SML V3C42 The Most Beautiful

Bian Huan’s idea wasn’t that strange. In fact, it just meant that they had to take a couple photos more but neither did they need to change their clothes, nor did they go to any of the other sets.

Instead, he just led them around the bamboo set, having them do several different shots in different parts of the actual bamboo forest, and then some more close to the house. Since he was trying to make his artistic visions come true, he was slightly more demanding than before. But most of that relied on Mo Fang instead of Li Ming so he still didn’t feel that it was a problem. At most, he needed a try or two to get things right. That really couldn’t be called too difficult.

The demands that Bian Huan had of Mo Fang were slightly more but since the two of them knew each other well and had worked together often as well, it wasn’t a problem for him either to adjust so the number of times they had to do something didn’t go up at all.

Still, with everything that Bian Huan thought of, several hours went by until they finally finished. The photographer happily started to put away his equipment, going on and on about how these shots were definitely beautiful, much better than whatever Mo Fang had originally planned. One look at Mo Fang’s expression was enough to make it obvious that he definitely wasn’t happy when he heard that.

Li Ming rubbed his neck again and then gently hugged his lover, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “I don’t mind. I think it was fun and I’m curious to see how the photos will turn out. We took so many here, I really wonder what he’ll make out of them.”

Mo Fang calmed down when he realized that Li Ming really didn’t have a problem with it. In any case, he better shouldn’t lose his temper here. Li Ming had never seen him do so and it was better if it stayed that way.

He definitely wasn’t the type of man who liked that kind of difficult person. No, Li Ming definitely wanted a shy partner who would rely on him to speak up for him. Since that was the case, he snuggled up to his chest and gave him a quick smile. “Well, as long as you had fun. I just don’t want you to be disappointed.”

Li Ming gave him another kiss, feeling that Mo Fang was cute this way. “Don’t worry about it. I definitely had a lot of fun today. Also, it was really insightful. Even though he didn’t have me do as much, I could see that he expected quite a lot of you. If not for the fact that you were able to understand him so well, I guess this really would’ve been exhausting. And this was just a shoot we did privately and not something that you do for your actual work. I can’t even imagine how difficult that has to be.”

Mo Fang naturally felt good after hearing that. He reached up and let the sleeves of the scholar robes fall down before he wrapped his arms around Li Ming’s neck again. “Well, if you want to see, then I’ll tell you the next time I have something coming up. Those shoots are often even more interesting.”

Li Ming nodded, indeed wanting to see that if he was honest. “Well, if the chance comes up, I’d love to. If it’s not convenient though, you can tell me as well. I don’t want to make trouble.”

Mo Fang waved. “It wouldn’t be okay with everyone but if it’s Bro Bian, then if he complains, just tell him that he owes us now.”

Li Ming chuckled. In fact, he really wasn’t sure who owed whom here but considering how these two got along, he didn’t feel that Bian Huan would have a problem with it if he really came to spectate while Mo Fang was working. In any case, he wasn’t somebody who would make trouble. Just standing quietly to the side and watching Mo Fang would be enough for him.

Bian Huan finished putting away his equipment and then came over, also putting an arm on one of each of their shoulders. “The two of you, you have no idea how amazing this will be. I will finish up the photos over the weekend and then immediately give you a copy. You will love it, I promise!”

Li Ming smiled and gave a nod, but once again deferred to Mo Fang for talking to Bian Huan.

Mo Fang wasn’t quite happy to be disturbed when he had just been getting cozy with his boyfriend but he still gave Bian Huan a smile. “Well, you’d better make sure that they look great. This wasn’t how I imagined things to be after all. We only got to try two of the costumes. I didn’t even see my boyfriend with long hair today.” Not that Li Ming had wanted to give that a try and, to be honest, he wasn’t into that look either. There were definitely some men who could wear that but it just wasn’t his type. He liked the kind of tidy look that Li Ming had going on.

Thinking of that, he turned back to his boyfriend and helped him take off the scholar cap before he brushed through his hair with his fingers. “Well, to be honest, as interesting as it is to see you in costumes, I also can’t wait for you to be your normal self again. Looking at you in regular clothes is actually much nicer in comparison.”

Li Ming couldn’t help but feel flattered. “Thank you very much. I do have to say that while I think that you can wear everything, your everyday look is also my favorite. I love to see you a bit more casual.”

Mo Fang immediately perked up when he heard that. With ‘more casual’, Li Ming definitely could only mean the homely look that he had donned for him. This had to mean that he was going in the right direction.

Ah, it was always nice getting this kind of confirmation. That basically just halved his work because he didn’t need to figure things out himself by trial and error. “Well, let’s get back into our casual looks then. I can’t wait to go home. Please tell me that you’re going to cook for me today.”

Li Ming laughed at that. “Well, I didn’t presume to plan anything when it was your day but if you feel that this is how the perfect date should end, then we can go and look for some groceries and I’ll make you something that you would like.”

“Well, I think that is indeed my idea of the perfect date. Or the perfect day in general.” He kissed him on the lips and then turned around, going back to the other room to change.

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