OMF V8C156 You Didn’t Exaggerate

Back in the Nine Heavens, Qiu Ling and Jinde arrived at Jing He’s palace, almost giving An Bai a heart attack when he saw the veiled figure behind Qiu Ling. He really didn’t understand his king.

How could he just bring this person out openly? Since his identity needed to be kept hidden, wouldn’t it be much better to meet him outside with Yi Zan? Why was this person suddenly here? Even though there were about a million questions in his mind, he still silently followed Qiang Wei outside, just showing a hint of his nervousness.

Qiang Wei gave him a confused look but when An Bai didn’t say anything, he also didn’t press it. Among His Majesty’s advisers, he had the best relationship with Yi Zan. Even though his relationship with the others wasn’t bad, he also wasn’t that close to An Bai that he would dare to inquire too much into his matters. Who knew what was going through his mind right now? It seemed better not to pry.

Inside, Qiu Ling and Jinde stood on the spot for a moment, not going any closer. Qiu Ling had this same feeling of helplessness that always overcame him when he saw Jing He like this and didn’t dare to.

On the other hand, Jinde took a long look at Jing He, smiling faintly. “Ah, I see you weren’t exaggerating. He really is that type of beauty.”

Qiu Ling gave him a piqued look. Naturally, he hadn’t been lying. “In all the immortal and mortal realms, my beloved is naturally the most beautiful.”

Jinde turned to look at him, a smile hidden behind the veil. “I’m sure that back in the day, your father said the same.”

Qiu Ling gave a huff and then walked over to the bed, sitting down at the edge and taking Jing He’s hand again. “It’s been a long time since the start of his trial. I know it is my own fault and I probably have no right to complain but I really do miss him.” In theory, it was the same soul whether it was Jing He or Jing Yi but it still wasn’t the same to him. That was something that he had to admit to.

Jinde stood next to him and nodded. That feeling … he could understand. Back when he came to the mortal realm, he had already known that there wasn’t a chance to ever see Chun Yin again. He had had long made his peace with the fact that the man he would finally meet would be somebody else. Because of that, it hadn’t been difficult when he met Leng Jin Yu. But for Qiu Ling, there was always the question of who to be with because there was still a choice to be made.

He finally reached out and patted his shoulder. “I’m sure that everyone is doing their best to solve the situation. It’s not necessarily your strong suit so you can only let them do their work and wait. You just take care of your own task.”

Qiu Ling nodded, feeling that this really was the only thing he could do. It was just that with being in the Nine Heavens, thoughts of Jing He were a little too close.

Jinde could imagine what was going through his mind. “I’m sorry that I’m not able to be of bigger help. Even though I have taken quite a bit of time to learn about souls, the trials of the gods still aren’t something that I know much of. I’m afraid that I can’t come up with a solution either.”

Qiu Ling looked up to him, showing a rare smile. “I didn’t expect you to.” In any case, he had only brought him here because Jinde had asked to see Jing He. And this person … to him, he was his family. Naturally, he wanted them to meet.

Even more so, he wanted Jinde to meet Jing He — or rather the two of them to meet each other — when Jing He was awake again. But that was something that he couldn’t rush. Just like with everything else right now, he could only wait for things to happen naturally. Then, there wouldn’t be any questions anymore about whether it could be done or not. Two of them could even sit down and have a chat.

He somehow felt that they should get along very well. Jing He was the type of polite person that was able to get along with pretty much everyone and he did hold the older generation in high regard. On the other hand, Jinde was somebody who wasn’t too formal with people that he knew well. So most likely, after some confusion at first, these two would get along rather well. Jinde might even be able to make Jing He open up a little. It would be nice.

In regard to opening up … He turned to look at Jinde, his expression slightly unnatural. “That child of yours …”

Jinde’s eyes widened but he finally didn’t say anything and just looked at him.

“I mean, since matters are being organized now, how long do you think it will be until then?”

Jinde looked from Qiu Ling to Jing He and back again. “You are asking because of the trial. Because you feel that you can’t leave before the end of it so you won’t be around.”

Qiu Ling nodded. “I guess I don’t need to be around but … I guess this is a pretty big moment for the two of you. I thought maybe you … would like me around.”

Jinde gave him a long look, not quite sure how to answer. Once upon a time, he had hoped that there would be a day when he could have the type of family where something like this was possible. A day when Chun Yin wasn’t bound Biao Han anymore, when Jin Ling would have returned to being that obedient child that wasn’t led astray by Jian Heng, when he and his lover could be together and have a child while the older two actually got along for once.

In the end, Chun Yin had died, reconciliation with Jin Ling was pretty much out of the question, and Qiu Ling was trapped here for the time being. Even though he could have a child with his current lover, things really weren’t as he had imagined.

He sighed and shook his head. “I wish you could be there too but I’m afraid it might be a bit difficult. But we’ll see. In any case, so far, we haven’t even prepared everything. So don’t think too much. We’ll know more in a few days.”

Qiu Ling nodded but just when he wanted to speak up again, there was the sound of footsteps outside, interrupting them.

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