OMF V8C155 Turn It Into Something Else

Seeing Hua Lin Yu’s expression, Wu Ya actually felt a bit bad. Had he been too direct just now? This child seemed to be young. Even though he had a fiance, he probably wasn’t ready to face this kind of thing. He should have taken that into consideration.

Xin Lan finally followed them over and pulled Hua Lin Yu into his arms. “I could fight for you if you want me to but I’m afraid nobody would want to give it a try.”

Hua Lin Yu’s cheeks reddened further and he hurriedly shook his head. Clasping Xin Lan’s robe, he turned in the other direction. “I think I’ve seen enough here. Why don’t we go somewhere else?”

Xin Lan chuckled, put in a good mood by Hua Lin Yu’s current display. In fact, he really was happy. Even if this child still had some trouble accepting his feelings, that didn’t mean that there wasn’t a chance. Just look at him now! If he wasn’t reacting this way because of his feelings for him, then what might be the reason? Surely, he didn’t need to worry.

Being happy like this, he naturally would’ve liked to enjoy it a bit more but he also didn’t want to torture his beloved. Thus, he motioned at Wu Ya. “Let’s go somewhere where it’s a bit quieter. This whole day, we haven’t really taken a break save for that short visit to your king’s palace. How about going to one of those restaurants? If I remember right, they should have some nice shows on display there as well.”

Wu Ya hurriedly nodded, happy that he was given an out of the situation. He turned on his heels and then rushed forward, actually making it a bit difficult to keep up.

Xin Lan clicked his tongue, grabbed Hua Lin Yu around the waist, and then sped up further, catching up to Wu Ya in a heartbeat. “Was my suggestion so bad that you need to run away? Slow down a bit.”

Wu Ya realized that Hua Lin Yu couldn’t quite keep up and hastily slowed down. “Sure, sure.” Looking around, they actually weren’t that far away from the destination he had thought of. “From what I remember, one of the restaurants up ahead is quite well known. Let’s go there. I’m sure you’ll like it.”

Xin Lan nodded, feeling that it was just right to go to a special place with his fiance.

Hua Lin Yu continued to use the opportunity to look around, feeling that he never knew when he would get the opportunity again. Thus, he wanted to make sure that he made use of this opportunity well.

Soon enough, the three of them had arrived in front of the doors of a large building. In fact, looking from the outside, Hua Lin Yu felt that this place was not much smaller than the spirit beasts’ king’s palace. He could hardly imagine that this place was only a restaurant. But maybe it was just like with the streets: the spiritual beasts just liked having space. Thus, he didn’t wonder about it any further and just followed Xin Lan and Wu Ya inside.

Like most of the buildings here, it was rounder than those he knew from the mortal and the dragon realm, the rooms being arranged in a circular fashion with just one big courtyard in the middle.

As soon as they walked in, he realized that almost the whole courtyard had been transformed into a stage. Right now, several actors in bright clothes were on top, clearly putting on a show. At first glance, it looked as if they were fighting ferociously but it was clearly just a mock fight if you looked a little closer.

Hua Lin Yu still curiously looked on until Xin Lan pulled him to the side, bringing him over to one of the tables that had been arranged around the stage. The two of them sat down, watching the spectacle in the middle while Wu Ya rushed off to get somebody to bring them food.

Xin Lan put his arm around Hua Lin Yu’s shoulder, making sure that it was unmistakable that this use was his person and should not be approached anyone who knew what was good for them.

Seeing him watch the act on the stage with rapt attention, Xin Lan brushed through his hair. “If you want to, we can stay here for a few weeks even. There are usually a few acts being shown in the bigger establishments. Seeing all of them would take some time but it’s not too much. Also, they can help you get a better understanding of the spirit beast tribe.”

Hua Lin Yu looked up, a little surprised, but finally nodded. “Well, I wouldn’t mind.” In any case, so far, things had been interesting but they had been traveling around pretty much every day without stop. If they didn’t cover a lot of distance from one place to the other, they would be walking around a town or a city, looking at everything that was to see there. To just sit down like this and enjoy themselves … they hadn’t done much of that. And right now, he felt like it would be better if they did. After all …

He glanced at Xin Lan and his cheeks reddened once again. Before, when they had stood outside of that arena, he hadn’t been able to help himself but think that maybe he was really hesitating much too long.

He liked Xin Lan. He really did. So why wait any longer? Since they were here and there was the opportunity, why not just go ahead and turn that status of being his fiance into something else? Something more?

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