OMF V8C199 Intruding on Their Life

The room fell silent again, making Lan Ling look from one person to the other. “What? In any case, it’s not like any of us are going to be taken into one of the palaces anytime soon. We might as well accompany the two of them and live with them for a while in the dragon realm. I’m sure that would be interesting. Didn’t you say you already had a place to stay as well?”

Leng Jin Yu really wasn’t sure what to say. He had forgotten just how clingy Lan Ling could be. “That …”

Jinde leaned closer to his husband, putting his head on his shoulder while he rubbed his chest, trying to calm him down a little. His gaze stayed trained on Lan Ling though. “Yes, as we said, we were able to get a room in the dragon king’s palace through a relative of mine that is the brother-in-law of one of the dragon king’s advisers. It’s a huge honor for me. I really still can’t believe that I’m this lucky.”

Inwardly, he laughed a little when he thought of how that had once been his palace. To call it an honor to get one room there when originally, he had been sitting on the throne once was quite amusing.

In fact, he really had trouble holding back some laughter. When they were really in the dragon king’s palace, he might have some random bouts of that. By then, he should probably find a good excuse for that happening or people would think he was crazy.

Leng Jin Yu nodded, thankful that Jinde was currently at the side. He would’ve had a bit of a problem coming up with an appropriate response after Lan Ling mentioned moving in as well. He didn’t want to directly say no but he also didn’t have an excuse. Anyway, ignoring the implications and just emphasizing that it hadn’t been easy to get that room might already do the trick.

Unfortunately, Lan Ling still wasn’t willing to give up. He leaned over the table and turned to look at Jing Yi. “Brother Zhong, didn’t you get along well with the dragon king? Maybe you could ask him if we can move in as well?”

Jing Yi was startled when he was brought back into the conversation yet again and gave a wry smile. “I don’t really know him that well.” Well, he had been his fiance once but that wasn’t something he could talk about without exposing himself. So he’d just have to pretend that there really wasn’t that kind of relationship between them. He just had to maintain that he wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Lan Ling’s expression fell but he still wasn’t convinced to back off. “Well, even if we can’t move into the palace, there’s bound to be some rooms in the city, right? Let’s just ask and I’m sure we can find something. It might take a bit longer than brother Leng and his husband will need to settle down there but still.”

Jinde smile slowly frosted over. He really didn’t mind his husband spending time with anyone aside from him but he had the distinct feeling that this guy would be making trouble if he really came along. Just look at him! Even now, he was already trying to worm his way into their life. What would happen if he really came along and lived close to them? No, this wasn’t quite the kind of person he wanted to have it their side.

Leng Jin Yu also realized that his husband wasn’t too happy when he felt Jinde’s claws extending. He sighed and reached over to pat Jinde’s thigh beneath the table, not wanting the others to realize. “Lan Ling, I’m honored that you want to do this for me but you’ve always wanted to join one of the palaces. Just because I’m going to the dragon realm, you don’t have to.

“In fact, I’m pretty sure that with how hard you work, you’ll be able to join a palace in no time. You really shouldn’t worry about me. Jiang Li and I have each other and there’s also his family. I’m sure that we’ll be able to get used to things in no time.

“And then, there’ll also be our child. By the time it’s born, we probably won’t have much time for other things. So I really don’t think that it would be enjoyable for you to accompany us.” He still remembered very well how things had been in his last life after Qiu Ling had been born. Dragon children needed a lot of time to grow. Not quite as much as those of the gods from what he knew but still. So in that regard, he really wasn’t exaggerating.

Lan Ling pursed his lips, not happy at all that no matter what he said, he was being discouraged from it. Even though he did idolize Leng Jin Yu, he wasn’t an idiot. If something like this happened, it meant that the other side didn’t want him there. He wasn’t quite sure why though. He had always believed that they were good friends. So why was he suddenly being like this?

Thinking of that, he couldn’t help but give Jinde an unhappy look. It had to be because of that person! Before he had met him down in the mortal realm, Leng Jin Yu hadn’t been like this. Now that they were married, he suddenly treated his friend this strange. There had to be something going on.

Duan Ming glanced at him and realized that Lan Ling was ready to make trouble. He really regretted allowing him to come over here but then again, he probably wouldn’t have been able to keep him from it.

He still sighed and then got up. “Well, if the two of you just arrived yesterday, you’re probably tired. We shouldn’t disturb you for too long. Now, we promised brother Zhong to teach him some sword arts. We should go and do that now before he believes that we don’t have any interest in actually making true of our word. If you and your husband feel like it, you can always swing by and help. Lan Ling, let’s go.” He reached out to grab his shoulder, hoping that this time, they would be able to make it out without trouble.

To surprise, Lan Ling actually got up even though he looked quite unhappy. Most likely, he had caught onto the fact that he was intruding on a happy couple here.

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