OMF V8C162 He Didn’t Need to Wait Any Longer

At this time, night was fast approaching in the mortal realm. Hua Lin Yu and Xin Lan bid farewell from Wu Ya and retired to their own set of rooms that had been given to them in the spirit beast king’s palace.

Hua Lin Yu sat down at the table with a sigh, a happy smile on his lips. “Today was really fun.”

Xin Lan followed him slowly and then sat down next to him, giving a faint nod. These things weren’t new to him but he knew that it was different for Hua Lin Yu. And he had seen just how much he liked doing something new. Of course, he would be ecstatic seeing the capital city of the spirit beast tribe.

With Xin Lan not answering, Hua Lin Yu wasn’t quite sure how to continue. To be honest, this whole day — since the time they had been at that arena at least — he hadn’t been able not to think about his future with him. He felt more and more that there was no reason to wait. In any case, it had been so long. And he was sure that Xin Lan was the right person for him. They would make a very good couple.

Now, they were alone and nobody would bother them until tomorrow morning. If he still didn’t go through with it, who knew if he wouldn’t get cold feet? In any case, since he had made his decision, he should just go forward with it.

He wanted to say something but finally didn’t know how to bring it up. The last time, Xin Lan had broached the topic and told him that he wanted to get married and felt that it was finally time. Now, Xin Lan hadn’t spoken about it for quite some time. And at the moment, they couldn’t have a big ceremony anyway so the only type of wedding they would have was one in the way the dragon race would celebrate it. But bringing that up … he was too embarrassed to do it.

Xin Lan saw Hua Lin Yu squirm around next to him and faintly raised his brows. “Is something the matter?” He had felt that there was something wrong several times over this day but it had never been as pronounced as right now. He didn’t know what to make of this though.

Hua Lin Yu hurriedly shook his head and got up, turning his back to Xin Lan. “There’s nothing. Anyway … it has gotten late.” With that, he rushed over to the bed and took off his outer robe, wanting to lie down. When he did so, he paused halfway through. What was he getting anxious for? In any case, human ceremony or not, they would still end up a married couple. And it wasn’t like Xin Lan would say no if he asked.

Thinking of that, he glanced over his shoulder, his gaze a little scared. He suddenly seemed to understand how Xin Lan must’ve felt back then. And the worst thing was that he really had said no back then. Xin Lan had probably felt really bad afterward.

Xin Lan’s brows climbed even higher. He finally got up and walked over. Pulling Hua Lin Yu into his arms, he gave him a searching look. “You say it’s nothing but you still look at me like this. Just get out with it.” He reached up and rubbed his cheek, trying to calm down whatever agitation was there.

Hua Lin Yu looked up and his heart started to race. He didn’t know how to say it. But he knew that most likely, Xin Lan didn’t need much of an invitation. After all, he had waited for so long.

Hesitating for just one moment, he finally stood on tiptoes, and reached up, holding onto Xin Lan’s neck and giving him a kiss.

Xin Lan gave a sound of surprise but he did indeed not need much of an invitation. Since Hua Lin Yu was taking the initiative, he naturally wouldn’t reject it. He gently held him, and tilted his head, deepening their kiss.

Usually, after a moment or two like this, Hua Lin Yu would pull back and then pretend that nothing had happened. He was expecting it to be the same this time. But to his surprise, it didn’t happen. Not only did Hua Lin Yu not pull back, he actually raised his other arm as well, holding onto his shoulders.

Xin Lan trembled, a faint guess emerging in his mind. This whole day, Hua Lin Yu had been strange to him. Maybe it wasn’t because there was something wrong but because something was finally right. He didn’t know what had finally triggered this change in him but it was definitely one that he welcomed.

Realizing what was going on, he held him tighter, deepening their kiss first and pushing him toward the bed. He would not let this chance slip away. He had waited for so long, he had worried so much. Now, he finally had the chance to go forward. He could finally make Hua Lin Yu his and gain the future that he wanted. He would be an idiot if he didn’t grasp this tightly in his hands.

Hua Lin Yu’s legs touched the wooden frame of the bed and he just let himself fall, only being held upright by Xin Lan’s arms.

If Xin Lan had still had any kind of doubt, it would’ve been eliminated at this point. He gently lowered him onto the bed, kneeling above him. With a faint smile on his lips, he leaned down to kiss Hua Lin Yu, a glimmer of anticipation in his eyes. For so long, he had suppressed his desire, pretended not to be looking forward to this night. Now, he finally didn’t need to pretend anymore. He could go forward with it. Why would he not be ecstatic?

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