OMF V8C187 Time for a New Name

Jinde could see that the two of them were a little troubled. To be honest, he had expected this. As long as they managed to figure out his identity, it was clear that they should be. After all, you didn’t get to meet your late previous king that often.

He smiled faintly and then got up. “Well, I can imagine that this comes as quite a shock to you. Just take some time to think about it. I’m sure that we won’t have to return immediately.”

The two of them nodded in a daze, really not sure how to deal with Jinde or what to say to his words.

Jinde just turned to his husband and gently brushed his chin, leaning down to give him a kiss. “I’ll let you deal with the rest. If you need me, I’ll be back in the other room.” Originally, he had been thinking of going to the Tower of Wisdom but by now, it was already so late that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea. He would just attract too much attention. Actually, it might be best if he didn’t go there again himself and just had somebody else bring the books to him that he needed. That way, it wouldn’t make people look as much.

Leng Jin Yu smiled and then watched him leave before he turned back to Yi Zan’s family. “Well, I did say my husband was a beauty.” He smiled at that, actually feeling a bit of glee. Ai Hua hadn’t wanted to believe him before but now, she definitely wouldn’t have another option.

Ai Hua gulped, feeling that she had really been asking for it when she doubted him before. Now, it turned out that he was this kind of beauty. She turned back to Leng Jin Yu and gave him a long look.

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows in return, not quite sure what to make of this.

“Say, how did the two of you really meet?”

Leng Jin Yu smiled faintly. How did they really meet … That was a rather loaded question in their case. “As I said: I was sent on a mission in the mortal realm by the God of War. Then, we just happened to run into each other and what can I say? It was love at first sight.”

Ai Hua seemed a little underwhelmed by that explanation. She didn’t doubt that somebody would be able to fall in love with Jinde at first sight but she wasn’t quite sure about this guy.

Not to speak badly of Leng Jin Yu but while he was a good-looking guy, he wasn’t that outstanding in terms of looks compared to Jinde. If you put him and His Majesty together, for example, then His Majesty would definitely win. So why would the previous king — who had been renowned as the greatest beauty the dragon race had ever seen — decide on somebody this … Well, she really didn’t want to say unremarkable but, yes, why somebody so normal?

Lei Jiang next to her rubbed his forehead, feeling that his wife was really focusing on the wrong thing. “No matter what, it will be more difficult to pretend that he is a relative than I thought. While it’s true that we share some features to a degree, he will still stand out a lot.”

Leng Jin Yu smiled wryly. “Believe me, he will always stand out. Back in the mortal realm when we were traveling alone, he would change his appearance but people would still be looking at him. It’s not even just his looks, it’s the way he behaves. And we won’t get that out of him. So I’m afraid that while your task might sound easy, it is actually quite difficult. I still hope that you will be willing to do this.”

Ai Hua gave a huff. “This is something that our king asked of us. Naturally, we will do it. Don’t worry about it! I’m able to make something up for everyone that will be incredibly believable. You just wait!”

Leng Jin Yu smiled, feeling that she was really putting her all into this task. At the very least, she already seemed fired up. “Well, we will depend on you then.”

Lei Jiang glanced at his wife, feeling that she would probably be able to really do that. In any case, she was somebody who was easy to talk with. As long as she went around, introducing him proudly, that definitely wouldn’t be a problem.

There was just one question left. “Well, when exactly will we leave for the capital city then? We told our neighbors today that we would get somebody from my family. It might take some time to get there but not that long.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “In that case, I would suggest that we actually leave the Nine Heavens separately. You go to somewhere in the south first and we will follow you, meet up there, and then travel back to the dragon realm together.

“That way, it will lend some credibility to our story and we can also have a look around to make sure that there is something we can talk about it. Maybe Jinde still remembers some of the places.”

Saying this, he paused, realizing that he had just casually said his husband’s name again. “Well, that will give us some time to think about a more suitable name as well.” Although, he really couldn’t imagine it.

For two lifetimes, Jinde had been just that for him, ‘Jinde’. To suddenly call him anything different … it was a bit difficult. Although … His thoughts couldn’t help but travel back to the time when they had still been younger. They had been accepted by the same Master, learning to use their skills and train their sword arts together. At that time, Jinde would often sweetly call out to him: ‘martial brother’. It had clearly been meant as a joke and Jinde probably didn’t even know but it was something that he had liked to hear.

Maybe that would be a way to go about it. In any case, as somebody who had grown up in a cultivation sect, he wouldn’t have a problem transitioning to that address. And while it might seem odd to the dragons at first, it would also put some more emphasis on their relationship and the fact that he was human than it would on Jinde’s identity. So maybe that actually wasn’t bad.

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