IRL C78 Time Was Running Out

The man that had just started writing again flinched once more, making merchant Wang scold him even more profusely. The man could only lower his head and promise to get it done this time but merchant Wang wasn’t about to believe him. Instead, he turned to the servant.

“You go and check what is going on there. If it’s one of the servants, just have them dragged out! I don’t need somebody who can’t do their work properly. Nobody is to disturb us!”

“Yes.” The servant hurriedly nodded and then rushed out, afraid that he would be the next one that was deemed useless. He looked around but couldn’t see anybody that might have caused the disturbance.

Naturally, he couldn’t go back and just announce that there was nobody there. Grumbling to himself, he crossed the courtyard and then turned around the corner, trying to see if somebody was over there. Anyway, even if he couldn’t find somebody, there was still the option to just pretend he had found somebody when he went back.

On top of the roof, Shangguan Yu’s gaze flitted around, and then, he jumped down, accurately striking the servant’s neck. Forget luring him anywhere, that was too troublesome. He just had to put him on the street at the right time.

He leaped onto another roof, this time not bothering about his lightness skill. For one, the cooldown period wasn’t over yet so he didn’t really have another choice and anyway, he was already leaving. So what if somebody heard him? In fact, if he caused a commotion, it might even help with luring merchant Wang out and making Liangqiu Min’s brother pay attention to what was going on here. That would definitely help with solving the quest.

The guards in merchant Wang’s estate did indeed hear something but when they went to check it out, Shangguan Yu had already continued and made his way over to the street. He pursed his lips, unhappy that his plan hadn’t completely worked out. But anyway, at least the servant was outside now.

He went over to a smaller side street and then and put him on the ground before opening the chat window and sending Ao Jing and Zhou Ming the coordinates. [I’ve left the servant there. It’s in the street directly next to merchant Wang’s estate. You just have to pass by and mention him so that girl can see his face.]

He pondered fr a moment and then added his plan: [I’d suggest going to check out the letter with Liangqiu Huang. I’m still not sure what it is but it’s certainly not something good. If he sees it, he might start doubting his character.]

Back in the carriage, Ao Jing inwardly nodded to himself, feeling just like Shangguan Yu about this. He wished he could write back but, unfortunately, that wasn’t possible with Liangqiu Huang right next to them.

He glanced at Zhou Ming but that guy was just looking back and blinking his eyes, not being helpful at all. Ah, it really was difficult to communicate without words. Well, now, he could only make sure that his part of the plan worked out.

Ao Jing displayed the mini-map that gave an overview of the vicinity and had the coordinates displayed below while turning to face the window. This was, he would know when they came close and could then pretend to notice the servant on the ground.

Meanwhile, Shangguan Yu was fretting over what to do. Originally, Zhou Ming had been supposed to answer him since AO Jing couldn’t do so himself without drawing attention but there was no response whatsoever.

Had the message not sent? He checked but there was no report of any error. Huh. It seemed nothing was wrong on his side. The question was still what he should do now. He couldn’t stay around but he also didn’t think it would be good to leave. He needed to make sure that merchant Wang and that other man finished and left before Liangqiu Min’s brother could catch them red-handed.

Pursing his lips, he finally still went back inside. Anyway, he would just check out what was going on inside. Arriving on top of the building, he looked down through the hole he had made before and then almost cursed. With the servant and the distractions gone, the man writing the letter seemed to have made more progress. The piece of paper in front of him was almost filled and his hands seemed to tremble less. He would likely finish in no time.

Shangguan Yu bit his lip and then opened the chat window: [Hurry up! They’ve almost finished that letter. If it gets out, I’m afraid the next lead will be gone.]

In the carriage, Ao Jing slightly furrowed his brows. He really would have liked to speed up but what could he do? If he spoke up, it’d be too obvious, and anyway, the carriage likely couldn’t go much faster since there were people on the streets.

He glanced at the mini-map again and noticed that they weren’t that far away anymore. Unfortunately, he wasn’t even sure if they would come by the alley where Shangguan Yu had left the servant. If they circled around, it would take even more time and they would definitely be too late. Time was already running out.

He furrowed his brows even further, trying to come up with another plan. They somehow had to get Liangqiu Huang into the estate of merchant Wang. But how? Nothing he could do would be any faster than their current plan. He couldn’t just directly tell him, after all.

Ao Jing’s eyes suddenly widened and he turned around to Liangqiu Huang so fast that he actually startled him.

“What’s the matter?”

“Didn’t you say the person who told you about your brother’s …” He glanced at Mo Ju An and stopped himself from blurting out the truth. “Your brother’s situation was that merchant Wang? I think he lives close by. Why don’t we go and ask him for help?”

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