OMF V8C200 Who’s Allowed in the Palace?

Xian Li and Jing Yi hurriedly got up as well and followed the two of them back to the front door. Just when Duan Ming reached out to open it, it was already pulled open from the other side though. All four of them looked up only to find Qiu Ling standing in front of them.

The other three hurriedly straightened up while Jing Yi just stared. He couldn’t help but remember last night when they had said goodbye. The things Qiu Ling had said to him … well, his thoughts on the matter hadn’t changed but he had to admit that Qiu Ling actually doing for once what he had asked him to had meant quite a lot to him. He had also missed him terribly last night.

Qiu Ling’s gaze also accurately landed on Jing Yi and it took him a moment to step to the side. “You were leaving? That wouldn’t be because you didn’t meet me, would it?” Even though he seemed to be speaking to all of them, he still only looked at Jing Yi.

Duan Ming glanced from Qiu Ling to Jing Yi and then back again, wondering what exactly was going on there. If it hadn’t been for the fact that he knew that the dragon king was already going after their Son of Heaven, he would’ve thought that there was something more between them. But that couldn’t be, right?

Even though he hadn’t heard anything recently about the dragon king’s escapades, he didn’t think that after years of pursuit, he would suddenly drop the case and go after a mortal. Even if that mortal had managed to ascend.

Not to disparage Jing Yi but as the son of the Goddess of Magnanimity, he had been able to meet Jing He before. That kind of graceful beauty … he was probably on par with Leng Jin Yu’s husband that they had just met. In comparison, Jing Yi was much too ordinary.

With Duan Ming not answering because he was in thoughts and Lan Ling still moping about the situation with Leng Jin Yu, Xiang Li finally cupped his fists and bowed in response. “Greetings, Longjun. We were actually here to visit a friend of ours, Leng Jin Yu. I hope we didn’t intrude.” Even though this was only the dragon king’s temporary residence while he stayed in the Nine Heavens, his status was on par with the Heavenly Emperor. Who would dare to slight him?

Qiu Ling shook his head. “No, of course not. Anyway, he and … his husband are my guests. If you want to see them, you can always come here. I think they are going to leave in a few days at the very latest though.”

Xiang Li nodded, a little surprised that the dragon king was this easy to talk to. He had heard quite a lot about him but his reasonable attitude hadn’t been one of the major talking points. In fact, he rather might have heard that this guy was especially unreasonable.

Qiu Ling actually pulled his attention away from Jing Yi and glanced at the others, figuring that something might have gone wrong there.

When Lan Ling noticed his gaze on him, he suddenly looked up. “Is it true that they are going to live in your palace?”

Qiu Ling slowly nodded, not quite sure where this was going. “Yes, they are related to one of my advisers. Usually, that entitles them to a suite of rooms. Or, well, it would for immediate family but I’m not that particular about this kind of thing.”

Hearing that he wasn’t particular about that, Lan Ling’s expression brightened even further. “Then what about non-family members?”

Qiu Ling raised his brows, still not sure what to make of this, and glanced at Jing Yi for some help. Unfortunately, Jing Yi had no idea how to give him any signal. Not knowing what else to do, Qiu Ling figured that he might try to be a little more general in his response. “Well, usually, guests are allowed for at least some time. It also depends on their own position in the dragon realm. If they had a task, then naturally, they would be allowed to stay.”

“Then what about people of the god race? Are they able to stay over?”

Qiu Ling raised his brows even higher, understanding less and less what was going on. “We have an alliance with the gods. Of course, they would also be allowed in my palace. I am not going to discriminate against them.” In any case, his own lover was of the trueborn gods. And, well, his lover’s reincarnation was now an ascended deity. He was really the last person who could say anything against the gods.

Lan Ling’s eyes lit up even further when he heard that. He pulled out of Duan Ming’s grasp and instead clung onto Qiu Ling’s robe. “Then can we stay for a while as well?!”

Qiu Ling looked down at the fingers that were curled around the lapel of his robe and withstood the urge to just throw this person off. This was one of the friends that Jing Yi had just made. If he was too rough with him, that wouldn’t look good.

He still pried those hands off and took a step back. “Well, I wouldn’t see why not?”

He glanced at Jing Yi again, hoping to get something out of his expression. Unfortunately, Jing Yi was either still pretending that they didn’t know each other and trying to be subtle or he didn’t know what to think of this either.

In any case, the words were already out. And Lan Ling definitely wouldn’t let him take them back. In fact, after hearing them, he rushed back inside the palace, wanting to tell Leng Jin Yu and Jinde the good news. They didn’t want to have him there? Screw that! He’d show them that it was good to have him around!

When he rushed into the hall, Leng Jin Yu and Jinde were still sitting there, the former holding the latter’s hands while they had turned to each other, their forehead’s almost touching. They seemed … really intimate.

Lan Ling stopped in his tracks, somehow feeling as if he was intruding.

Back outside, Qiu Ling rubbed his forehead. “Did I just do something wrong?”

Duan Ming and Xian Li froze when they heard that. Whether the dragon king had done anything wrong or not … how could they be allowed to judge that? In any case, it was his own palace. Who he wanted to invite him or not … who would dare to tell him? It was his own decision.

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