OMF V9C15 A Different Realm After All

Jing Yi continued to sit on the bed for a while, his thoughts continuing to whirl around the question of when he would actually see Qiu Ling. In fact, the longer he thought about it, the more he couldn’t help but wonder if he would ever see him again. What he had done … it might be unforgivable.

But even though that thought crossed his mind, he didn’t want to admit that it might be true. No, Qiu Ling meant so much to him. How could he live without him? Getting out of the Nine Heavens, coming here, it had been so he could be together with him and have a normal life. He didn’t want to give that up now.

He hesitated for a moment and then got up, looking around the room again. He didn’t think that Qiu Ling would return anytime soon. No, if he wanted to see him, he would have to go and search for him.

He wasn’t sure if it was the right decision. Maybe it would be better to give Qiu Ling some space so he could come to terms with things on his own first. But he was also worried that if he waited for too long, Qiu Ling would drift away even further.

No, he would rather be close by where he could see what was going on. And where he could maybe try and speak to him. It might not help but, on the other hand, there was still a chance that it could. After all, while Qiu Ling loved Jing He, he loved him as well. And if he honestly apologized for what he had done, maybe there was a chance that he could forgive him after all.

Jing Yi hesitantly walked over to the door, still not sure if this was the right decision. But in any case, there were only these two choices: to wait here until Qiu Ling returned on his own or to somehow go out to find him. In this case, it might be better if he went and looked for him first.

He finally opened the door and then peered through the crack, trying to see if anyone was out there. He didn’t know anything about the dragon realm or about the people here. He might be able to recognize some of Qiu Ling’s advisers since he had seen them before but that was also not all of them.

In any case, he didn’t have too much hope that he would coincidentally spot somebody that could help him find Qiu Ling. Although then again, Qiu Ling was the king, it couldn’t be that hard to find him, right? In any case, it should be much easier than finding a regular person.

Looking around for a moment longer, Jing Yi finally left the room. Even though he still didn’t know if it was the right decision, he would rather go and take fate into his own hands than just wait around silently and see what would happen.

He glanced in both directions and then chose one at random since he didn’t have a clear goal in mind either way. He looked around curiously while he walked, trying to get a feeling for this new place where he would be living from now on for the foreseeable future.

It would’ve been easier if Qiu Ling had been at his side to tell him about the things they encountered or if he could have asked him questions when he didn’t understand something but for the time being, that wasn’t an option. Maybe in the future, when they would hopefully have made up, he would get the chance to do that.

For now though, he had to try and figure things out by himself. In any case, that might also not be bad. This way, Qiu Ling would have some more time to come to grips with what had happened. And he might have some things he could talk about when they made up. After all, the last thing they would need at that time would be awkward silence between them.

Soon enough, he came into a part of the palace with more people than in the corridor where he had originally started out. Most likely, that place had been one where the most important people of the palace lived: the king, his advisers, and maybe some other people who had high positions in the dragon realm. On the other hand, this should be one of the corridors pretty much everyone had access to, making it seem much more lively.

He couldn’t help but glance at the dragons a few more times, noticing that they really did look slightly different from the humans or the gods. He wasn’t actually used to it seeing as Qiu Ling had the same black hair and eyes that the gods and humans also showed. So up until now, he had always felt that they looked pretty much the same.

But actually, for most dragons, colorful hair and eye colors were the norm. As was showing their claws, apparently, because he saw quite a few of them. It was a little weird to see at first, but it did make him realize that yes, he had arrived in another realm.

Things here were different even if at first glance, they looked similar. There would be many things to get used to after he solved his issues with Qiu Ling and settled down here.

Just when Jing Yi was wondering if maybe he should just go and ask one of these people if they happened to have seen the king, the door in front of him opened and he almost collided with the youth stepping out.

He hastily took a step back, only to do a double-take when the person turned toward him. “Xiao Dong?!”

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