SML V3C68 Too Predictable

Li Ming’s reactions were really easy to predict. He stared at his phone blankly for a moment, not quite sure what to do. But then, thinking of how Rui Lan was indeed the kind of person who would go out of his way to come and get him, and imagining how he would have to go out into the cold because he was too pathetic to confront Mo Fang immediately, he just sighed and then indeed went over.

The door was opened before he even had the time to ring the doorbell. Rui Lan gave him a wry smile and then just motioned inside, closing the door behind him. “Don’t say anything, it’s not like we’ve never had a breakup. You’re probably taking this kind of thing worse than us.”

Cang Gui Ying shot him a look at that but didn’t say anything and just waited for Li Ming to come over and sit down next to her. “Anyway, we’re there for you.”

Rui Lan nodded and then took a seat on the other side, handing Li Ming a bottle of beer even though he had said that he didn’t want to drink. Then, he picked one up for himself and leaned back. “So, do you just want to hang out and pretend like nothing happened, or do you want to have a talk or something?” He really wasn’t sure how to comfort a person in this kind of situation. No matter what he tried to say, he felt like it would sound dumb. So he’d rather be straightforward and let Li Ming decide himself what he wanted to do or not.

Li Ming stared at the bottle of beer with mixed feelings and finally opened it, figuring that he might as well. In any case, tomorrow was his free day and it wasn’t like he couldn’t sleep in. “Truth be told, I’m not sure what I want.” He took a gulp and then leaned back himself, closing his eyes for a moment.

He didn’t want to talk badly about Mo Fang. Even though he was furious when he thought about it and also disappointed in him, he just didn’t think that it would be the right thing.

Mo Fang had only started at the railroad station a couple of months ago while he had been working there for years. Even though Mo Fang was Boss Mo’s son, he felt like the others would probably side with him if they found out about the story.

He didn’t want that. He didn’t want to make things troublesome for Mo Fang. He just … He just wanted to go their separate ways and pretend that there had never been anything between them and thus no breakup either. That would definitely be easier.

Rui Lan gave him a long look and then glanced at Cang Gui Ying before he took a gulp of his beer as well. “You know, we’re not like Sis Zhi. If you tell us, it’ll stay in this apartment. We’re not going to talk about it with anyone.”

Li Ming opened his eyes again and couldn’t help but smile a little. Rui Lan actually knew him quite well, didn’t he? Well, that still didn’t really change anything. “I’m honestly not sure what to say. Except that … you were right. I shouldn’t have gotten together with him. You told me from the very beginning that I’d get burned and, well, it happened. It’s probably my own stupidity.”

Rui Lan lowered his gaze, not sure how to react to that. To be honest, he wouldn’t get any enjoyment out of telling him ‘I told you so’. No, instead of that, he really would’ve wished that the two of them worked out. “Just because I figured it would end like this, it doesn’t mean that it definitely had to. You could’ve been right, you know? I really would have wished that for you. You seemed really happy these past few weeks. A lot happier than I’ve ever seen you in the years before.”

Cang Gui Ying nodded immediately. “I mean we all knew you had a crush on Su Yan. But it never really seemed like it would work out. Even though he was … Well, I mean he is the type of guy you look at and think he is gay. So there was always a chance there but he was too darn dense to realize your feelings for him even though everybody else was able to see it. I thought that when you got with Mo Fang, he was somebody who seemed so perceptive, so … well, tuned in to other people. I really thought you’d be a good fit.”

Li Ming looked at Cang Gui Ying, actually a little surprised. While he knew everyone at the railroad station, there were naturally varying degrees of how familiar he was with them. As for Cang Gui Ying? She wasn’t somebody who was close to him. And he definitely hadn’t expected her to have that kind of thought about his relationships or lack thereof. Still, what she said was strangely true.

He smiled wryly and rolled the bottle between his hands, still not quite sure if he should go ahead or not. But after hesitating a moment, he finally figured that he might as well. In any case, while he had some friends outside of the railroad station, they didn’t know Mo Fang. And he would probably get some better advice if he talked with somebody who knew both of them no matter how shallow that relationship was. “You know, being so perceptive of people is kind of what broke it.”

Cang Gui Ying raised her brows, not sure what he meant. “How so?” To her, that really seemed like a good thing.

Li Ming sighed and then shook his head before rubbing his brows. “Honestly? I don’t even know where to begin.”

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