OMF V8C157 Just a Mixup

The two of them exchanged a glance, a little alarmed. Thankfully, Jinde was still wearing the veil so his face couldn’t be seen. Meeting people still made him a little nervous.

The person that finally came in was the Heavenly Emperor of all people and his expression didn’t look too good. He took one glance at Qiu Ling who was still sitting on the edge of the bed and then turned to stare at Jinde. “I see that Longjun brought a stranger over to my son’s palace.”

Behind the veil, Jinde narrowed his eyes. Qiu Ling had told him before that his relationship with the Heavenly Emperor wasn’t necessarily the best but seeing this kind of attitude, he still felt a bit unhappy. In any case, this person over there had been a little child when he supposedly died so, in his eyes, he couldn’t even be compared to Qiu Ling who had already been an adult back then.

Not to mention the fact that he had probably acceded to the throne much later as well. So whether it was in terms of seniority based on their age or their reign, he really felt that this Tianjun was a bit too insolent toward his stepson. Well, maybe he was a little biased.

Considering that his identity shouldn’t be revealed, Jinde didn’t say anything though, and instead turned to Qiu Ling to handle the situation.

Qiu Ling’s expression was still rather serene. “Oh, father-in-law, you’re seeing it wrong. I just came to see Jing He as usual and coincidentally brought a person along. You don’t have to worry. In any case, with me here, how could anything happen to Jing He?”

The Heavenly Emperor didn’t seem to be happy though. “From what I know, this isn’t even the first time Longjun has been running over here today. Are you sure that there isn’t some kind of nefarious thing going on instead? Just who is this person? Not even showing their face, I’m afraid that there is really something more behind this. You wouldn’t have brought that ascended deity over, would you?!”

The Heavenly Emperor was getting louder, making it quite clear that this wouldn’t be a civilized discussion. Before his stepson could do anything wrong, Jinde figured that it might be better to step in after all.

He reached out to where the sides of the veil overlapped, exposing just a bit of his claws, and gave a chuckle. “Tianjun need not worry, this one is of the dragon race, definitely not an ascended deity. But in any case, if I’m not welcome here, then I should better go. In any case, my husband should still be at the God of War’s palace. I will go and see how they are doing.” He inclined his head toward Qiu Ling as if he really was just one of his subjects and then turned on his heels, swaggering out without giving the Heavenly Emperor another glance. This type of old-looking child? Ah, he couldn’t be bothered!

Qiu Ling’s gaze followed Jinde and he couldn’t help but feel that when it came to dealing with troublesome people, he might be able to learn a thing or two from him. Just look at his father-in-law’s face! He was clearly angered to death.

Well, considering that this was still his beloved’s father, he still felt that he should probably be a little kinder. Realizing this, he got up and motioned for the Heavenly Emperor to take a seat while he stood close by. “You really don’t need to worry. He is … related to one of my advisers so not quite a stranger.

“His husband happens to be an ascended deity though. I believe that you know that person. His name is Leng Jin Yu. He is the one that was sent down to the mortal realm to help with bringing Jing He’s trial back on track. I met him there and I seem to have inadvertently had something to do with matchmaking these two. In any case, if you feel the need to make sure that I’m not lying to you, you can go and verify most of this with your brother-in-law. He should know everything save for their personal history maybe.”

The Heavenly Emperor squinted at him, feeling that the dragon king was a little too forthcoming with this. There had to be something wrong! “Why bring him over then?”

Qiu Ling just faintly raised his brows. “Why bring him over? Well, the person he is related to would be Yi Zan who is usually stationed here to keep an eye on things and make sure that the demons won’t cause any trouble.

“Originally, I wanted to bring him over so the two of them could meet. After all, Yi Zan is one of my most trusted advisers. Unfortunately, there was some kind of mixup. The one here right now instead of Yi Zan is An Bai. So … things didn’t turn out quite as intended. It felt a bit wrong to just send him back since it was my fault for not remembering so I let him stay for a moment. In that kind of situation, what would you have wanted me to do?”

The Heavenly Emperor gave a huff. There really wasn’t anything in that story that he could say was wrong but he still wasn’t happy. In any case, his beloved son shouldn’t be disturbed like this. “Coming over here all the time, is it really necessary?”

This time, Qiu Ling just quietly looked at the Heavenly Emperor. “Father-in-law, do you want to tell me that you are here any less than me? I’m sure that all of us are looking forward to the day that Jing He can wake up.”

The Heavenly Emperor couldn’t help but think back to what he had seen of Qiu Ling’s visits here before and actually felt a bit better inside. Still, he was mostly angry at this guy. “Why would you care? In any case, weren’t you quite close to that ascended deity? What do you care for Jing He anymore?”

Qiu Ling looked at Jing He’s face instead of the Heavenly Emperor and sighed. This matter, it was Jing He that he needed to explain to, not anybody else. “That matter … is a bit more complicated than that, isn’t it? They share the same soul, they share the same memories. I just cannot bring myself to not treat him well. I would not want for Jing He to remember that.”

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