SML V4C2 He’d Get Him Back!

As for Mo Fang, after the breakup with Li Ming, he had moved back in with his parents full-time. Right now, he was standing in his room, pulling out some clothes to decide what to wear.

Mister Mo was standing in the doorway, his hands propped up on his hips, watching his son with dismay. “Is it that you finally have somebody new lined up?” To be honest, he wasn’t happy about this at all.

In fact, he would much rather see Mo Fang get back together with Li Ming. But from what he had seen at the railroad station, his now ex-boyfriend was more or less running away from him. There was no way at all that these two would get back together.

Really, such a pity! But he couldn’t say that he was surprised. A good man like Li Ming, he really didn’t think that his son had what it took to keep him.

Mo Fang looked over his shoulder, annoyed at his father’s meddling again. “What’s it to you? In any case, didn’t you say before that you didn’t want to get involved any longer? How come you still always do?”

“How come you can never keep a man? Li Ming was such a good guy, what did you do that things ended up this way?” He had asked both of them and not just once but neither side wanted to tell him anything. Thus, he was left to his own thoughts in that regard.

In this case, he could only think that his son must’ve done something really abominable. After all, Li Ming wasn’t the type of guy to break up easily. He had known that long before. “Did you cheat on him?”

This time, Mo Fang actually threw a shirt at his father’s face. “No! Why would I cheat on my boyfriend? Li Ming is such a good guy. If somebody cheats on him, they would be a total idiot. In any case, you don’t have to worry too much, I’m sure I’ll get him back.” Saying that, he finally pushed half the clothes back into the wardrobe, and put the rest down on his bed.

Mister Mo furrowed his brows, wrinkling the shirt between his hands. “Are you sure? I mean, I would be very much in favor of that but I really don’t think that Li Ming wants you back. It’s been two months already. And I haven’t seen you talk even once in all that time. Instead, he seems to be running away from you.”

Mo Fang clicked his tongue. “He isn’t running away, he’s busy when you see him because he’s at work. The two of us have been texting.” He smiled at that, patting his back pocket.

In any case, Li Ming still hadn’t blocked him even after two months. If he was really serious about this breakup, he would’ve done so. In other words, he was still interested. Right now, he just didn’t know how to deal with all these feelings. So in that case, he just needed to work a bit on it.

“Really? You’ve been texting? You aren’t lying to me, are you?”

Mo Fang shot him a look, not quite sure why his father was being like this. “Daddy, why would I lie to you about something like that? You’ll see when we get back together. In any case, it’s just a question of time. So don’t worry about it.”

Mister Mo finally nodded, feeling slightly reassured. In any case, he would really like to get Li Ming back as his son’s boyfriend. While he hadn’t only dated scum in the past, his track record really wasn’t that good. Among all of them, Li Ming easily made it into the top three. “Well, good luck then. If you need help with anything, you just tell me.”

Mo Fang turned around at that, blinking his eyes at his father. “Ah, you mean like putting us on the same schedule?”

At this, it was on Mister Mo to click his tongue. “Other than that! How could I misuse my power at work for your personal gain? If I do, you’d better believe I’ll lose my job.”

Mo Fang sighed, feeling that this would have been too easy. In any case, he also didn’t want to be responsible if his father got in trouble. Even though he usually didn’t care about much, this was something that his father would take rather hard.

Just employing him had probably already been weighing on his mind but because they hadn’t gotten anyone else at that time, it had probably been alright. To now abuse his power though … that would make trouble indeed. “Well, then don’t bother about it. I’ll figure this out on my own. In any case, we got together once. We’ll still get together a second time if I say so.”

Mister Mo nodded slowly and then handed over the shirt, motioning out of the room. “Well, I’ll leave you to it then. Don’t do anything stupid though. Even though Li Ming is a good guy, he’s also not the only one in the world. I’m sure you’d be able to find somebody else to like.”

“Ah, don’t worry. There’s no need to look for anyone else at all. I’ll surely get him back.”

When it came to things that he wanted, Mo Fang had never been good at being told no. Since he liked Li Ming, he would get him. Since he had managed to do it once, he could manage to do it twice.

The only problem was that Li Ming still refused to even talk to him just like his father said. So that was something that he needed to change first. After all, a good conversation was something that could really change a lot when it came to Li Ming.

The texts were nice but they were just something to bridge the gap slightly. To jump completely over, he needed something more. But that needed time. If he rushed too much in the early stages, he would just scare him off.

No, right now, he needed to prove his patience. That was exactly what he would do. And while he was at it, he would show Li Ming just how much he was missing out on.

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