OMF V8C159 Quite the Change

Qiang Yan and Leng Jin Yu naturally noticed that somebody had come in and was standing to the side. But since the person didn’t say anything and just quietly stood there, they didn’t feel like this was something they should be worried about. After all, neither did the person attack nor did they show that they were anxious, making it seem as if this matter shouldn’t be anything urgent. As such, they didn’t stop their fight and just continued.

Leng Jin Yu was happy to finally get an opportunity to gauge his real level. To be honest, he wasn’t quite sure how to feel about it. On the one hand, he was glad to see that he had obviously made some progress just like he had thought. On the other hand, he still wasn’t satisfied.

He didn’t know how Qiang Yan compared to Jin Ling but just the difference in age alone would likely translate into a difference in strength. It might not be as exaggerated as with Qiu Ling but it still meant that he would be a hindrance to Jinde in case the demon king turned up. That was especially the case since Jin Ling also had the dark energy at his disposal.

If he had still been a full-blooded dragon whose biggest advantage was the fact that he couldn’t easily be injured, then there still would’ve been a chance to defend himself and just wait matters out. But as a human fighting against a demon, that wasn’t an option. He either needed to injure him fast enough so he wouldn’t be able to fight any longer or he would be in for a rude awakening.

While Leng Jin Yu actually was grappling with the fact that he wasn’t strong enough yet, Qiang Yan was even more stunned the longer the fight went on. How had this person made this much progress?

He would’ve expected that a couple of years here — which meant a thousand years over there after all — would make a difference but he wouldn’t have thought that it was this much. After all, Leng Jin Yu had clearly lived several hundreds of millennia in the mortal realm even before ascending. So how come the difference was this exaggerated? And he felt like the longer he fought with him, the better Leng Jin Yu was doing as if part of the reason he wasn’t able to keep up at first was because he just wasn’t used to this. It was actually freaking him out a little and he wasn’t somebody that would easily do so.

Another hour went by and finally, the two of them jumped back.

Leng Jin Yu lowered his weapon. He looked at the God of War and then raised his hand, looking at the weapon he was holding and especially the hand that was doing so. It was unnatural but he sometimes felt like there was something lacking which was probably the fact that he didn’t have the claws from his previous life anymore. After remembering that, it was a bit difficult to get used to the idea. In this life, he had never had them but Chun Yin had really liked using his. So it was difficult to get rid of that notion.

He sighed and then put his sword away, clasping his hands, and inclining his head. “Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. I’ve really been looking forward to this.”

Qiang Yan also put away is his sword and then rubbed his neck. “Well, what can I say? This was quite the surprise in more than just one way.” Not to mention the fact that his personality seemed to have undergone a slight change, this change was really the biggest one. He would’ve liked to ask but looking to the side, he felt that it wasn’t the right moment yet. After all, who knew if Leng Jin Yu’s change didn’t have something to do with that husband of his?

Qiang Yan motioned to the heavenly guard that was still standing there. “What’s the matter?”

The guard was startled and then hurriedly straightened up. “Ah, a visitor came and was asking about some ascended deity that came to see the God of War. He didn’t want to state his name so we had him wait and came to make sure first.”

Qiang Yan’s lips twitched. This person … that was clearly Jinde. To think that that person had been made to wait outside for a rather long time … This was awkward. He cleared his throat and gave Leng Jin Yu an apologetic look. “I’m sorry. I probably should’ve told the guards at the gate that your husband might come by later.”

Leng Jin Yu faintly shook his head. “It’s alright. In any case, I would’ve thought he would stay with Qiu Ling. It’s a pity he couldn’t see me fight though.”

He smiled, making Qiang Yan doubt himself a little. Was this really still the same person he had met those couple of years ago? He seemed to be not just a bit different. He was really dying to find out everything about that but now he couldn’t ask. “Well, should we ask him in or do you want to go outside? You got what you wanted after all. Or is there something else you want to ask for?”

Leng Jin Yu hurriedly shook his head. “I wouldn’t want to impose any further. This was already quite presumptuous of me.”

Qiang Yan felt like this was much more like him and nodded. “I don’t mind though. In fact, if you want to give it another go, just tell me. To be honest, I am looking a bit forward to it.” If Leng Jin Yu could make this kind of progress in the mortal realm, then he was quite happy to see what would happen when he had spent some time in the dragon realm. “Well, I’ll go out with you.” In any case, walking around with Jinde looking like that wouldn’t be easy either. Having him around would make people question less.

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