RMN C312 Could He Hold On?

In the distance, the signal flare shot up, a splendid light blooming in the sky, able to be seen for about a hundred li in all directions.

Over at the Teng Yong Sect’s camp, both Elders jumped to their feet. The disciples that were currently finishing up their work of the day or already on their way back to their own rooms, depending on which group they were in, exchanged glances, not quite sure what had happened or what they should do.

Elder Baili stared at the pattern in the sky. “That is a flare made by my second disciple.”

“Young Shen?”

The two Elders exchanged a glance and then rushed out of the door only for them to remember that there was another problem.

“What about the younger disciples?”

Elder Baili cursed when he brought it up. “With Shen Lei and Yu Min there, they shouldn’t need our help unless they are outnumbered or there are nascent soul stage demonic practitioners there. But this might also be a ploy to get us out of the camp to attack the younger disciples.”

At that time, Mei Chao Bing and Kang Mu came running over. Looking at them, Elder Xing and Elder Baili heaved a sigh of relief.

“I’ll go over there. You stay with the younger disciples. Together with Kang Mu, there shouldn’t be a problem to keep them safe no matter what they have planned.” In any case, if they had the numbers to overwhelm two nascent soul-stage practitioners, a third one likely wouldn’t make a difference.

Mei Chao Bing looked from one Elder to the other and then stepped into Elder Baili’s path when he wanted to leave. “Please, take me with you.” He didn’t know that the flair was that of Elder Baili’s second disciple but he could imagine that it had to be Shen Lei’s group since it had lit up in that direction. He didn’t know if they were still on their way to the sect and had been fighting for a long time or if maybe Shen Lei and Yu Min had been on their way back, but he still wanted to be there and help.

Elder Baili looked at him, his expression difficult. “Mei Chao Bing, you are indeed strong but Shen Lei is a nascent soul-stage disciple. If he needs help, then you won’t be able to provide any.”

Mei Chao Bing clenched his hands into fists, regretting that he hadn’t told at least Elder Baili of his real strength. Right now, there was no time to argue and he didn’t dare to expose himself in front of anyone unrelated. In the end, he could only shake his head. “I know what you want to say but it is my own risk. Please, let me take it.”

Baili Chao looked at him and then glanced at Elder Xing who nodded. In any case, one more person shouldn’t be a problem. In any case, Mei Chao Bing had been at the core formation stage for several years as far as he knew. He wasn’t weak. Even though he might not be of much help, he could at least do something in the background or provide a little assistance. And there really was no time to argue.

Elder Baili clicked his tongue and then waved. “Come on then. We can’t lose any time.”

The two of them rushed out, leaving the others behind who immediately went to gather the other disciples in the square of the town where they would be able to keep an eye out more easily in case the demonic practitioners were really going to attack. The atmosphere in the camp was tense.

At the same time, Luo Lin was holding Shen Lei’s face with trembling hands, checking again if he had just imagined it or if there was really still some breath left in him. He held his own breath, wanting to make sure that he didn’t accidentally give himself the wrong impression.

Holding a finger under his nose, there really was the faintest trace left. He grabbed his wrist but couldn’t feel any pulse and then went for the artery at his neck, finally finding the barest hint once again.

Tears gathered in his eyes and he sniffed, trying to calm down again. He didn’t know how but Shen Lei had really managed to make it. At the very least, he had managed it so far.

He hurriedly threw down his bag, pouring everything out on the ground and trying to find some kind of pill that could stabilize his lover’s condition. Clearly, even though Shen Lei was still alive, he was barely holding on at this point. An hour more and he would be dead if nothing happened.

Unfortunately, he really ventured out rarely and the bit of merit that he had accumulated in the sect had usually been exchanged for resources that he either used to cultivate in the sect or he had given it to Shen Lei when he went out before. Thus, there wasn’t much.

Luo Lin gritted his teeth and groaned. He didn’t want to be defeated by this. He had to save him somehow! What to do? What to do?! He looked around and then tensed. Right! Shen Lei’s own things!

He hurriedly grabbed his bag but it had been badly damaged in the fight as well. Luo Lin bit his lip and sorted through the handful of things that were still recognizable. Among them, there was only a single pill left.

Tears shot into his eyes again. This … might not be enough to get him through this. But, well, what other choice did he have? He crushed the pill between his fingers and then gently held Shen Lei’s head, letting the dust of the pill fall into his mouth. It was a pity that Shen Lei wasn’t in the condition anymore to swallow.

Luo Lin cried harder, not sure what else he could do. If he couldn’t make him swallow this, his condition wouldn’t be getting better. And it wasn’t like he had many resources at hand. After this one, there were only two more pills.

He took a shaky breath and tried to think. These pills weren’t working on their own. To get the most out of them, you would need to circulate your spiritual energy. It didn’t even necessarily need to be your own spiritual energy but it was dangerous to infuse yours into another person’s body. Even when they cultivated together, they would never go past the borders of their own bodies.

Still, outside of the body, another’s spiritual energy could be used. Thus, even though Shen Lei was unconscious, he should be able to do something with this. It might not have its full effect this way but it should be enough to prolong his life a little longer. Maybe even until help arrived. Right now, the most important was to stop the bleeding and then let him recover some strength. Then, he would be able to hold on.

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