SML V3C37 What My Boyfriend Looks Best In

When Bian Huan turned around and saw what they had chosen, he immediately waved for them to follow him over to another set. He hadn’t been quite sure what they would use next so he hadn’t been able to prepare. Now, he would still need a moment for that.

He didn’t think that it would be a problem though considering that the two in front of him were a couple. As long as he didn’t look, he was pretty sure that they would find something to do. Especially since Mo Fang was part of this couple. “You just amuse yourselves for a bit while I finish everything.” Saying that, he didn’t pay them any more attention and just focused on doing his job.

Li Ming was a little stunned and couldn’t help but look to Mo Fang for guidance.

His boyfriend just laughed though and then wrapped his arms around his neck again. “Don’t worry about it. Bro Bian knows me quite well. He knows that I’m this kind of affectionate person that won’t be able to keep his hands off his boyfriend for long if there’s a break.”

“Oh.” Li Ming couldn’t help but glance at Bian Huan, not quite sure what to make of this. He really didn’t like to display their affection in front of others, especially not a stranger. But in this case, the person in question was just a stranger to him and not to Mo Fang. And maybe … He thought for a bit and then leaned in, lowering his voice. “Is he also …?”

Mo Fang looked at him, not understanding what he meant at first until it finally occurred to him. “You mean gay? No, he isn’t. Actually, he has a wife and child at home. But you bet that he has worked with quite a few gay models. For brother Bian, art is art. It doesn’t matter if it’s men and women, two men or two women, or even several people, as long as you are handsome or look otherwise interesting and he can make a good photo with you, he’ll love you.”

“Oh.” Li Ming felt that he was probably a bit dull for saying the same thing again but he really didn’t know what else to say. Glancing at the photographer again, he was actually stunned.

Bian Huan didn’t look much older than them if at all. To think that he already had a wife and a child … Well, then again, there were probably still people that married early even if the age was slowly rising. And why should he judge? He definitely wasn’t in a position to do so.

Mo Fang noticed that he looked over and felt that he was probably interested in knowing more. “You won’t believe it but his daughter is thirteen already.”

This time, Li Ming looked at him with his eyes widening, indeed unable to believe it. “But … How old is he?”

Mo Fang looked over and pondered for a moment, trying to remember if they had ever talked about that. “Thirty I guess?” In any case, he felt like that should be the case. “Actually, his wife is a little older than him. She’s really good-looking though. From what I heard at least. I’ve never met her.”

Li Ming nodded and then kept quiet, actually feeling a bit embarrassed that they were discussing Bian Huan’s private life in front of him. Was this any different from what he had experienced at the Mo family’s house the other day? And he had been really uncomfortable at that time so he should definitely do better. Still, it wasn’t that easy to just shake the thought.

Trying not to make even more of a blunder, he looked around the set that was of an ancient study fitting for the scholar’s robes and then looked at Mo Fang. “This … What exactly should we do for this one?” He felt like this time, he probably couldn’t just stand there and be his usual self, right?

Mo Fang smiled and motioned at the desk. “Just sit down, make yourself comfortable, and then look at the camera.”

Li Ming raised his brows. “Just that?”

“Just that. In any case, if Bro Bian wants you to do anything else, he will say it. I can also help you adjust a bit but you really don’t need to do much. In any case, it’s not like this is a shoot for a magazine or something. It’s just for us to be able to put on some clothes, remember last week, have some fun, and then take home something to remember our dates by. I don’t want anything more. So you don’t have to take it that seriously. I don’t want you to go home and feel like this was just incredibly exhausting and that you didn’t get anything out of it.”

Li Ming nodded, remembering what he had said before. “So far, it didn’t seem that exhausting to me. But it’s only been one costume and I guess you picked something easy for me.”

Mo Fang chuckled and rubbed Li Ming’s neck, leaning a little closer. “I wasn’t picking something easy. I was thinking about what my boyfriend looks the best in and I always feel like a uniform suits you very much. I can’t help but remember that this is what I’ve seen you in when we met for the first time.”

Li Ming was confused but then he realized that indeed, the first time they had met, he had been sitting in Boss Mo’s office, still wearing his work dress. So they had indeed met while he was in uniform.

Mo Fang on the other hand … Li Ming’s expression derailed a little and he realized that Mo Fang’s change in behavior that day probably wasn’t too strange. As a model, he probably hated to be seen in a not-so-good state by anyone but his father and some friends. But, no matter what, thinking back now, he had still looked good even if a little crazy.

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