OMF V9C1 A Grand Tale

Hua Lin Yu stared at the man in front of him, his heart beating frantically. He didn’t know why he might be here. Just knowing that he was made him happy. “Bai Mu … why are you here? And what about … what about sister Nie?” His heart was pained when he added the second question but he couldn’t help but want to know.

The man turned to look at him, faintly raising his brows. It had been quite some time since he heard that name.

Before he could give an answer, Fei Bai Mu already came to the door, feeling as if she had heard her name. Seeing her little disciple stare at the disciple next to the door transfixed, she raised her brows. “Xiao Yu, what’s the matter?”

Hua Lin Yu froze, feeling as if he had been caught red-handed, and hurriedly hid his hands behind his back. “It’s nothing!”

Fei Bai Mu turned to look at the other disciple, waiting for him to explain.

The person in question looked from one to the other and then raised his brows before he cupped his fists and bowed faintly to the Sect Master. “I’m sorry, Sect Master Fei. I didn’t want to make trouble. I’m afraid I’ve been mistaken for a relative of mine again. We do happen to look very much alike.” Turning to Hua Lin Yu, he nodded at him. “I’m not Bai Mu so I’m afraid we don’t know each other yet. My name is Xiao Li. We are … not that closely related actually. He probably doesn’t even know who I am. But I did meet his fiance Nie Huang although it has been some time since then so I am afraid I can’t tell you where she is right now either.”

Hua Lin Yu stared at him, not quite understanding what was going on. It had been years since he last heard of Xiao Li so he didn’t quite understand what was going on. “Xiao Li?”

The half-demon only nodded and then turned to look at the Sect Master again, wondering what exactly was going on here. To be honest, being mistaken for Bai Mu worried him. He had managed to escape the dragon king and had also managed to not be bothered by the demon king in recent times but always fleeing was a harsh life. After traveling around for some time, he realized that things couldn’t go on like this.

In the end, he found himself at the gates of the Jian Yi Sect and asked to speak with one of the Elders. From there, he had spun a grand tale. Or maybe it wasn’t that much of a grand tale because most of it was actually true.

He told them how he was half-human, half-demon, and thus hunted in the human realm. He also talked about how he tried to make a living in the demon realm but was shunned by everyone and couldn’t take the atmosphere there so that he finally returned to the human realm, trying to find a place for himself but failing miserably. He admitted how — out of fear — he joined the evil faction but then fell in love with a young lady while out on a mission.

This was where he started to trickle some well-placed lies in: He told the Elder how they got married but how he then had to slowly watch her die because his old Master had tricked him when he begged for a way to prolong her lifespan. Then, being heartbroken, he staged his death and went to travel the world, trying to heal from his heartache.

Xiao Li especially pointed out how he was suspicious even though the matter with the demon-hunting sects had been cleared up. He pretended it was because of all the bad experiences he had had when younger and now made him afraid to settle down anywhere at first. Only after a millennium had passed, he started to trust that the world had truly changed toward people like him.

Getting to this point, he gave a fiery speech of how he also wanted to change, how he would like to be taken into the Jian Yi Sect as a disciple, and how he wanted to make up for the bad deeds he had done in the past for both the demons and the demonic faction.

Well, this kind of story was easy to tell. He had also put in enough truth that it would seem true even if they went to try and verify it. Even though the long amount of time would make it difficult for them to find out about some things, he’d rather be prudent in preparing to avoid bad surprises later on.

In the end, Xiao Li had indeed managed to be taken in as a disciple of the Jian Yi Sect. After behaving well for quite some time, he even managed to climb the ranks a little. Even though he was looking down on humans, he realized that he could actually thrive in this place.

And he really didn’t think that the dragon king would come looking for him anytime soon. Even if he did, he would have some things to explain when he came and tried to kill a disciple who had been trying to turn his life around. This kind of protection, how could he pass it up?

Now though, there was somebody who knew that Bai Mu and his fiancee. Maybe he also knew the dragon king. Xiao Li couldn’t help but worry. Then again, looking at the starry-eyed look of this youth, there might be some benefits to this.

He smiled faintly and promptly got a smile in return that would’ve been able to melt quite a few hearts. Staring at him, Xiao Li felt a faint idea emerging in his mind. It was just that he probably couldn’t do that right under the Sect Master’s nose so he could only pretend not to notice the feelings this person clearly held for Bai Mu.

Even though Xiao Li didn’t go any further, Fei Bai Mu wasn’t an idiot. Seeing the way her disciple looked at Xiao Li and also the way that Xiao Li had smiled for just a moment, she figured that there was trouble approaching. Especially if she counted in the problem that her disciple still hadn’t contacted Xin Lan.

She reached out and grabbed him by the shoulder, pulling him back a little. “Xiao Yu, didn’t you want to go and contact your fiance?”

Next to them, Xiao Li raised his brows, surprised when he heard that there was a fiance. Had he gotten things wrong? But that look just now … No, he didn’t think that he had. Most likely, there was just some poor man embroiled in a storm of feelings that he could never get out of. Well, that wasn’t his problem. He was pretty sure that this matter could still be put to good use.

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