OMF V8C147 One of Those Moments

Qiang Yan had known about Jinde for a while but this kind of meeting really made him feel strange. When he saw Leng Jin Yu appear with a person next to him that was wearing a drapery hat to hide their face and hair, his heart jumped. These two … did they really need to come here? Weren’t they worried at all? This short meeting could go completely wrong.

He sighed and turned to look at Xiang Yong who stepped forward and inclined his head toward them. “I’m glad you were able to make it on such short notice. Please, follow me.”

The two of them nodded and Leng Jin Yu turned to Qiang Yan, giving a faint smile and also nodding at him. “God of War. I hope we’re not inconveniencing you.”

Qiang Yan gave a hollow laugh and just waved. In any case, any words would be superficial here. Together with Xiang Yong, they went inside, and the guards on duty didn’t say anything considering that it was him leading these people inside. If even the God of War couldn’t be trusted, then how could they as mere heavenly guards? Thus, they just inclined their heads in greeting and otherwise stood aside.

As soon as they were out of earshot, Jinde couldn’t help but look back. “Huh. I never thought it’d be that easy to get into the Nine Heavens’ capital city.”

Leng Jin Yu chuckled and put an arm around his waist, a sweet smile on his lips. “Well, as you see, there’s nothing to worry about it.”

Qiang Yan shot the two of them a look. He somehow felt that he was the only person here who was being nervous. It was a bit exasperating. Anyway … “Well, you are inside now. Should I bring you over to the palace and help you get out later on?”

Leng Jin Yu turned to look at Xiang Yong instead of an answer. They didn’t know what exactly Qiu Ling had planned since he hadn’t told them much so they weren’t sure if this would be a problem for him.

Xiang Yong thought for a moment and then turned to Qiang Yan. “Well, if the God of War was available, we would also be thankful if you would come with us. This matter … it might be that we could need your help in the future.”

Qiang Yan glanced at Jinde and then nodded. In any case, he also didn’t want Jinde to be exposed since that would likely have a direct impact on his nephew. That was something he couldn’t allow. “Very well. Let’s go then. The longer we stand outside like this, the more attention we’ll draw to ourselves.”

Xiang Yong gave him a faint glance, feeling that the God of War was making too big of a deal out of this but he still nodded and led everyone back to the palace where Qiu Ling and Yi Zan were still waiting.

When Qiang Yan saw Yi Zan there, he couldn’t help but be startled. This person … did he already know or …? In any case, he wouldn’t have thought that so many people were in the know about Jinde by now. It made him even more anxious even though he didn’t dare to show it outwardly.

Qiu Ling looked up, stiffening a little when he saw Leng Jin Yu but then his gaze turned to Jinde. He motioned over to Yi Zan with his head and then leaned back. “Well, this is Yi Zan.”

All eyes went to the dragon who stood up and turned around to the others, seeming a little ill at ease.

Jinde couldn’t help but raise a hand to his mouth, kind of wanting to laugh. Yi Zan’s gaze zeroed in on the champagne-colored fingernails, realizing that this person was of their own race. Thinking of that, he couldn’t help but feel that it was quite strange for him to speak to their king like this. Did he not understand just who Qiu Ling was?

Before he could ask, Jinde already raised his hand further, finally pulling the veil apart and exposing half of his face. “I’m afraid you’re scaring the child with this kind of introduction. You did not tell him anything beforehand?” He looked at Yi Zan, a faint smile on his lips.

Meanwhile, Yi Zan looked at him in a daze. His sister was somebody who valued looks a lot so he had grown up being alerted to beautiful people in their surroundings regularly. He had also heard more than just a dozen praises about their king’s handsome looks but, to be honest, in front of this person, no matter who it was, they likely couldn’t compare. And seeing the golden eyes and golden hair, he couldn’t help but think of that title of greatest beauty of the dragon race.

It was completely impossible but he just couldn’t help but think of the person that had been given that title. Since then, there had never been anyone who even came close. At this moment, he really understood it. That kind of combination of hair and eye color really was a lethal one. If his sister could see him …

Jinde chuckled and let go of the veil, going to sit down next to Qiu Ling. Obviously, while this Yi Zan had been stunned to see him, that had just been the usual reaction of a dragon seeing a beauty than it had been to that of a dragon seeing their dead king. So he was pretty sure that Yi Zan hadn’t actually connected the dots. “You didn’t explain the situation to him?”

Qiu Ling looked at him and gave a hum. “I thought I’d wait until you are here. It seems a little unbelievable if I say it just like this. He might think I went crazy.” He turned to look at Yi Zan and then waved for him to sit down again, inviting Xiang Yong and Qiang Yan at the same time. Looking back at Yi Zan, he finally gave a faint smile. “This person, who do you think he is?”

At the side, Xiang Yong’s lips twitched. Their king … even though he had finally returned to seriously governing his kingdom, he still showed a streak of the same irresponsibility he had had before every now and then. This … was definitely one of those moments.

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