OMF V8C160 A Pity He Was Stolen Away

Leng Jin Yu gave a nod in appreciation and then followed Qiang Yan outside to meet with Jinde. The heavenly guard silently followed behind the two of them, wondering if they had done the right thing. Just from the fight he had just seen and from how the God of War treated this person, it was clear that this ascended deity Leng Jin Yu was somebody that should be taken note of. Letting his husband wait for so long outside probably hadn’t been a good move. He really hoped that they hadn’t gotten on his bad side.

Outside, the two guards at the gate were staring Jinde down. The longer the other guard took to come back, the more they felt that there had to be something wrong. But this person still stood there, just waiting.

To be honest, Jinde had also felt long ago that this whole thing was stupid. He really wanted to go back to the palace that they had assigned Qiu Ling and just wait there. The problem was just … these guards were looking at him as if they would pounce on him the next moment. If he just turned around now, it might make him even more suspicious.

Not to mention that he wasn’t sure if he wouldn’t be stopped again later on the way when there wasn’t anyone close by that he could ask for help. As long as his husband or the God of War turned up, it wouldn’t be a problem to get out of this problem here at the God of War’s palace. But somewhere else in the capital city … he was afraid he wouldn’t have such luck. Thus, he stayed put and looked at the palace in dismay.

When Leng Jin Yu finally stepped outside, he winced. Even though Jinde was wearing a veil, he could see that his husband wasn’t happy just from the way he stood. He immediately hurried past the God of War and went up to him, reaching beneath the veil to take Jinde’s hand. “I’m sorry, my dear. The guard actually didn’t tell us what was going on and waited until we had finished the fight. I really didn’t know that you were waiting here.”

Jinde raised his chin, wondering if he should pretend to be angry at him for a bit. Seeing Leng Jin Yu’s expression though, he couldn’t bring himself to do so either. He clicked his tongue and then motioned in the direction of their palace. “I’ll forgive you but you’ll have to make it up to me later on.”

Leng Jin Yu immediately gave a hum. Clearly, his husband wasn’t angry despite waiting for so long. He couldn’t help but worry though. “Are you alright though? Do you want to sit down somewhere?” Even though Jinde looked as if he was alright, after standing here for such a long time, who knew if he wasn’t tired?

Jinde gave him an annoyed look in return. “I’m a healthy person. Why wouldn’t I be able to stand for an hour?” He turned away before his husband could fuss over him anymore and turned to the God of War instead. “God of War, I’m afraid we’ve let you see something embarrassing.”

Qiang Yan deeply felt that what Jinde just said wasn’t something that he actually meant. Clearly, this person didn’t mind displaying his affection in front of others. He, on the other hand … “I’m afraid it’s me who owes you an apology. My people actually made you wait outside like this. I should’ve made sure that they let you in. Well, let me bring you back.”

Jinde gave a hum and the group of three walked away, making the heavenly guards gawk at their backs. They exchanged a glance and then waited for Qiang Yan and the other two to be out of earshot before they huddled together to talk.

Neither of them knew who this ascended deity Leng Jin Yu was and since Jinde had never left his name, they didn’t have a clue about who he might be either. This really left them in a strange situation. Just what was the relationship between the three people? It was maddening not to know.

On the other hand, Jinde put this matter of having to wait outside behind him as soon as he left. Instead, he grabbed his husband’s arm, sidling up to him. “Well, my dear, we left now, why don’t you tell me how things went? Were you able to win?”

Leng Jin Yu looked at him, his gaze turning indulgent. “You really think of me too well. If I was able to defeat the God of War, that would really be a miracle.”

Jinde gave a faint huff as if he saw this differently but with a glance at Qiang Yan, he finally held back the words that were at the tip of his tongue. He really didn’t need to make matters worse.

Qiang Yan was still able to perceive his disdain and actually felt a bit attacked this time. He hurried up his steps, walking on Leng Jin Yu’s other side. “Well, not to disturb this world of two that you’ve created here, but I’m quite curious how you progressed so much in such little time. When we had our last fight, you really weren’t bad but it wasn’t to this degree.”

Leng Jin Yu pondered for a moment, not quite sure if he really wanted to express the matter with regaining Chun Yin’s memories. In the end, he skirted a little around the topic. “I think there are many things that are coming together. For one, back then, I hadn’t been in the Nine Heavens for long and also hadn’t ascended too long before so my grasp on the strength of the immortal races was off. I also didn’t have full control over my own power. Since then, these things have changed. Also, with Jinde being healed now, I have somebody to spar with every now and then. That has definitely benefited me greatly.”

Qiang Yan nodded, feeling that this made sense. In any case, such a matter of regaining one’s memories from a past life wasn’t something that happened often even in the immortal races. Thus, he didn’t even think of such a possibility and just figured that there should also be a big portion of talent involved. No wonder that he had originally had his eyes on him as a possible new member addition for his own Palace of War. What a pity that he had been stolen away by the dragon race.

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