OMF V9C2 A Curiosity in the Dragon Realm

In the dragon realm, Leng Jin Yu smiled wryly while the people around them whispered excitedly. He had expected this but just imagining how it would be and actually experiencing it was a different matter altogether.

Right now, Jinde had latched onto his arm and was keeping his eyes half-closed, actually making it not that obvious that they were golden as well. But just that ankle-length golden hair was more than enough to shock most of the dragons silly.

The people living in the rooms next to Ai Hua and her family’s had all come rushing over after the first glimpse and were now making a fuss. They were encircled tightly by a whole group of dragons that were all staring at Jinde like he was some kind of curiosity. Well, in the dragon realm, he certainly was.

The praise about him and the questions that were asked all mixed together, making it difficult to pick anything out save for what the people right next to them were saying or if somebody new arrived and exclaimed especially loudly.

“Ai Hua, is that the relative you mentioned before?”

“So beautiful!”

“Look at his hair!”

“What’s his eye color?”

Ai Hua smiled brightly, apparently liking this borrowed identity quite a lot now that she was actually in the situation. She rushed to Jinde’s other side, hugging his arm. “Yes, that’s Lei Jiang’s relative that I mentioned. Now you see what good vision I had? No wonder our son looks so adorable, right?”

There was some nodding and humming and people seemed to want to get even closer. Leng Jin Yu also noticed that some of them were glancing at him as well, probably thinking about just who he might be to Jinde. Because judging from the way they stood, it was clear that they had to be close but they obviously weren’t related.

So … that did leave him as a potential lover for sure which probably wasn’t something the dragons would like too much. Somebody like Jinde … naturally, there would always be some relative who would be happy to marry him. And who didn’t want a beauty in their family? It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen how well-received Jinde was back when they had been young.

He kept up his wry smile and then reached over, putting his hand over Jinde’s that was still lying on his arm. Then, he turned to Ai Hua. “Well, it’s been quite the journey here. Maybe we could go and get a room now?”

Ai Hua looked at him and then clicked her tongue. “What’s with you? Can’t you bear to show off your husband for a while at least? When do I get to present a good-looking relative like this? Give me an hour at least!”

Leng Jin Yu continued to smile wryly but this time, Jinde at least turned to look at Ai Hua, also giving a smile of his own. “Sister Ai Hua, don’t scold him! In any case, Ah Yu also hasn’t been in the dragon realm that much before. I guess everything is getting a little too much, isn’t it?” He turned back to his husband and then reached up, wrapping his arms around his neck instead.

Leng Jin Yu looked at him, not quite sure how to react. For him, nothing about this was really new but it wasn’t like he could say that. So it was probably best to just admit that he was jealous because people were looking at his husband. In any case, he would probably have to use this kind of excuse quite a lot in the future.

He sighed and then leaned down, giving Jinde a kiss. “What do you want me to say? At home, you weren’t drawing as much attention anymore. Are you sure you just wanted to come here because it’s easier to have a child or were you getting fed up with not being admired as much anymore?”

Jinde chuckled and then bit his husband’s lip, his eyes twinkling. “You make me sound so bad. I definitely had really innocent intentions.”

“Sure you did.”

Around them, the dragons started to mumble. Not because they were scandalized, of course. In the dragon realm, this kind of display of affection was really nothing. In fact, they would consider it tame. Rather than that, they were disappointed that they had really turned out to be married and apparently had a really good relationship. There definitely wasn’t a possibility for anybody else wriggling their way in-between them.

Hearing people talk, Jinde turned around and smiled. “Between my husband and me, there is definitely no space left for anyone. It’s already a done deal, bound soul and all.” He grabbed Leng Jin Yu’s lapel and pulled him closer as if to prove what he just said.

This time, there was some more mumbling. “Bound to a human?” somebody couldn’t help but ask.

Jinde glanced over his shoulder, blinking his golden eyes. “What are you saying? He is an ascended deity.” Then, he turned back to his husband. “Also, I swear the two of us must’ve been acquainted in a past life already.”

Leng Jin Yu chuckled at that and then gave him another kiss before he turned to Lei Jiang. “Well, while I really don’t mind staying around for a bit, it’s not like we’re out of the world. Since we are going to move in, we’ll have enough time to get to know everyone else later on. For now though, shouldn’t we really start to figure out our accommodations?”

Lei Jiang nodded and waved for the two of them to follow him. As for the rest … well, he’d leave that to his wife.

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