IRL C79 That’s Him!

Mo Ju An’s expression on the other side of the carriage turned queer. While her father might not tell her much, she at least knew that their family and the Wang family weren’t really getting along well. She wanted to speak up but Liangqiu Huang already nodded slowly.

“You’re right. That is an idea. With both families working together, we might have an easier time finding the one who did it. His house should be …”

Ao Jing pretended to ponder and then pointed to one of the side streets which was exactly the one where Shangguan Yu had dropped the servant. “I believe it’s right on the other side. Why don’t we go through there?”

Liangqiu Huang nodded and then leaned out of the window, instructing the servant in the front.

The carriage turned around and then they headed forward. Ao Jing leaned back, barely holding back a sigh of relief. It seemed that the crisis had been averted. For now, this didn’t mean that they had solved the problem though. They still needed to make it to merchant Wang’s study in time.

Mo Ju An furrowed her brows and finally couldn’t help but try to speak up again. “Mister Liangqiu, did you just say that merchant —”

“Young Master Liangqiu!” The carriage stopped abruptly and the servant came over to the window, interrupting Mo Ju An’s words. “I’m sorry for disturbing you but there’s a man lying on the street. What should we do?”

Liangqiu Huang furrowed his brows, not at all happy with this. “Just push him aside and then go and notify the yamen later on. There shouldn’t be any drunkards lying on the street in the middle of the day.”

The servant put on a difficult expression but still nodded.

Ao Jing leaned over, raising his brows at him. “Your expression isn’t quite right. Is there something else with him?”

The servant glanced at Liangqiu Huang who nodded for him to speak. “Well, he seems to be the servant of some family when judging from his clothes.”

Ao Jing turned to look at Liangqiu Huang and struck while the iron was hot. “If he’s a servant, he should be from one of the families around here. Maybe he’s even from merchant Wang’s family. Since he helped you before, maybe we should at least take a look at him and see if he’s hurt.”

Liangqiu Huang only hesitated for a moment before he nodded and then got off the carriage together with Ao Jing. Zhou Ming hesitated for a moment but then rushed after them, not wanting to miss out on the fun.

Following the servant over, Liangqiu Huang reached the man on the ground and turned him around. Seeing his face, his eyes widened and he raised his brows. “This is indeed merchant Wang’s servant. Why is he lying here?” Taking a look, he noticed that there was a dark spot on his neck as if he had been struck unconscious. This was … quite concerning.

Ao Jing leaned down, his expression seemingly pensive. “This doesn’t look good. Maybe … something happened at merchant Wang’s house?” While he said so, he hurriedly opened the chat window and typed a few words: [Have a servant call us in.]

Shangguan Yu on top of the roof was startled and fell down to the ground. He groaned and cursed out loud before rushing out of the courtyard, making sure he wouldn’t be seen. He grabbed the nearest servant girl that he could find, completely out of breath. “You! Merchant Wang … he just said there’s … an important guest coming. Some Mister … Liangqiu. You go and … receive him. Tell him … No, bring him over to … the study.”

The girl panicked at the sudden interruption and hurriedly nodded without taking a closer look at him. She just turned around and rushed toward the entrance. Shangguan Yu heaved a sigh of relief, jumped onto the next building, and then rushed away in the other direction so he wouldn’t be caught.

Meanwhile, Liangqiu Huang had their servant pick up merchant Wang’s servant to bring him over to the estate and inquire about what was going on. Before they did so though, Ao Jing suddenly reached out and touched his arm.

“Wait.” While it was important to catch merchant Wang write the letter, they didn’t know what was in there. In case it had nothing to do with this task after all, they needed another way to make Liangqiu Huang realize what was going on. “We should at least tell Young Lady Mo what happened. If this takes some time, she would be worried.”

Liangqiu Huang glanced at the carriage and then nodded. Right. He couldn’t just leave his brother’s fiancee here like this without an explanation. He went back to the carriage, faintly knocking on the door. “Young Lady Mo, it is indeed a servant. We intend to bring him back to the family he works for and see if something happened there. It might take some time.”

Mo Ju An pulled the curtain aside and slightly furrowed her brows. “Young Master Liangqiu, do you want us to just wait here?”

Liangqiu Huang wanted to affirm but Ao Jing used that moment to come over. He also waved at the servant to bring the unconscious man over.

“I don’t know if that would be a good idea, Young Master Liangqiu. If something did indeed happen there, then Young Lady Mo might be in danger here. Just imagine if it was a band of robbers and they tried to take her hostage.”

Liangqiu Huang didn’t feel like that was really a likely scenario.

Before he could reject the idea, Ao Jing pointed at the servant. “Just look at him! He was obviously struck down. That’s not normal.”

Mo Ju An looked out of the window and even the servant girl couldn’t help but take a glance. Her expression changed when she saw the unconscious man.

“Ah? That … Young Lady, Young Master Liangqiu, that’s him! That’s the man that came to the backdoor that day!”

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