OMF V8C180 Not The Beauty He Promised

As luck would have it, there was somebody outside when they stepped out. Ai Hua immediately turned to the man with sparkling eyes and couldn’t help but rush over. “Ah, we’ll have to go out for a bit to get a relative of my husband’s that is moving here. You wouldn’t know but —”

Lei Jiang immediately rushed after her, hurriedly putting a hand on her shoulder and pulling her back. “Ai Hua, my dear, we need to hurry or we are going to make them wait. In any case, we did promise to get them so they’d be able to find everything more easily. It’s best not to make trouble now.” He hurriedly nodded at their neighbor and then pulled her along, very much like it usually went when they went out. In fact, this kind of small act was rather beneficial in making it seem as if this was a normal matter.

Yi Zan who knew his sister quite well also felt that this was just like her and didn’t say anything about it. Instead, he just led the way to the Nine Heavens’ capital city and then to the palace where Jinde and Leng Jin Yu were currently staying with Xin Lan.

Yi Zan went inside and then motioned for the other three to stay in the hall in the front while he went further inside to look for their future guests. Soon enough, he found Leng Jin Yu leaning against the wall outside one of the rooms with his arms crossed in front of his chest. He blinked his eyes, not quite sure what to make of this. The air around Leng Jin Yu was rather grave, telling him that something was up here. “I’m sorry, I brought my family over so we could go to the capital city. It seems that right now might be a little inconvenient?”

Leng Jin Yu looked up to him and then glanced at the door behind him. “It’s indeed not that good right now. He still has something to do for the time being. I can come with you and talk with your family though if there is anything you need to know.” In any case, nobody had come by so far and he was sure that he would be able to tell if somebody else sneaked in. So it shouldn’t be a problem to go over there and at least have a talk while Jinde finished things up with Xin Lan.

He pondered if he should tell him but finally didn’t do it. In any case, these two were occupied. It was better not to disturb them. Who knew what exactly was going on in there after all?

Yi Zan was happy with that. While the most important part was that his family met Jinde so that they could get a little more familiar, meeting Leng Jin Yu was already quite good as well.

The two of them walked over and then stepped into the hall.

Ai Hua immediately got up and stared at Leng Jin Yu, her expression falling. Then, she turned to her brother with an accusing look. “That’s not the beauty you promised me!” Thankfully, she hadn’t told her neighbor anything.

Yi Zan’s lips twitched, feeling that she was really making him lose face in front of this person that was close to His Majesty.

Leng Jin Yu just gave a faint smile. In any case, if she had gotten Jinde’s description, he could understand the disappointment at seeing him. While he didn’t consider himself an unattractive man, Jinde’s beauty was just too much for anyone to compare.

He smiled and inclined his head toward her and her family before he explained. “The beauty would be my husband. And I’m afraid he will need a moment longer. Somebody else came to see him and it might take a while. But I figured it would be best if I came to see you already so we can talk about things. I’m sure that you will have some questions.”

Ai Hua was a little reconciled when she heard that the beauty did indeed exist and this was just his husband. She motioned for him to sit down with them and then immediately went on to interrogate him about the situation. “So, you’re going to the capital city with us and will be living in the palace.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “That’s right. We want to relocate there to … have a child. You see, I’m an ascended deity. My husband is a dragon. His identity is also a little inconvenient. So while it won’t be quite easy to settle down there, it is our best bet. We are really grateful that you helping us with that. Otherwise, this matter really wouldn’t be possible for us.”

Ai Hua immediately straightened up, clearly feeling well about how important this mission apparently was. “Well, since this is something that His Majesty wanted, naturally, we wouldn’t refuse to do it. Now, since we can’t talk about your husband’s identity, I guess we should tell people that this move is about your identity. Being an ascended deity in the dragon realm isn’t bad but it is also awkward I guess. That should be enough as a reason.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “From my understanding, having a mixed child is always a bit … unpredictable. So the capital city will definitely be a place where we’ll have it easier. Also, the acceptance should be higher. Furthermore, your family …” He turned to look at Lei Jiang and then especially Xiao Dong, feeling that while Jinde would probably still draw attention, he wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. At the very least, some features were shared. With Jinde’s appearance, that was the best they could get.

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