OMF V8C153 A Fine Line Not to Be Crossed

Needless to say, Xin Lan was exactly right with his assumption. When Wu Ya walked into the throne room together with a dragon and a human following behind, the beast king’s facial expression first turned blank and then became strained.

A human was something that wasn’t that strange and also something that they had just experienced meeting when Leng Jin Yu went to collect the materials to save Ma Zhi Wu back then, but a dragon was a different matter.

And that was especially true for the kind of dragon that Xin Lan was. Most of the spiritual beasts might not be able to recognize him but the king of the spirit beast tribe was different. He looked at Wu Ya, feeling the need to strangle this guy alive. “Wu Ya, what a surprise! And I see you brought guests with you.”

Wu Ya nodded, clearly not understanding the mood his king was currently in. “Yes, these are Xin Lan and his fiance, Hua Lin Yu. The two of them are traveling through our territory right now. I agreed to show them around for a bit.”

“How nice of you.” It was pretty obvious that he was gnashing his teeth while he said so before he finally turned to Xin Lan and Hua Lin Yu, trying to show a better expression. “Wu Ya can be a bit dense every now and then. I hope he hasn’t made any trouble for you.”

Xin Lan brought Hua Lin Yu forward to sit down and then leaned back, giving the king a mocking smile. “Oh, I don’t think he would make trouble for us.” Whether he made trouble for others … well, this king certainly knew best about that.

The king shot Wu Ya another look, really feeling that he hadn’t done him any favors. Unfortunately, he couldn’t say that right now. Thus, he just ignored him and focused on the person that was truly important right now. “If I remember correctly, then you should be that senior Xin Lan of the dragon race. I wonder what exactly you came to our spirit beasts’ territory for? You wouldn’t be traveling under the orders of the dragon king, would you?”

Xin Lan gave a long hum as if he really had to ponder that question. Next to him, Hua Lin Yu was looking utterly confused. He didn’t understand the current situation too well. Clearly, Xin Lan had just been traveling with him because they wanted to. There was nothing more to that. So why was he taking so long to answer? He would’ve liked to ask but he felt that it would be better not to get involved.

The spirit beasts’ king was a little on edge but he also didn’t dare to hurry him to answer. If he really was traveling under the orders of the dragon king, then the relationship that had just gotten a little better again might worsen once more.

Finally, Xin Lan felt like he had appreciated that guy’s concerned look enough and shook his head. “No, I’m not. As Wu Ya just said, I am merely traveling around with my fiance. Take it as us amusing ourselves.” He reached out and twirled a strand of Hua Lin Yu’s black hair around his finger, turning to gaze at him.

The spirit beasts’ king just needed to take one look and he realized what was going on. The dragons were really particular when it came to their partners. What he had in front of him was probably just another case of one of them spoiling the one they loved. So as long as they treated this human well, Xin Lan wouldn’t make trouble.

Realizing this, he actually heaved a sigh of relief. “So it was like this. Well, I’m sure that Wu Ya will be able to show you around quite well. Among our spirit beast tribe’s people, he is definitely one of those who know the most about our territory. I’m sure that you will be left satisfied.”

Xin Lan gave a hum. “Well, so far, I think he did quite well. What do you think?” He smiled at Hua Lin Yu, happy with the way that the spirit beasts’ king had caught on immediately. This was precisely how it should be. The fact that his relationship was accepted this easily … it put him in quite the good mood.

Hua Lin Yu was a little startled when he was suddenly asked but he still nodded. “Yes, he really knows a lot of places. And he explained a lot of things to me.”

The spirit beasts’ king nodded, already being in a better mood as well. “Well done, Wu Ya. You should continue with that then. Well, do you want to stay in the capital city for a few days?” He smiled kindly at Hua Lin Yu but made sure that it didn’t seem flirty.

There was a very fine line between making a dragon happy by catering to their partner and making them jealous by being too accommodating. Now, he could only try to seem like a nice uncle. In any case, this fiance of Xin Lan’s looked quite young so he had an easy easier time doing that.

Hua Lin Yu immediately nodded. “If it’s not making any trouble, then I think I would really like to. I saw that the capital city is different to that of the dragon or the human realm so I’m interested in seeing more.”

“Is that so? Well, I will have my servants prepare a room for the two of you then. You can naturally stay in the palace. If there’s anything you need, just tell the servants. I and Wu Ya can stay here as well. So it will be more convenient for you to have him show you around.” Saying so, he waved for one of the servants and indicated for them to go and do as he had said, hoping to get these two out of his sight as soon as he could.

The less time they spent with each other, the less could go wrong. In this kind of situation, that would definitely be a good thing. Some guests were still best when they stayed in their own room or moved about far from the host.

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