SML V3C63 He Couldn’t Go Along with It

Li Ming had thought right. As soon as he put Mo Fang down in the bathroom, things turned ambiguous. There was a pair of soft hands on his shoulders and a pair of lips closing in that was trying to get in a kiss somewhere.

He tried to do his best to ignore both but it didn’t really get better when he got close enough to wipe him down. And, well, this person was his boyfriend. To say that this wasn’t doing something to him would’ve been a lie. It really was getting quite hard to concentrate with Mo Fang’s shenanigans at the side.

Li Ming took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled, trying to continue to focus on his task.

When Mo Fang saw this, he just chuckled, his fingers finding their way into his hair. “You know, we haven’t tried this before. Are you sure you don’t want to do so now?”

Li Ming pressed his lips together and shook his head. “No, I’d rather not. We can think about that when you’re sober.”

“Why though? I think I’m sober enough.” At that, his fingers wandered down, brushing against Li Ming’s neck and then trailing down a path across his chest.

Li Ming faintly raised his brows and glanced at him, wondering how long it could really take to wipe somebody down while making sure that they would be able to stand upright. Apparently, it was astoundingly long.

Mo Fang made a soft sound while he rubbed over his skin, holding onto him more tightly. “You know, what you’re doing here is basically torture. How can you touch me like this and then expect me not to do something in return?”

Li Ming was currently half-kneeling in front of him, one arm around his waist to make sure that he would stand upright while his hand was rubbing over his leg, splashing his skin with water to get off the soap.

He bit his lower lip, wondering what kind of situation he had gotten himself into here. Somehow, he remembered this to have been much easier when Mo Fang had been unconscious. “I’ll be done in a minute.” He tried to speed up but in return, his boyfriend just gave another sigh, this one sounding a lot more languid.

Li Ming gulped and finally got back to his feet, still hugging him to his body with one arm while he gripped the showerhead and then tried to find a comfortable temperature. He washed off the remaining soap in this way, trying not to touch him anywhere as long as it wasn’t necessary to keep him on his feet. Unfortunately, Mo Fang just used the opportunity to snuggle up against him.

Li Ming’s lips twitched but he didn’t say anything and just quietly finished, hoping that his boyfriend wouldn’t get any more ideas this way. Finally, he turned off the water and then help to dry him off before he took a towel for himself again and got rid of the water that had been splashed on him while helping Mo Fang. Then, he turned back to his boyfriend and motioned to the door. “Well, can you go outside on your own, or do you need help with that as well?”

Mo Fang gave him a long look and his lips curled up into a bright smile that clearly showed that there were hidden motives behind it. “Well, I feel a little weak on my legs right now.”

Li Ming snorted and shook his head at him but he still went over and grabbed him around the waist, helping him up. “Well, I’d better carry you then.”

Mo Fang gave a satisfied hum and then held onto him, letting Li Ming carry him out of the bath and over to the bedroom. To be honest, he actually was a little weak on his feet. He knew he had gotten drunk and by now, it was really hitting him. He wasn’t even sure if he could get through the night without trouble.

Still, in this kind of haze, the atmosphere was also special. And he had never had the chance to have this kind of night with Li Ming before. Thus, he was also giddy with excitement.

His eyes were sparkling while he looked at his boyfriend. He really couldn’t wait. He stretched out his hands, wanting Li Ming to get closer. Unfortunately, his boyfriend just sat down on the edge of the bed, looking at him.

Mo Fang pursed his lips, pouting a little. “Why are you so far away? If you’re worried about me, then shouldn’t you come and give me a hug?”

Li Ming actually felt a little torn. “I probably should but I’m afraid you are trying to take advantage of it.”

“Can you really take advantage of your own boyfriend?”

Li Ming looked at him, his expression a little difficult. “You can when he is drunk like this.” And that was definitely a threshold he wouldn’t cross.

Right now, Mo Fang wasn’t in his right mind. Even though he still seemed to have his wits together for the most part, it didn’t seem like it was getting better. Instead, it seemed like the alcohol was really hitting him by now. He was even slurring his words a little.

Not that Mo Fang really seemed to notice any of that. But anyway, he did. And he wasn’t about to do anything with him as long as that was the case. He wanted for Mo Fang to really know what he did and preferably not wake up tomorrow morning without remembering.

He had seen exactly that situation play out the next morning after the first time at Si Tao’s place and he still remembered how Mo Fang had called out to him when he heard him coming over. Back then, he had said that whatever had happened, there was somebody else he liked.

Li Ming didn’t want a repeat of that morning. Especially because they were a couple, he should take those things into consideration. It wasn’t right to do something with Mo Fang when he himself couldn’t really decide whether he wanted to or not.

Maybe he felt like it right now but he might regret it tomorrow. And he didn’t want to do that to him. In fact, he also didn’t want to do that to himself. So, he definitely couldn’t go along with things tonight no matter how Mo Fang looked at him or what he said.

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