RMN C313 A Dire Situation

Luo Lin stared at the bit of pill dust on his hand and then pulled down Shen Lei’s robe, sprinkling it on his chest. Losing a limb was okay but he needed to protect his heart. Then, Shen Lei might have the slightest of chances to really survive this.

And he wouldn’t give up even the slightest opportunity. After finding him, after having so much luck, he would never allow for Shen Lei to die on him. He crushed the other two pills, hoping that these would be enough to stabilize his condition until help arrived and they would be able to bring them back to the camp.

He didn’t know how far it was until there. He just hoped that it wouldn’t be much. Then, they might be able to bring him without causing even more damage. Because right now, he wasn’t sure if Shen Lei could be moved even a by half a hair’s breadth.

At that time, Elder Baili and Mei Chao Bing were rushing to the north at full speed where the signal flare had gone up.

Elder Baili noticed that Mei Chao Bing was able to keep up without much trouble. He was startled in his heart but this wasn’t the time to bring it up. He just focused on their destination up ahead, looking at the pattern in the sky that was slowly fading.

They had to make it there before it was completely gone to make sure that they would find the right spot immediately. And he was praying in his heart that the demonic practitioners would be further away and not have a chance to get there before them in case they had reinforcements around.

Meanwhile, Mei Chao Bing was looking around below them already, hoping to gain some clues as to what had happened. In any case, the others had left from the direction of the camp toward the sect. If they had been attacked, there might very well be something else going on.

At that time, he spotted something on the ground. “Elder!” He motioned over, not losing any time before he dashed out and checked on what was there. What he found was a trace of an array that had originally been hidden beneath a layer of sand and had apparently been exposed by a gust of wind or something similar.

Elder Baili looked at it, his expression grave. “I’m not completely sure but that might have been used to ambush them. In that case, the signal flare might have been used much too late. Let’s hurry up!” He didn’t say anything else and just pushed off the ground, jumping back onto his sword and continuing to fly forward. He made sure to glance at the ground every now and then as well now, hoping to maybe see the disciples running over in the direction of the camp already.

The two of them spotted the two people on the ground at the same time. They dashed ahead, stopping right next to them.

“Ah Lin!”

Luo Lin looked up at his Master with tears in his eyes, still holding onto Shen Lei. “Master, do you have any pills with you to heal him? He isn’t dead yet!”

Elder Baili didn’t even ask and just pulled out his bag, dumping everything onto the ground to look for things that could be used. Mei Chao Bing helped him pick them out and handed them over to Luo Lin.

Unfortunately, Elder Baili had given most of his resources to Zhi Guan and Yun Bei Fen before because he was worried about his two disciples. Especially when his oldest went to investigate the caverns. So even though he had more at his disposal than Luo Lin had, it only came up to a handful of pills as well and in Shen Lei’s current condition, he doubted this would be enough.

As soon as he realized that Elder Baili didn’t seem to have anything more, Mei Chao Bing also rifled through his bag, handing the little he had to Luo Lin as well. He hadn’t been given much by his Master because Elder Feng had apparently always been of the impression that it would just weaken you if you had something to rely on in an emergency. Thus, he only had a few precious resources that he hadn’t used in all those years no matter how dire a situation became. Now, he was glad that he hadn’t. This way, he could at least help a little.

Luo Lin crashed one pill after the other and tried to make Shen Lei drink one of the potions from Mei Chao Bing but he didn’t have much luck with either of that. While the wounds closed a little, he was already at the brink of death and these pills weren’t able to do much for him.

Elder Baili stared at the two of them and then looked in the direction in the north where the signal flare was almost faded. “The flare over there …”

“I was the one who sent it. The disciple is already dead though. Some Ao Jing made it back to the sect and told me what had happened. Apparently, nobody else is alive.”

Elder Baili closed his eyes and turned away, not wanting to add to his third disciple’s troubles with his own reaction. When he did, he saw another person lying not too far away. He cursed under his breath and then went over, kneeling down next to Yu Min and searching for any signs of life. There were none.

He closed his eyes and shook his head before he gripped him by the shoulders, carefully pulling him up and carrying him over. In any case, they couldn’t send him back to the sect right now but they could at least take him back to the camp. Although … he wasn’t quite sure if it was time to think about that when they still hadn’t solved Shen Lei’s situation. “How is he now?”

Luo Lin looked up and shook his head. “Not much better.”

Elder Baili clicked his tongue. “I guess we can’t move him back to the camp. Not in this condition.” And taking a closer look he could see that Shen Lei was in a dire situation.

Mei Chao Bing also pondered by himself, wondering if there was something he could do. Finally, he turned to Elder Baili. “Elder, how about bringing back Yu Min first? Then, we could gather the materials that are at the camp and bring them here to try and treat senior martial brother Shen.”

Elder Baili shook his head. “It’s not that I didn’t think of that. I’m just afraid that even with what we have at the camp, it will not be enough. Elder Xing and I gave the majority of our resources to Zhi Guan when they headed off to the caverns. We only kept a small part in case there was a dire situation at the camp. With Shen Lei’s current condition, I don’t think that will be enough.”

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