OMF V8C161 A Name from Two Lives

Having had the most pressing question answered, Qiang Yan didn’t want to impose any longer. As soon as they reached the doors of the palace, he bid the two of them goodbye and then left, walking the streets of the capital city alone. In his mind, he went through that fight with Leng Jin Yu again, feeling like it was slightly familiar but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what it reminded him of.

Meanwhile, Leng Jin Yu and Jinde walked inside. They entered one of the rooms that had been left empty before and Jinde closed the doors and windows before he took off the veiled hat and then turned around to his husband.

Leng Jin Yu faintly raised his brows. “Are you angry after all? I really didn’t mean it.”

Jinde shook his head and went over, reaching up to wrap his arms around his neck. “It wasn’t your fault. And in any case, I know that it is difficult to move with my identity being the way it is. In any case, that is also something I wanted to talk about. Qiu Ling’s advisers can arrange an identity for me but my name is a different matter.”

Leng Jin Yu gave a wry smile in response. “Yes, I guess you can’t go by your own name.” This was actually something that bothered him now that it was mentioned. In two lives, he had always gone with his name. To suddenly have to use another one … he wasn’t sure if that was something he wanted to do.

Jinde smiled faintly. “Well, you can always refer to me as your husband or my dear whenever you talk about me or with me but I’m afraid when it comes to introducing me, we won’t have another choice. My appearance is one thing since it can still be explained away. My name though? Together with this, it is impossible.” Naturally, they could make up some story about how his parents had admired the late king and subsequently decided to name him after that person but the dragons wouldn’t like that. Naming your children after the king was generally frowned upon. It wasn’t forbidden or anything but that would just make him even more the talk of the capital city, meaning that this whole matter would become difficult to manage.

Leng Jin Yu could also imagine that so he didn’t try to argue. In any case, not even mentioning that part, there was still the chance that somebody would put two and two together if somebody with Jinde’s appearance used that name. After all, while most people from that time wouldn’t be around any longer, their contact with people like Qiu Ling and Xin Lan might finally expose them. It was better to be safe than sorry.

He sighed and wrapped his arms around Jinde’s waist. “Well, is there any name you would like to go by?”

Jinde put on a troubled expression in return. “Well, to be honest, I’m not sure either. Let me think about it I guess. In any case, we still have a bit of time. Maybe we should also inquire about whether there is something that would go well with the story we’re supposed to tell people. In that case, let’s just go with that. And whenever we can, I’d say we should avoid giving a name.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded even though he couldn’t imagine that that would be working too well. After all, they would be living in the dragon king’s palace. And a lot of people would want to talk to Jinde. For one, there was his appearance that was outstanding, on the other hand, there was still the fact that he had married outside of the race. Even in the capital city where people were more open-minded, that was still something that would raise quite a few eyebrows. So that was something they should expect.

For the time being, there was nothing they could do though. Thus, Leng Jin Yu pushed the thought away and leaned down, giving him a faint kiss. “No matter what, these are all just small setbacks. I am looking forward to our time in the capital city.”

“Oh, are you?” Jinde smiled and pulled him closer, his gaze turning a little ambiguous. “I am as well but then again, no matter where we are, I’m always happy as long as we are together.”

“It’s the same for me but it will still be nice to return there. And I’m sure you are also happy to finally go.”

Even he who grew up in both the dragon realm and in the mortal realm as his home now was happy to go back there just based on those memories he had attained from his past life. To Jinde, the draw of the dragon realm should be even higher.

Jinde did indeed nod when Leng Jin Yu said so. “I would be a liar if I denied it. I really want to see how it looks. And well, having that child is also something I’m looking forward to. Although it’ll likely mean that we will have less time for each other. I guess we should use the bit that we have left over now.” He faintly scratched his husband’s cheek, pulling his head toward him.

Leng Jin Yu just smiled and stopped talking about it, just holding him instead. It was true that when they arrived there, there would be less time for each other. First, they would need to settle down, then there would always be people around them who wanted something, and finally, they would be busy finding the shell, preparing everything for the arrival of the child, and raising it.

Who knew how much time would be left for them as a couple? Maybe it really was for the best to enjoy the time they had left like this. It was certainly something that he also didn’t want to miss out on.

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