment to realize what Jing Yi was talking about. Then, his golden brows furrowed even further and he tilted his head at him. “You want to tell me that you tried to kill the Son of Heaven.” For a moment, he was so shocked, he really didn’t know how to react to that.

This boy, he … he had actually seemed quite sweet when he met him originally. And he had felt quite a bit sorry for him for the situation he had been put in.

In any case, being together with somebody of another race had its own difficulties. He had realized that when he and Leng Jin Yu met and before his lover had remembered his previous life. And it didn’t help if their own memories from their past were also playing tricks on you like they had for Jing Yi. No, it would make matters even more difficult than they had originally been.

Clearly, it wasn’t a good situation. To be embroiled in that through no fault of your own was quite pitiful. But what Jing Yi had done now had actually changed his perception of this boy quite a bit.

When he had been cornered, he had gone for the most vicious way to solve this matter. He tried to kill off his competition. That wasn’t something that most people would be able to do. It spoke a lot about just how much he hated the Son of Heaven.

And that even though the other person in this matter — his past self — was just as pitiful as him. But in Jing Yi’s eyes, that clearly wasn’t the case. He saw Jing He as the problem, not as somebody who would suffer a similar fate to him. No, he saw him as an enemy that he wanted to defeat. And he had probably done so for a long time.

This matter … Jinde was afraid that there was quite a bit of damage on all three sides. It actually made him worry about the kind of state that Qiu Ling would currently be in.

But it wasn’t like he could go and find out. After all, right now, his identity really wasn’t one that was suited for that even though he really would’ve liked to do nothing else better. That stepson of his … he was probably devastated.

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