OMF V8C152 Meeting Some King

With focusing on the path ahead of them, the group of three made quite some progress over the day. Soon enough, they actually reached the capital city of the spirit beasts’ territory.

Hua Lin Yu looked around curiously, trying to spot all of the differences there were between the places he had already seen by now. Between the human realm and the dragon realm, there hadn’t been that many. At most, there had been a few details that were different. Now in the spirit beasts’ territory, things were slightly different. The style of the buildings was actually different from most places save for some buildings here and there. He also felt like there was more space around them.

Seeing Hua Lin Yu stare at one of the streets leading away from the main road, Xin Lan raised his brows. “What’s the matter?”

Hua Lin Yu looked back at him and then motioned over there. “Everything seems so … big.”

Xin Lan looked over and nodded, not that surprised. “That is something that you actually see quite often not only here but also in the dragon and demon realms. Because we have another form that takes up more space, places will often be built this way.”

Hua Lin Yu didn’t quite know what to make of this. “I didn’t have that feeling in the dragon realm’s capital city at all.”

Xin Lan brushed through his hair, giving a hum. “It was different back in the day. Over time, the city was rebuilt several times. In the end, the buildings became bigger and the streets between them, as well as the squares throughout the city, became smaller conversely. In the spirit beast tribe’s territory, things are different. The war with the demons never took place here so a lot of this is just the way it was hundreds or thousands of years ago.”

There was something in his eyes as if he was thinking back to that time. And clearly, there was a bit of attachment there. Although … Hua Lin Yu had a hard time telling whether Xin Lan was happy or not. And right now, he didn’t dare to ask. Who knew what the answer would be?

Xin Lan continued to remember those times for a bit before he finally shook his head at himself. In any case, that had been long ago. “When we return to the dragon realm in the future, we should take a look at some of the oldest cities and villages that have survived. You’ll see that it isn’t any different there. In fact, even some that were rebuilt later on haven’t had such changes. Since they were smaller, they could be rebuilt differently.”

“Oh. I guess that would really be interesting.” In fact, he could have found out about these things back then, if they hadn’t stayed in the capital city but really traveled around. Right now, he regretted that. Not only had that been the reason for his meeting Bai Mu and becoming so attached, but he had also missed out on other things because of that. Really, staying in the capital city hadn’t been a good idea.

Seeing that he had thought of Bai Mu again, he hastily shook his head and clung to Xin Lan. “In any case, it’s nice to see this. I feel like no matter where we go, with everything I see, I understand a bit more.”

Xin Lan smiled at that and leaned down to kiss him. “You are naturally the smartest.”

Hua Lin Yu laughed. Clearly, Xin Lan was just pacifying him. But that was alright. He liked being pacified by him.

On the other hand, Wu Ya had patiently waited for them and only now waved for them to follow him when they finished with their sweet-talking. “Come on then. I will bring you over to the palace. You can meet the king if you want to.”

Hua Lin Yu’s eyes went round when he heard that. Well, he had also met the dragon king but that felt a bit different because there was some connection between him and Xin Lan. Meeting the king of the spirit beast tribe was different. Thus, he hastily tugged at Xin Lan’s arm, clearly eager to do so.

Xin Lan raised his brows, but then followed along without another word. In any case, while he wasn’t able to understand this fascination with meeting some king, as long as his lover was happy, it was enough for him.

Inwardly, he couldn’t help but think about what Hua Lin Yu had just said before. Learning more … This was in sharp contrast to how Xiang Yu had been. The fallen gods had access to pretty much all knowledge through the Mark of Wisdom they carried.

Now, in this human life, he didn’t differ from anyone else in how he had to learn things slowly. Or at the very least, he didn’t seem to differ from them. But maybe that was also just something that he didn’t quite understand. He still remembered how Hua Lin Yu had clung to him when he was a child. He didn’t believe that that was a coincidence. No matter what, something had to have lived on from that fallen god in Hua Lin Yu. So maybe this manner of seeking wisdom was also something that had been passed down from his original life.

No matter what, it didn’t change anything. If Hua Lin Yu wanted to know more, he would give him the opportunity to learn more. If he just wanted to stay at home and laze around all day, he’d still let him do that. To him, there was nothing that his lover couldn’t do. He would make everything possible for him. Meeting some king … well, that was pretty simple.

Thinking of that, he looked up to the palace of the spirit beasts’ king that stood in the middle of the capital city and gave a faint smile. He wondered what that guy would have to say when a dragon and a human walked into his palace just like that. Most likely, he would feel a bit uncomfortable with that. This Wu Ya was really daring to just do this without even giving that guy a heads-up. But he wasn’t the one who would have to deal with the fallout so he just let Wu Ya do whatever he believed was right.

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