OMF V8C158 A Person Who Wouldn’t Show Their Face

Outside the palace, Jinde wanted to make his way back to the God of War’s palace. As soon as he turned, An Bai stepped forward. “This … Do you want me to accompany you?”

Jinde raised his brows, not quite sure what this was about. Finally, he just motioned down the path. Whatever the reason, this person was Qiu Ling’s adviser and knew about his identity anyway. There was no reason to refuse.

Qiang Wei looked from one person to the other and couldn’t help but speak up. “That … An Bai, what about your task?”

An Bai looked back, a little conflicted. He didn’t think that it was a good idea to let this person roam around alone but it was also true that there was still a task at hand. Although … His Majesty was currently there. It probably shouldn’t cause any trouble.

While he was still battling with himself, Jinde gave a faint laugh. “Well, that task is important. In any case, I think that I do remember the way to the God of War’s palace. So don’t worry about it. Also, your king knows where I’m going.” He nodded at the two of them and then turned, leaving.

An Bai looked after him, his expression a little frustrated. He knew that this was something that he couldn’t do much about but he still felt that he was somehow failing his king.

Qiang Wei looked at him, some concern written in his expression. “An Bai, that person, who is he?” He hadn’t recognized the voice and with the person hiding their figure so closely, it was difficult to say anything else about him.

An Bai looked at him, not sure what to say. It probably wouldn’t be a problem to tell him but that really wasn’t his information to give. Either that person told him himself or their king decided that it was time for him to know. As for him, he could only shake his head and sigh.

While An Bai was still feeling tangled, Jinde was actually in a pretty good mood. He was getting a couple of strange looks for his get-up but nobody approached him. Clearly, people weren’t curious enough to find out his identity. This wasn’t bad.

In this way, he finally made it to the Palace of War. Unfortunately, at this time, he did run into a small problem.

The guards at the door narrowed their eyes, feeling that this person who wouldn’t even show their face was quite suspicious. Needless to say, they wouldn’t just let him in.

Jinde gave a wry smile and pondered what to do. In any case, he just wanted to take a short look. And then, they could probably return to the palace that Qiu Ling had been given, spending their time there without needing to worry about anyone else. But getting in was still a problem. In the end, he could only try the roundabout way. “Please excuse me, I was told that my husband had come here to see the God of War. He is an ascended deity named Leng Jin Yu. Might you be able to tell me if this is true?”

The guards exchanged a look. Leng Jin Yu had not just come by but he had come here together with the God of War. Unfortunately, they didn’t really know who he was. So they only knew that the God of War had brought some ascended deity over judging by the way that person had looked. As for whether it was the one that this person was looking for … who could say for sure?

“And you are?” In any case, they should first make sure who this person was.

Jinde was naturally put on the spot. Now, he really regretted not having taken An Bai with him. Compared to his husband who had only spent some time in the courtyard of the idle gods and wasn’t well-known in the Nine Heavens, An Bai should have accompanied Qiu Ling several times and was now also working with people in the Nine Heavens. Even if he couldn’t be called famous, he was still a well-known figure of the dragon race. Being brought over by somebody like this would have made any questions about his identity superfluous.

Now though, he could only sigh. “His husband. Now, might I trouble you to send somebody and inquire whether he is there? I really don’t want anything else.” He stood there, not making the slightest indication that he wanted to move from the spot.

The guards still weren’t quite happy but they still waved for somebody to go in and inquire.

At this time, Qiang Yan and Leng Jin Yu were still locked in their fight. So for somebody to ask about whether there was some ascended deity that had come to visit … it really wasn’t the right moment.

The heavenly guard that had been sent in stood at the side, not quite sure what to do, and thus could only look on, wanting to wait for the two of them to finish. The longer he looked though, the stranger he felt. This fight … seemed astoundingly even.

If it was one of them going up against the God of War, they would be beaten mercilessly. But in this case, the God of War did not seem to hold back much, and still, the other person was able to hold his ground. Well, he was still at a bit of a disadvantage but it wasn’t so much that he wasn’t able to at least keep defending. And every now and then, he was even able to make an attack that almost connected. It was really haunting to watch.

The guard stared with wide eyes, even less sure what to do now. This was definitely the kind of fight that couldn’t just be interrupted. If he did, he would really feel like a traitor. After all, how often did the God of War get somebody he could spar with this evenly? Save for those heavenly generals, there probably weren’t many people around who would be able to give him that. How could he as his subordinate barge in for some person who wouldn’t even show their face?

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