OMF V8C205 May I Have a Word?

Over in the Nine Heavens, things seemed to have already been decided. Leng Jin Yu and Jinde had been supposed to go to the dragon realm anyway while Ai Hua and her family would accompany them. Now, with Lan Ling urging the others to go, Qiu Ling felt like maybe there was a chance to have Jing Yi accompany them as well. He wasn’t quite sure how to go about this yet though.

If several people of the idle gods’ courtyard left, maybe that would be a chance to have Jing Yi follow them quietly without the guards realizing. It was definitely worth a try. In any case, he’d rather have him go sneakily than to have to confront the Heavenly Emperor and everyone else about this.

In any case, they had been here for several weeks now, most likely, the God of Justice wasn’t having his people pay as much attention anymore. And if there were others leaving, maybe there really was a chance at pulling this off.

Jinde watched his stepson’s expression and felt like there were some dangerous ideas brewing in his mind. He really wanted to remind him not to do anything stupid but with everyone else there to hear this wasn’t that easy to accomplish. He thought for a bit and finally got up. “Your Majesty, may I have a word with you?”

Qiu Ling looked up at him and then also got to his feet, feeling like he wouldn’t be able to get around this anyway.

The two of them left the hall under everyone’s astounded gazes. Ai Hua was wondering if maybe should go along considering that she was a part of the plan but finally, she stayed behind and kept an eye on the trueborn gods and ascended deities at the table.

That person’s identity couldn’t be exposed. Even though his husband had stayed behind, it was much better to have somebody else around who was on their side and in the know. That way, if somebody dared to try and follow them to snoop, there would still be somebody there to make sure they didn’t find anything secret.

Jinde naturally wasn’t so stupid to talk about things right in front of the door. He led Qiu Ling over to the room that he and Leng Jin Yu had chosen yesterday and then went to sit down at the table, waiting for him. “Bear child, be honest with me: What exactly are you planning?”

Qiu Ling gave a wry smile and then followed him over, sitting down as well and crossing his legs. “I’d try to deny it but I’m afraid you wouldn’t believe me anyway. I was thinking about Jing Yi’s situation. You know that he is in a bad situation here. With so many people leaving, I was wondering if maybe I could sneak him out as well.”

“If they catch you though, there will be hell to pay.”

Qiu Ling gave a nod. “That is precisely the problem. And I’m definitely not keen on getting into that situation. But I don’t think that they would allow him to leave if I go and ask the Heavenly Emperor.

“To be honest, I think that when it comes to the Heavenly Empress, the God of War, and maybe even the God of Justice although I’m not sure about the latter, they might be alright with giving Jing Yi some more freedom. But the Heavenly Emperor is just waiting for a chance to kill Jing He’s reincarnation. So the sooner he is out of here, the better. At the same time, the Heavenly Emperor will try to make sure that that doesn’t happen. So there’s no chance he would just allow him to leave.”

Jinde nodded. “Yes, that is indeed a bit of a problem.”

Qiu Ling raised his brows. “Just a bit?”

Jinde smiled faintly. “It is a bit of a problem if you only consider the two extreme options. You need to think about what is in between.”

Qiu Ling lightly tilted his head and then his gaze shifted around before his eyebrows slowly rose even higher. “I think I understand what you’re getting at.”

Needless to say, the Heavenly Emperor might be the person who oversaw the whole capital city and all of the Nine Heavens but different jurisdictions were under different people’s control. For example, if it came to leaving the capital city, then the people you needed to get past were the heavenly guards. And those were under the control of the Palace of War which was under the command of God of War. So if he directly dealt with the God of War, he might be able to get around things.

Jinde nodded as well when he saw that Qiu Ling had understood and then got up. “In that case, I’ll leave you to it. I will go back to the others now and take them off your hands for a bit.”

Qiu Ling looked at him in confusion but Jinde just smiled and didn’t explain. He just left the room and then went back to the hall. He stopped behind Leng Jin Yu and leaned down, wrapping his arms around his neck. “I’m back! Did you miss me, my dear?”

Leng Jin Yu turned to the side, looking up at his husband with indulgence. Clearly, even though Jinde was usually very affectionate, he was in part also doing this to make trouble in front of the others. Well, he loved his playful personality so he really couldn’t say that he had a problem with this. “Of course I did. Did you manage to talk about everything?”

Jinde leaned down to give him a kiss before he slipped onto his lap, holding onto his shoulders. “We did. I’m afraid it might take a day or two before we can leave though. There are still some things that His Majesty wants to take care of and I guess he will return together with us. Ah, it is such an honor.”

Leng Jin Yu just looked at him, not exposing him at all. Instead, he turned to the others. “Are you really sure that you want to come? Please do remember that the two of us will probably be quite busy after the first couple of weeks.”

Lan Ling nodded fervently. He didn’t care just how busy Leng Jin Yu would be. He was intent on following this person. So naturally, no matter what he said, Lan Ling wouldn’t be discouraged.

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