OMF V8C131 A Plan That Might Work

Jing Yi’s life wasn’t actually that long with just a little over a thousand years. For a human and especially the trial of a trueborn god, it was indeed long but it still couldn’t compare with the amount of information that would be needed to record the life of a trueborn god or an ascended deity who would usually live for much longer before they ascended.

Since that was the case copying the content of the scroll of fate down wasn’t that difficult for Shun Tao. Especially since the scroll didn’t include that many details either. While the trials that were achieved would usually be recorded rather closely, other things were quite a bit simpler and might be summarized in just a couple of sentences even if what was described was a decade or maybe even a century of one’s life.

Considering that there had been stretches in Jing Yi’s life like the years spent with Qiu Ling in Jinde and Leng Jin Yu’s dimension, where pretty much all of his days had been spent cultivating or learning new skills, it could be imagined just how his scroll of fate looked. Actually, it was a bit pitiful. Even the original scroll of fate that Shun Tao had written had looked more densely packed because of the frequent trials he came up with. Now, Jing Yi’s life looked quite unimpressive.

But no matter what, Shun Tao was actually happy with that for once. After all, he was able to send Li Yin off with the copy soon enough and close the door behind his back.

Li Yin didn’t mind being sent off like this. He merely returned to the Court of Justice, went to his study, and sat down there, slowly reading through the copy of the scroll of fate. What he saw … well, he felt like it did answer some questions but it also gave him new ones.

Zhong Jing Yi’s life in the trial had actually qualified for the crown prince’s trial. That was why Shun Tao had originally been allowed to remain on his post after that period of reflection. Even though most of this didn’t seem to come from Fate’s Scribe’s own work but rather from how fate had played out by itself mostly because of the crown prince’s original life and how Zhong Jing Yi found out about it.

Still, this was enough for Li Yin. After all, he only wanted to know a bit more about how Zhong Jing Yi thought. And the things that he could see about the time when Jing Yi had realized what was going on with being Jing He’s reincarnation and also realized Qiu Ling’s feelings for Jing He were more than enough for that.

Clearly, this little ascended deity was rather dissatisfied with the status quo. He wanted to be his own person but even the dragon king wouldn’t let him because, in his heart, there was still the shadow of the crown prince. And apparently, that hadn’t changed even up until the day that Zhong Jing Yi had ascended.

Li Yin lowered the paper scroll with a faint smile on his lips. This was actually rather reassuring. Even though Longjun wasn’t willing to let them kill the boy, he still wanted the same final outcome as them: to have the Son of Heaven return.

The dragon king and his people had pretty much insinuated as much before but it was still a different matter to just be told that this was the case and actually seeing some actions that were proving that what they said was true.

What was even more intriguing was the fact that Zhong Jing Yi seemed to know as much. Then, there was also this recent stunt of moving into the courtyard of the idle gods. It could be that things weren’t as great between these lovers as they had seen before. Clearly, there was some tension. Which … gave him an idea.

Li Yin threw that scroll of paper into his spatial ring, not wanting it to be found by others. In his mind, he couldn’t help but plan a bit. Clearly, the greatest hindrance to getting the crown prince back was the dragon king. If they managed to separate him and Zhong Jing Yi for a length of time, then there would be opportunities to take care of the matter.

He didn’t mind if the dragons would blame him. He didn’t mind what Zhong Jing Yi or even the Son of Heaven would think. The laws of the Nine Heavens weren’t there to be bent. Especially not in a case like this.

Now, the only question was how to achieve this. Clearly, it would be easiest to use the tension between them but that might also be too obvious. If he tried to aggravate this and they realized what was going on, that might even have the opposite effect. Thus, that wasn’t a reliable way of dealing with things. No, rather than that, he had to take a different route. Maybe … it would be best to pretend to help them.

Yes, since that Zhong Jing Yi wanted to be a normal ascended deity, he would help him achieve that. Clearly, Longjun wouldn’t necessarily like that which might help with his original plan but it could also help to highlight the difference between the two people. Also, if Longjun didn’t want to give away anything, he couldn’t constantly be around some small time ascended deity. So this was actually working perfectly in his favor.

Li Yin continued to think for a moment and then finalized his plan. Yes, this might indeed work. They just had to provide Zhong Jing Yi with everything that he needed. And then … things might actually take care of themselves.

The first step would be to organize his matters and then find somebody that could be his helper. After all, going to the courtyard himself would draw too much attention and while sending somebody might not be bad, it wouldn’t allow him to keep as much of an eye on Zhong Jing Yi. No, he needed somebody that could be used for this. Thankfully, he already had an idea of just who that could be.

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