OMF V8C198 Not Taking a Position

The three men from the idle gods’ courtyard were completely petrified after this bomb had been dropped on them. Leng Jin Yu having a child with his husband … they just couldn’t wrap their heads around it. Well, logically, they could but it was still such a strange thing to them.

To them, it hadn’t been that long ago since Leng Jin Yu left. Suddenly, he was married and even thinking about having a child. This was really … well, they didn’t even have words to describe their feelings.

Lan Ling tore his gaze away from Leng Jin Yu and instead stared at Jinde, wondering just how this guy had managed to make this happen. Seeing his smile though, he somehow felt like he already had the answer. He never would’ve thought that Leng Jin Yu was one to be swayed by beauty though. It was completely untypical of him. Maybe there was some kind of spell involved?

Leng Jin Yu glanced at Lan Ling and realized that there was probably something strange going on in his head. He cleared his throat, hoping to pull everyone’s attention back. “I know this will seem strange to you. But in any case, I’ve left the Nine Heavens some years ago and I was in the mortal realm all this time. The two of us also met not long after I got there so we spent about a millennium together already. By now, having a child really doesn’t seem that far-fetched, does it?”

Needless to say, there was also their past life that played a role but he couldn’t say that. And he figured that even without that, a whole millennium was definitely enough time to want this.

Lan Ling pursed his lips. “It’s a lot of time but I never thought you wanted to have kids. You never mentioned that.”

Leng Jin Yu just smiled and then reached to the side, his fingers brushing through Jinde’s golden hair. “Back when I came to the idle gods’ courtyard and met the three of you, I was still a bachelor. Thinking about children wasn’t on my mind back then. But now, I’m a married man and we are planning our future. For us, having a child is part of that.

“I can imagine that you are weirded out by that. If the roles were reversed, it might be the same for me. But, in any case, I am incredibly happy and I wouldn’t wish for a single thing to be different.” He took Jinde’s hand and pulled it up, pressing her lips on his knuckles. “You are the best that ever happened to me.”

Jinde smiled then pulled back his hand, instead grabbing his husband’s chin and pulling him in for a real kiss. “Well, you’re the best that ever happened to me as well.” Although, it would probably be best not to say that when Qiu Ling was around or their future child. Some things were better left between the parents.

When Leng Jin Yu saw Jinde’s smile, he knew exactly what was going through his mind. He chuckled but didn’t say anything about it. In any case, he definitely wouldn’t be able to explain the matter with him and the dragon king to the others. His husband and the child were difficult enough, his previous life and being related to the dragon king as an ascended deity … he didn’t think that that would be a good idea to bring up.

Lan Ling still wasn’t quite sure what to think of this but he tried to see the positive side. “Well, in that case, your mission is over, right?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “It is. That is why we are planning to have the child. We didn’t want to do anything while there were still other things going on. This will require our whole attention.”

Duan Ming interrupted the conversation at that. “We heard that you had a spar with the God of War. I thought that you would be joining his palace. Won’t having a child interfere with that?” This was the conclusion that he had come to. If not for that, why would the God of War spar with Leng Jin Yu? It just didn’t make any sense.

To his surprise, Leng Jin Yu shook his head though. “I won’t. That … well, that mission I did was for the Palace of War. Back then, the God of War approached me to do it because I had more knowledge on the mortal realm as a cultivator that just recently ascended than those of his palace would have had. So I was rather suitable for the role.

“I guess I did a good job because when I came back and asked him if he would be willing to give it a try, he actually didn’t say no. I’m surprised myself.” He figured that it would be best to play things down a little but this was still close enough to the truth that it shouldn’t be completely unimaginable. “Well, after this, the two of us will be going to the dragon realm and settle down. So even if the God of War offered me a position, I wouldn’t take it.”

Lan Ling gaped when he heard that. “The dragon realm? Was that? Shouldn’t you come back to the idle gods’ courtyard?” Leng Jin Yu might have mentioned the dragon realm before but he had thought that that was only a temporary thing. As in, those two would only take a short vacation to visit some relatives of Leng Jin Yu’s husband and then come back. Why was he suddenly talking about settling down there?!

Leng Jin Yu gave a wry smile at that. “Well, Jiang Li is of the dragon race. I just feel that it would probably be better to go there. You see, while I am an ascended deity, I was born in the mortal realm and lived there most of my life. My time in the Nine Heavens was actually rather short so I’m not that attached to it.

“On the other hand, I think Jiang Li has long since started to miss the dragon realm. So it’s time to go home and I’m willing to start a new life there with him. To be honest, I’m really looking forward to it.” He looked at his husband again, feeling that he was really doing a good job at this.

Unfortunately, Lan Ling wasn’t about to let things go that easily. “Then how about we come along? Anyway, I don’t mind whether I’m in the Nine Heavens or the dragon realm either. And what about you, brother Zhong? In any case, I can teach you sword arts anywhere. It really doesn’t matter.”

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