SML V3C44 He Just Needed a Chance

As it turned out, Mo Fang was wrong. The next day, there wasn’t even a hint of fun between the sheets in the air. In fact, Li Ming took him out to have some fun outside but didn’t even invite him back to his apartment this time around. They just called it quits in the late afternoon and both went home alone.

When Mo Fang stepped through the door, he was alone at home. His father was still at work while his mother had run who-knew-where to have fun by herself or with some friends. He pursed his lips and then went up to his room, planting onto the bed face-first.

He felt depressed. It wasn’t that he hadn’t had fun today. Li Ming had taken him roller-blading which … well, that seemed a bit retro but when done with your significant other, it wasn’t bad. In any case, he looked good doing it and Li Ming was fit so seeing him show off his skills was really a feast for the eyes. Also, it was more of a fun activity than a strenuous one, especially since they had stopped after a few hours.

But no matter how much fun he had had, he still felt dispirited. Ah, it really wasn’t easy to get his current boyfriend to take the next step. With any other man, he would have tried several different things by now but Li Ming … Honestly, did he even find him attractive in that way?

Mo Fang rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling in confusion. They wouldn’t be together if there was no attraction, right? And no matter how uncomfortable he felt with it, Li Ming was the type of guy who needed more time. Maybe after waiting for a while at the beginning, he would go completely crazy and want to do it several times a day?

That wouldn’t be such a bad trade-off. If it was like that, he could wait some more. Not that he really wanted to but what was he supposed to do? By now, he was afraid that even if he went to lie down naked in Li Ming’s bed, his boyfriend still wouldn’t take the hint and go for it.

That kind of thing, how could he be happy about it? Unfortunately, he had no idea how to change the status quo. It seemed that for the time being, he could only suffer in silence and pretend that he didn’t mind while trying to get closer to Li Ming.

That way, he would find an opportunity to try it once. And surely, after tasting it once, Li Ming wouldn’t say no in the future. He trusted in his skills that much. Yes, he just needed that one opportunity. He only needed an opening …

Just then, his phone rang as if to tell him that there was indeed an opportunity right around the corner.

Mo Fang sat up and pulled it out, raising his brows when he realized that the caller was none other than Bian Huan. His brows rose even higher. If Bian Huan called, there could only be one reason: the photos they had taken yesterday.

Mo Fang’s eyes narrowed and he hurriedly accepted the call. “What’s the matter, Bro Bian?”

“Oh, my god, Xiao Fan! Darling, love of my life, you’re my muse, my —”

“Yes, yes, how are the photos?” Even though he asked, his lips already curled up into a satisfied smile. If Bian Huan was this excited while calling, they had to have turned out phenomenally. Wasn’t that the kind of opportunity he had waited for?

Just as expected, Bian Huan immediately started to gush about the photos. “You wouldn’t know but I started working through them as soon as I got back home. I haven’t slept one bit since then. I just can’t stop thinking about them! Xiao Fang, darling, are you sure we can’t publish them? If we did, you might really make it as a model. It’s your big chance!”

Mo Fang just laughed though. Oh, this was definitely a big chance but not for that. “I already told you that wouldn’t happen. I wouldn’t have a problem with it but Li Ming isn’t a model. He definitely wouldn’t want to have his photo somewhere out there. And he shouldn’t have to. That’d just make his life more complicated if somebody notices.”

He didn’t think that the photos would make it that big but two handsome guys in what had probably turned out to be rather ambiguous photos? Yeah, at least in the community, those would spread. And he didn’t think that Li Ming would like that.

While he was rather open about his orientation, that was also because he coincidentally worked with people that were being supportive. Otherwise, he’d have much more difficulties. And who knew if he would want to stay at the railroad station his whole life? Most likely, he wouldn’t. So it was better not to do something that might cause trouble down the road.

Bian Huan thought differently though. “Your boyfriend seemed pretty open-minded. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. Why don’t you ask him for me? They’re really gorgeous! You’d regret it if you didn’t take this chance.”

“Don’t even try this with me, Bro Bian. We talked about this beforehand: No publication for these photos. They’re just meant for private purposes. Don’t screw me over here!”

“Aiya! Let me send them to you. When you take a look, you’ll be talking differently!” Saying so, he immediately started to upload the photos and then sent the link to share them with Mo Fang. “Just look and you’ll see what I mean.”

“I’ll take a look and I might indeed see but the response is still no.”

“Then give me your boyfriend’s number. I’m sure if I ask him, he’ll say something else. If he’s okay with it, you wouldn’t say no, right? Right, Xiao Fang?”

“I won’t. You won’t even get his number. Anyway, I gotta go. You already have your answer anyway.” He hastily cut the call short before Bian Huan could start arguing again. No, he couldn’t let him get through with this. These pictures were his trump card for an otherwise unsolvable situation. How could he let somebody else snatch them away?

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