OMF V8C179 A Beautiful Family Member Unable to Be Described

This time, Yi Zan had finally managed to somewhat convince his sister of following through with what Qiu Ling wanted. In any case, this was an order from their king so they were likely to do it anyway but hearing that the person in question was a beauty that would be seen as one of her family members naturally made Ai Hua less reluctant to do so. “Well, when can we meet him?”

Yi Zan looked from his sister to his brother-in-law and wondered if maybe it wouldn’t be better to just leave her at home and just bring him over. But then again, this also depended on her so it was better to introduce both of them to him. In fact … “I know where he is currently staying so I can bring you over. It would be best if you can grab Xiao Dong so that we can all go over together. You could probably announce that you’re going to get a family member as well. That way, people will already expect you to bring somebody back.”

Ai Hua faintly pursed her lips. “I’m supposed to already tell people now before I’ve seen him? How am I going to describe him?”

Yi Zan’s lips twitched. “Do you need to describe him right now?”

Ai Hua raised her hands in a defensive motion. “What do you mean ‘do you need to’? If this is a beautiful family member that I’m supposed to be proud of, then why wouldn’t I tell people about him? Naturally, if being a beauty is his most important feature, then that is what I’m going to talk about.”

Yi Zan sighed and looked to his brother-in-law in search of help.

Lei Jiang faintly raised his brows. When had they gotten to the point where he was suddenly the one who needed to help his brother-in-law where it regarded his wife? These two had grown up together! Clearly, it should be Yi Zan who knew Ai Hua better than him. But then again, it didn’t make a difference either.

He thought for a bit and finally turned to Yi Zan instead of his wife. “I think Ai Hua isn’t completely wrong. That person, is there anything else we could tell people about him? For example, why exactly is he coming to the capital city?”

“Well …” Yi Zan wasn’t quite sure what to say to that. In fact, how much was he even allowed to say about this person? “Actually, maybe it would be better you didn’t say too much.”

Ai Hua pursed her lips, clearly not happy with that. Since there was something big happening in their family, she felt that she should definitely have the right to talk about it. Still, this seemed to be quite the important matter so she didn’t insist. “Well, let’s go then. The sooner we get him here, the better. I wouldn’t want to have to wait too long before I can finally see him. I’d like to see if he’s really as good as you say he is.”

Yi Zan smiled faintly and then got up, motioning for Lei Jiang to get Xiao Dong so they could be on their way.

Lei Jiang sighed at that. Xiao Dong still had some trouble going out in public again after that matter with his hair had happened even though he felt like it was already much better. But naturally, he would be a bit reluctant after losing so much of it after it had grown much longer in the mortal realm. And it certainly hadn’t helped to see his mother cry about what had happened to him.

He went over and knocked on the door, giving a faint cough. He actually felt that this matter was indeed a bit awkward to bring up. The last time that something had happened to his son, it had also been when he had been in the mortal realm on the king’s orders. He wouldn’t have any reservations about doing another mission for the king, would he? If that was the case, it would really give him a headache.

“Xiao Dong, your uncle came over. There’s something we are required to do for His Majesty. I need you to come along.” He winced a bit when he phrased it like that, feeling that maybe he was coming on too strong. Would his son really be able to accept this?

To his surprise, there was immediately the sound of steps and the door was opened. “His Majesty needs me to do something?” Xiao Dong’s blue eyes were actually shimmering with hopefulness. The last time, he hadn’t been able to fulfill His Majesty’s needs. Instead, he had finally fled and not dared to go back down, abandoning his original mission after no progress had been made. Now, there was another mission. Naturally, he was happy. He was sure that this time, he would be able to do a better job!

Lei Jiang raised his brows but finally just nodded. “Yes, it’s about a person that we need to escort here. His identity needs to be kept secret so from now on, he will be a member of our family. We’ll talk about the details when we get there.”

Xiao Dong nodded, feeling that this should be a much easier mission than the one he had had before. Nothing would go wrong for sure this time around! Thus, he happily followed his father over to the room where Yi Zan and Ai Hua were still waiting and then trudged to stand next to his father, looking at his uncle with bright eyes.

Seeing him like this, Yi Zan wasn’t worried anymore. He nodded at him with a smile and then motioned outside. “Let’s go then. From now on, you can’t mention the truth behind this anymore in the dragon realm. We will talk about the details when we get there but other than that, please forget that this person isn’t really of our family.”

The others nodded and then left the room to go and get their guest.

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